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 Character: Biruka

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PostSubject: Character: Biruka   Character: Biruka Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2008 6:32 am

Name: Biruka
Age: Unknown, looks early 20's
Gender: Male
Race: Feline
Class: Ranger/Archer
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 134 Lb
Skin Color: Black
Fur Color: Black
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Amber

Biruka abandoned his home as a child, a small encampment of his race, to set off for a greater life of adventuring around the world. Constantly searching for a thrill, preferebly one that allows him to make use of his deadly aim with his bow, or his graceful swordsmanship. Rarely does one see a companion around him, as he does not take a liking to most people, though when a suitable companion is by his side, his loyalty is unwavering. His many adventures and encounters brushing with death, have turned him into quite a fighter, preferring the use of the bow, but in close combat will not hesitate to wield his dual swords.

Looking quickly at Biruka you would see a strange figure, wearing a red headband around his forehead, white hair flowing down just past his shoulders, a simple and slightly worn leather vest along with black leather pants. Nothing on his feet, fingerless gloves on his hands, a dark purple, almost black cloak flowing behind him, 2 blades hung in scabbards around his waist, secured by the thin rope belt, a white bow and white quiver slung over his shoulder. One more item, that usually remains hidden under the vest, is a glowing amulet, strangely shifting colors every few seconds. His skin and fur is pitch black, short ears protrude from his head, long slender features, amber eyes with a constant look of excitement in them, with a toned but not muscular body.
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Character: Biruka
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