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 character: Ryuu'asu

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PostSubject: character: Ryuu'asu   character: Ryuu'asu Icon_minitimeTue May 13, 2008 4:34 pm

Name: Ryuu’asu
Sex: Male
Age: 12
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 160 pounds
Hair color: black
Eyes: brown
Rank: Chuunin

Weapon specialization: kanabo (spiked club (looks like a large spiky baseball bat with "O" circleon the handled end)

Keke Genkai: none

Hobbies: He is a miscellaneous type ninja, often trying to create his own jutsu’s, but has but has been largely unsuccessful. Instead sticking to Justu that he has been training with.

Ninjutsu: Doton Doryuuheki: Earth element, Earth Rising Wall, Dango Dotonidoryo: Mud cannonball, Doton, Doryuu Taiga: Earth Element, Moving Land River, Doton, Doryuudan: Earth Element, Earth Dragon Missile, Earth clones, Earth manipulation
Taijutsu: Gouken: iron fist style, primary lotus(only after opening inner gate 1), reverse lotus (only after opening inner gate 3), Lotus, Secondary lotus, Inner gates 1-5
Genjutsu: none

Ryuu’asu is a very special and gifted chuunin. His abilities come with a lot of hard work and determination. He wears black kendo pants, and a sleeveless, training vest that laces up to his neck. His size is very noticeable and he does not even try to be stealthy. Larger then most other ninja, he trained for strength and durability, which fits well with his Earth elemental type. It also makes the iron fist style taijutsu easier to use. Since his body does not take as much damage in exchange for slower speeds and more power. This fits his style very well. He isn’t overly smart, but doesn’t really need to be, to be successful. He grew up in a family that reared mainly earth elemental types. Rarely was there any other type in the household. He did poorly on most of his exams, usually scoring just high enough to pass. He did best in combat oriented classes. He has a real knack for the hands on approach to learning. If all of his training was hands on he would have been close to the top of the class.
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character: Ryuu'asu
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