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 character: Gaucho

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PostSubject: character: Gaucho   character: Gaucho Icon_minitimeFri Oct 26, 2012 10:44 am

Name: Gaucho AKA Spirit Horse
Race: Were-horse
Tribe: Chippewa
Class: shaman illusionist/healer
Age: 25
Weapons: tomahawk, belt knife
shaman tools: tobacco, peace pipe, feathers and other various items he might need.

Appearance: He is of average height, only about 5'6 tall and weighs around 135 pounds. He wears a pair of moccasins, Deerskin shirt, leggings and a loin cloth. His black hair is nearly down to his waist adorned with small bones and feathers from the eagle. His hair and skin look a little odd to some as he has traits of the Appaloosa even in human form.

In full horse form he is larger then a Clydesdale and a pure Appaloosa, unless illusion is added in. He is very fast in this form.

In his secondary half man/half horse form he looks walks on two hooves and is almost exactly in between horse and human. He is deceptively fast and agile, with two hands in place of hooves, coarse horse hair covers his body. There is few creatures as gunning and treacherous as a horse.

Bio: Born on the Reservation, but raised in the old ways by the Shamans and medicine men of the tribe. He also trained with the shamans and medicine men of the Sioux.

He has had very little contact with the outside world, spending most of his time in the Sweat lodges and learning to take up the position he was born for. One of his other natural gifts was with horses, but there was one who hated him. It was the head of the Herd. While the others would come to him and treated him as if he was one of them. the Head stallion attacked him constantly. Neither he nor the others could figure out why. When he hit puberty, he got sick, very very sick.

He shifted suddenly, it would appear that his people were Kith and kin of the were-horses. His father was the Head of the herd and it explained why he hated him so much. His father had wanted him to be a warrior, not a shaman.

He had tried to move with the herd after his change, but he was barred by his father. He decided to show his father that he had a place among the People of the Hoof and Wind. So he changed to his full horse form and set an illusion on himself to make it look like he was a Night Mare. Instead of his normal Appaloosa, he was a massive pitch black horse, with glowing green eyes, mist forming all around him and green flames shot from his hooves as he galloped through the heard toward his father.

In the end his prank didn't do anything but get him exiled from his Herd, he had his freedom and the wind. though he did not leave the reservation. He just redoubled his efforts to learn everything he could about his gifts and the position he was destined to take when it was his time.

He found other shifters in the area, some were openly hostiles, others neutral, but some were more then willing to accept him and teach him things they had learned. A male had come through from somewhere south and west of here and explained how they do things. They liked the idea of working together to get things done. since it added protection as well as swift retaliation for any that broke the peace.

that was before..he was needed elsewhere.

additional info:

Because of a series of bad choices, Gaucho lost most of his power and his horse form. He is slowly working to get them back.

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character: Gaucho
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