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 Character: Burakku Ro-zu

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PostSubject: Character: Burakku Ro-zu   Character: Burakku Ro-zu Icon_minitimeSat May 17, 2008 7:42 pm

Name: Burakku Ro-zu (Formerly known as Rairakku Aburame)
Status: Rogue Ninja, Formerly from Konoha
Age: 15
Height: 4’8”
Weight: 94 Lb
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Dark Purple

Burakku Ro-zu, an insect wielder from the Aburame clan of Konoha. Formerly known as Rairakku Aburame. From birth, Rairakku was a little different than the other members of the clan. The bugs that inhabit her body were gotten from an alternate source, and seem to effect her mind in ways that has previously not been seen. She’s become rather short tempered, selfish, and has evil tendencies. Her bugs also have a greater need for chakra to feed on, thus she is always rather lazy, taking naps and sleeping for longer periods of time to recover her chakra. That is…until one day.

While out on a training exercise with two others when she was 10, already having made genin training for the chuunin exams, she stumbled while dodging a kunai. She did manage to dodge the kunai, but fell down and was immediately enraged from the minor accident. Her two training partners could be heard laughing at her, not realising her temper was rising, as she had her face towards the ground and they couldn’t see. She sort of stared at the ground for a few minutes, her partners, thinking there might be something wrong, quickly jumped to her side. Grinning, and trying not to laugh out loud, the two partners ask her if anything is wrong. She moves into a crouched position and looks up at them, her normally already unusual red eyes, now glowing in her fury. Her two partners, surprised by her anger and a little nervous, take a few steps and and say “Hey now, accidents happen, calm down and we can get back to training”. At this point, the unusual bugs inhabiting her body have completely corrupted her thoughts, and all she knows, is that her bugs want more chakra. And with two masses of chakra standing in front of her, she throws arms forward and shouts, “Soeki Arashi”, her bugs flow forth in masses, consuming both her training partners in under 10 seconds. With her bugs hunger for chakra satisfied, for the first time she can remember, her newfound discovery, brings fire to her eyes. Rairakku, realising what she just did, runs off to find a hiding place and to think about her future.

Shortly afterwards, Rairakku was hiding next to a road in a forest, waiting for a traveller to pass by so she could ambush them and get some supplies for herself. When she seen a cloaked man, shrouded in darkness, come walking up the road. She noticed right away he had nothing on him she was interested in, so she stayed hidden, disappointed that she has to wait longer yet. As the man comes up in front of where she is hiding, he stops suddenly, and just freezes in place for a few seconds. Then he moves, just his head, and looks straight at Rairakku through the bushes she was hiding in. Rairakku is frozen in fear as she sees the mans eyes, rather transparent, with what looks like black smoke billowing around inside. “Well well, what have we here says the man”, “Come out now, I know your hiding in there little girl”. “I can tell your unique, red eyes, and there are bugs crawling on your skin, so I’m guessing you’re an Aburame, since we are close to Konoha where they reside. Rairakku comes out of hiding and stands a short distance away and says “Y-y-yes that’s right, I’m an Aburame”, hearing her shaky voice, she gets irritated at her fear and says with a hint of anger in her voice, ” What do you want from me”. The man grins at her, intrigued. “Want from you? There isn’t anything you have that I want, but you do seem alone, and I could use a travelling companion.” All the while, the man is thinking about how he could use her unique abilities if he were to make her his host body.

Rairakku reluctantly agrees, seeing the man as someone who she should obey, or it might cost her, her life. But also, as someone she could use for protection in case any Konoha ninjas tried taking her back or assassinating her. They share each others names, Rairakku telling him her name is Rairakku Aburame, and the man saying his name is Yokoshima Uchigawa. She shudders at this name, and its meaning, and wonders what sort of person this really is. Yokoshima, really Takai, tells her she needs a new name since she is a rogue ninja now, and gives her the name, Burakku Ro-zu.
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Character: Burakku Ro-zu
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