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 Character: Tyr

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PostSubject: Character: Tyr   Character: Tyr Icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2009 8:53 pm

Tyr is a smaller then average dragon, mostly resulting from improper nuishment, attributed to the fact he lives among humanoid kind, and doesnt hunt the way a wild dragon would, he is intelligent enough to understand human speech, and can even converse, although in a limited way, with one who knows the basics of the draconic language, though he is indeed, physically smaller then most dragons, he is also much more clever, and agile, able to fly circles around larger dragons and think on the run, so to speak, his scales are colored a bold blue, that gradients to a darker shade on the back half of his body, his eyes are a bright green color, and his underbelly is white. His wings are black and leathery, with small hooked claws at the tips, which are often used by most dragons to help pick apart subdued prey on the ground, as its far too risky to attempt to use them in combat with their wings being so fragile and vital for a dragon's survival.

If he were a person, he'd be a fairly carefree individual, only caring for the present and living in the moment, though overly protective of those he befriends in dangerous situations, they drive him to do things that most other beings might deem suicidal, though thus far, he has had luck on his side, and only has some minor, nearly un-noticeable scars to show for his daring.
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Character: Tyr
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