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 Character: Rayne

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PostSubject: Character: Rayne   Character: Rayne Icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2008 4:28 pm

Rayne Hyuuga

Age: 12
Sex: Female
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 90lbs
Eye Color: Pale Violet/Lavender
Hair Color: Black
Rank: Chunin

Weapon Specialization: None but she loves the pointy easily thrown weapons. She will always have on her at least one thin-bladed throwing knife (usually more than one) along with the standard kunai and shuriken. While she has no specializations she is very good with her throwing knives when necessary.

6 Tailed Sealed Demon: Wolf - Sealed in her at birth as proof of her lineage as head of the family (a custon in Hidden Time Village). She shares a cooperative symbiotic relationship with him and he voluntarily supplements her chakra whenever she needs it. Unfortunately it refuses to heal her unless she is damn near dead, believing that to do so is to make her dependent on rapid healing (aka he's decided it's for her own good because she's too damn reckless with her health). When he combines his chakra with hers twelve tails form. Six in the chakra well around her (surrounding her in a chakra cage of sorts) and her hair splits into six tails as well (used mainly for defense instead though combined with the metal blades attached to her hair they can, if necessary, be used for attack) .

Keke Genkai: The Byakugan.

Summoning Jutsu: Wolf Pack Jutsu - She can summon members of Garian's pack if she needs to. She has not perfected this by any means and she's just as likely to end up with an adorable pup as she is to get the grown wolves of the pack. 100% Chakra = 60% chance of getting two grown wolves/40% chance of getting a pup. 75% Chakra = 45% chance of getting two grown wolves/55% chance of getting a pup. 50% Chakra = 30% chance of getting one grown wolf/70% chance of getting a pup. 25% Chakra = 15% chance of getting one grown wolf/85% chance of getting a pup. 5% Chakra = 1% chance of getting one grown wolf/99% chance of a pure fizzle. No Chakra = 100% chance of fizzle.

Hobby: Experimentation in concocting herbal remedies and chakra boosters (sometimes with bad results) made from plants and herbs she finds.

1. Pep pellets: advantages - increased stamina/endurance (2 days awake/pellet):: disadvantages - formula is still unstable, extreme hunger, rapid weight loss w/extended use (she can't eat them 24/7).

2. Charge pellets (formula perfected): restores chakra levels. 1 pellet = 1/4 restoration. 2 pellet = 1/2 restoration. 3 pellet = 3/4 restoration.

3. Salve: soothes and heals mild abrasions (she runs out of this often so whether she ever actually has any on her at all times is 50/50)

Ninjutsu: Multi 8 Trigrams Formation (a very special variation she‘s been working on ever since the byakugan awoke in her). Basic 8 Trigrams Formation (used most often due to the extreme amount of chakra the multi 8 requires). Basic field first aid (enough to know how to bandage injuries). Water clones. Water Clones. Water Style (A Rayne Original) Rainstorm Jutsu - can be spread across a large area against many enemies or concentrated for maximum damage on a single target. Water Sword - she's been training to give herself an element based weapon for a while now. Hiding in Water. Raindrop Jutsu (Rayne origional) - transforms a single drop of water into a nearly invisible crystal through which she can spy and as with all spy type skills it has a limited range.

Gen-Jutsu: She hasn't the interest in learning it and instead focuses her training elsewhere.

Tai-Jutsu: Gentle Fist Style - A form of Tai-Jutsu handed down in her family for many generations. It is coupled with fine chakra control that turns the hands, feet, and any other part of the body into a striking weapon that, in the hands of a true master of the Byakugan can cause catastrophic damage to the channels that send chakra throughout the body.

Rayne wears a long tunic with elbow-length sleeves and capri's. Her clothing is made from a special cloth that was developed by a family in her village that has been gauged with micro-weights. It is combined with the weights she wears on her arms and legs. The weights on her arms are hidden by the travel vest she wears and the weights on her legs are hidden by leg-warmers in her preferred color of black. Her feet are covered with boots that have weights in the soles that do double duty of helping her train AND protect her feet from spikes and other nasty tricksy things enemies put on the ground to damage feet and slow mobility.

The pack around her waist contains various herbs for minor healing, snacks for when she gets hungry, trap wires just in case, and the gems that are used for currency in her village (and are worth a decent amount out in the normal world, though she doesn't know this).

