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 Jermayan Bear Slayer

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Clan: Ice Bear

Age: 17

Race: Viking

Major elemental affinity: Earth

Eihwaz (Endurance/Strength)
Algiz (Protection)

Jermayan stands at nearly seven feet tall and weighs nearly four hundred pounds of tight, corded muscles. His body is perfectly formed from the harsh climate of the Northern Continent. He has lived his entire life among his nomadic people. He wears clothes made from the ice bear he slew on his rite of passage. His body still bears the scars of being mauled by such a creature. He also wears the bearís claws on a heavy leather cord around his neck as a sign of his trials. His hair is blond and kept at shoulder length. Few in the North are born with dark hair as the land bleaches nearly all of them blond. Mostly the color just seems washed out of most. He carries the weapons of his people: a bone handled knife and a large rune-etched battle-axe. The runes are for durability, strength and sharpness. However, the weapon can also be used as a shield cause of its size.

He has a gentle nature and has a fierce need to protect others. He is like the earth he is aspected too. He is very slow to anger and prefers listening to actual talking. When he does speak its usually more profound because he thinks things through before acting if he can. A deep thinker, he is like the stone itself. The only time this change is when the Rage fills him. The rage is unique to his people, as all of them possess it. The frenzied and often fatal rages occur rarely, but they always come in times of great strife and danger.
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Jermayan Bear Slayer
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