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 Character: Yokoshima Uchigawa

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Character: Yokoshima Uchigawa Empty
PostSubject: Character: Yokoshima Uchigawa   Character: Yokoshima Uchigawa Icon_minitimeThu May 15, 2008 11:58 pm

Common Name: Yokoshima Uchigawa
Demon Name: Juuibi AKA Takai
Human Name: Jiyuu Kyuui
Status: Rogue Ninja
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 131 Lb
Build: Slim
Skin Color: Very Dark Inhumanly Gray
Hair: Reaches the middle of his back and is black

Yokoshima Uchigawa is a very shady character, which is obvious as soon as you see him. His skin an inhumanly shade of dark gray, with long black hair, and eyes that seem endlessly deep with wisdom and evil alike. If you were to look into his eyes, you would see what looked like black smoke curling around inside a rather transparent eyeball. His eye color is a dark dark blue, since the bodies natural eye color is blue but the demons powers darken it severely. The teeth are pointed and his tongue is rather long and pointed as well. Finger and Toe nails are pointed, and his body is rather whispy and frail looking, but chakra is mainly used to control movement, making the frail appearance quite deceiving. This body of his is very old, only through the demons powers has it survived, unaffected by age.

When in battle while in the human body, he separates his hair into ten sections and uses them in substitution of chakra tails. They are less powerful in this form, but the demon tries to keep a low profile and emitting too much chakra just draws attention. Most fights are short and precise, making quick work of his enemies with minimal chakra usage. He knocks them unconscious or paralyzes them, and uses a special jutsu to steal their abilities and knowledge, afterwards, killing them and disposing of the body. The demon has gone many many years performing this killings, and has gained vast knowledge. No one left alive knows of the demons existence or even his name, he only tells his name to his victims, so he can watch them writhe in fear just before he kills them. “I am Yokoshima Uchigawa, or Takai if you prefer, people would call me Juuibi.”

Takai, the demon itself, is an oversized skeletal human with 10 chakra tails. Each tail has a different ability, and each tail can have a different color, depending on what element is being used for the tails ability. When a tail is used, the chakra needed is taken from it, making it shrink, the demon can use its internal chakra reserves to replenish the tail. The demon also has a wide knowledge of jutsu, collected information from his victims over the years.

Jiyuu Kyuui, in his own time, was a young adult, in his early 20’s, when he was possessed by this demon. His clan was composed mainly of talented medical ninja, hired by the Land of Wind during the war to aid the Land's other hired ninja. Jiyuu was one of the ninja providing aid during the war. Shortly after the war, he was out collecting medicinal herbs, when he was attacked by Takai, who had just came into existence. Takai prefers to hide inside a human body, so he knocked out Jiyuu to eliminate resistance, transformed into a smoky form and entered his body. Immediately placing a sealing jutsu on the forehead of the body and forcing Jiyuu’s spirit inside. His body changed fairly rapidly, everything darkening, nails, teeth, tongue going sharp, and the whites of the eyes going transparent. His hair was let grow long in front to cover the sealing mark on the forehead, which looked like a black circle with a red outlined white dot in the center, a demonic spirit seal.
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Character: Yokoshima Uchigawa
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