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 Character: Raging Bear

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PostSubject: Character: Raging Bear   Character: Raging Bear Icon_minitimeFri Oct 26, 2012 1:14 pm

Name: Raging Bear
Race: Were-bear
Age: 30
Height: 6’5
Weight: 300 pounds

Appearance: He is a very large male, extremely large muscular build. He has long, carelessly braided black hair. He has eyes like beads of obsidian. He wears comfortable, yet stretchy clothes. Usually a pair over overall’s with a shirt beneath it. He wears a pair of mukluks, though mainly in winter. He switches to moccasins in the summer. He wears a necklace of whale bones around his neck. Inuit tribal tattoos cover his body from the waist up to his brow and down his back.

Background: He is originally from Alaska. He was raised in a fully Inuit setting, also he was a hunter of the tribe. He is well versed in the use of harpoons, knives, cabled back bow, kakivak (three pointed fishing spear). In combat he is versed in the use of lamellar scale armor reinforced with coats of fur. Among the were-bears he had risen to second in command. His battle prowess was well proven among the Kodiak’s and polar bears of Alaska. He left his family to learn about other cultures and their way of life. He thought it would make him a better chief when he was ready. He didn’t expect to find a way of life so completely foreign to his own tribal upbringing. The Inuit’s of the deep Polar Regions lived very much as they have for thousands of years. Nothing has changed except some new technology coming into the area.

His gifts seem in tune with combat and he was named a spirit warrior when he achieved his rite of manhood. His path in life is to protect the land and those that are in need of his help. This is how he found himself travelling through a snowy Canada and eventually into Brimley Michigan. The Great Mother had come to him and told him that he was needed and that he may never be able to return. The situation was bad enough that he may die to protect those that need his aid. He accepted that willingly, his people died daily just to survive. Death was just another part of the circle of life.

Full bear form- He is a half breed Kodiak/Polar bear which gives him some very unique markings. Larger than most of his kin that are pure breeds. He stands at 18 feet tall and weighs in at close to 2500 pounds. His paws are close to two feet wide and his un-retractable claws extend out a full 18 inches. His great size makes others believe he is very slow and stupid. He has another trait that makes him as unusual among the bears. Like the ancient cave bears, he has sabre-tooth like extensions of the two canine teeth. Like most true bears he has poorer eyesight then when in human form. Other senses make up for the lack of sight, but he had to learn how to use his other senses to compensate for it.

He stands six feet tall on all four paws to his shoulders.

Half-man form – Keeps his normal size, but gains claw like hands and coarse, thick hair over his entire body. His face contorts into a smaller version of the bears muzzle and has elongated fangs.

Powers: Tracks instinctively, He is more in tune with the Ancient bears then with the present ones. Making most of what he does more instinctive, more primal then the present day bears. His weapons are extensions of his own body, His strength, stamina and speed are all enhanced over normal shifters. Not by much, but it seems to give him an edge when fighting.
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Character: Raging Bear
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