The vest she wears over her shirt is full of pockets for scrolls, easy access weapons, and pretty much anything else she feels like carrying. Inside the vest are more pockets, full of stink bombs and smoke bombs (something to amuse herself with) kept hidden from her family. Though she has added thin transparent wires for hunting to these hidden treasure of late and pellets she created.

Her backpack contains at any given time: 4 extra changes of clothes, extra kunai knives, shuriken, extra packets of pre-dried herbs (specifically for her to experiment with instead of using fresh herbs and potentially wasting them), energy bars, trail mix, collapsible pot and pan (attached to the outside on the left side of the pack and secured so they don't clang together noisily when on missions), eating utensils, spatula, extra scrolls (20), makeup, sleeping bag (attached to the top of the bag), two extra water canteens-full (attached to the outside of the pack on the right for ease of access but again secured with break-away fasteners so they make little sound ), small fishing net, flint and steel (to light fires - it's a spare set since she carries one in her jacket), pens and extra ink, empty vials for herbal extracts (20 small vials, 5 medium vials, 5 large vials).

Her long black hair she keeps braided down her back, with a piece of sharpened circular metal attached at the end. Her pale lavender eyes capture attention with the mischievous/serious look that fills them. Clever, fast, twisted sense of humor, quiet and soft spoken (unless annoyed), stubborn, intelligent, rebellious (at times), cruel (at times and especially with people she dislikes), big hearted (only to those that she cares about), obsessed with training, careless with her health, spontaneous mood swings all combine to make Rayne a rather odd girl and sometimes hard to deal with.

She hails from a section of the Hidden Time Village unofficially called Shadow Town.

The Village is unknown to all others as it is insular and the laws are strict. Newcomers are unwelcome and unwanted and the illusions surrounding the land are powerful. To any and all it appears as being a mountain range and the illusions and Genjutsu surrounding it are so solid that other ninja have traveled over this village through the mountain range without even realizing that it was there.  The desire to leave this insular society and give up her given place as the head of her family was born in her at a very young age and (unbeknownst to her) instilled by her family to protect her from repercussions from an incident which may come up later in the rp (another-words NO SPOILERS FOR YOU!)

Kakusareta Jikan Village as it was named so long ago by it's founders consists of three sections, Shadow Town, Time Town, and Light Town. As the names imply Shadow Town is open all night, Time Town is technologically advanced and is always open, and Light Town which is only open during the day.

Rayne for the most part...just the eyes are a bit different....(think Hyuuga eyes only Violet/Lavender in color)
Character: Rayne Huhmmmmm7re

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Location : Georgia now :P What can I say...I get around :P
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Character: Rayne Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character: Rayne   Character: Rayne Icon_minitimeTue May 13, 2008 5:41 am

Kakusareta Jikan Village

Shadow Town [symbolized by a crescent moon which is only revealed in moonlight]
Time Town [symbolized by a plus sign over a minus sign which is seen all the time]
Light Town [symbolized by a sun sign with rays beating down, can only be seen in direct sunlight]


Village Rules

1. If you leave the village without permission, do not return. [You Are Hereby Banished]

2. When sent out on missions, make no verbal reference to this village not even amongst yourselves. [Memory erasure and banishment are punishment for breaking this rule.]

3.On missions away from here all Ninja will create and maintain the illusion of being from a KNOWN Ninja village, (example: Hidden Leaf Village). [Breaking this rule will result in confinement for a determined ammount of time.]

4. Village headbands will only be worn within the village. Outside the village when on missions, headbands from only KNOWN villages will be worn (or no headbands will be worn at all). [Punishment will be loss of rank and a scrubbing of all public bathrooms with a toothbrush (only young ninja seem to break this rule, so the second punishment is a successful deterrant to forgetting this rule).]

5. Murder of Ninja, by Ninja within this village is strongly prohibited. [Murder is an executable offense.]

6. Betrayal of the village is forbidden and assassin squads will be dispatched to destroy the betrayer.

Village Credo

Ninjutsu began, continues, and will end in this village. From us, all the ninja villages outside were born and will one day return to us. Kakusareta Jikan Village will continue to endure through shadow, light, and time.
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Character: Rayne
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