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 Jayden's Story

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PostSubject: Jayden's Story   Jayden's Story Icon_minitimeMon Apr 27, 2015 3:36 am

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, dear readers. I say all three because who knows when you will begin to read this. Time is, after all, a relative thing and unique to where we live. In this story we learn about time and how it pertains to many individuals though it revolves around one. Time will move forward or backward depending on my whim and where the story needs to go. I hope that you will enjoy this adventure of words and mind. -Yours Sincerely- The Author ~ Lisa Renee`

Part 1

Jayden sighed. For as long as she could remember it had always been like this. Punished for any little imagined slight by the bitch that was her 'Personal Maid' but acted more like her Nanny....and a rather bad one at that. It was her Birthday today, she was all of five years old and her parents were out of the country. Her father was bringing one of his clients back to the country and her mother was sipping tea over in Lashelly with the other socialites she spent so much time with. And right now, Jayden was yet again sitting in her room with empty book shelves, no tele-viewer, not even her school's text crystals. She hadn't done anything wrong, had been especially good so as to not get into trouble even close to today, but somehow she'd ended up in here alone again.

On top of that, the maid had slapped her. She still had the red mark on her cheek to show for it. Her head bobbed up as the door opened to let in the cook. This was a new cook. The last one had been too friendly towards her and had been replaced. Not by her parents, but by the 'Personal Maid' who seemed to have a lot more power in the house than she really should, considering. This man stared down at her impersonally, shut the door a bit, and then smiled softly towards her. The trolley was a normal one, with silver dome covered plates that would normally contain her dinner. He whispered to her, "she's gone out so I took a chance to bring you a little something. Eat the sweet first, then the dinner, okay? And," he lifted the fancy silk cloth upwards to reveal a hidden shelf, "a book for you to read. Keep it hidden though, else she find it and you get into worse trouble," a look of disgust crossed his face before he straightened, "You're to eat in your room tonight Miss," he stated loudly as a clattering cart rolled by pushed by one of the hall maids, "I'll return to get the cart in an hours time. Please be finished eating then so that I do not have to wait to return to my kitchen." Then he turned and exited out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Some of the other staff were like that as well, though mostly on the sly. They all knew she'd done nothing to be punished for, but as usual could do nothing about the situation and chose simply to find small ways around it instead. Tonight most were more relaxed, since the 'bitch' (as she was deemed by everyone) was out enjoying her 'night off'. The cook's boldness had sparked a sort of trend this night. Normally, punished or not, she was made to eat in the large formal dining room. Instead, his bringing her dinner to her, had emboldened everyone else. A chamber maid came in with a little treat a while later.

The housekeeper brought her a small trinket, something that would be easily hidden if necessary, just a thin little homemade bracelet. A small magazine, a little newsletter, a brochure, these all made it into her presence. Nothing overly large. Nothing worth much at all. But by the time she went to bed she'd felt better, and all the staff that had sneaked her something had felt as though they'd done a good deed. Sadly, they soon found themselves out of a job, replaced, or reassigned and wondering how the 'bitch' had found out.

She wasn't sure how 'Claudine the Bitch' kept finding out, but if she'd looked in a few various places she never really noticed, she'd see cameras set up. And where they were positioned left no sector of her room unseen. Every single angle was covered. Her parents knew nothing of these things. They remained consistently oblivious of the goings on. In fact, they were so oblivious to their daughter that they never noticed when she began to change from a bright eyed girl to a somber little thing. Eventually the cameras were found by her parents and removed and Claudine was severely reprimanded for impugning upon her privacy to such a degree, but somehow she managed to talk fast and retain her position.

Years passed in this manner until Jayden was nine. She stumbled through the school hallways, always one step away from disaster...unless her nose was buried in a book. Only then was she quite graceful, avoiding even the most obstacle-filled crowded hallways. She was now a very introverted, quiet girl. Passing from memory just as swiftly as she passed from sight. Boys didn't notice her, girls weren't threatened by her, even her teachers couldn't say there was anything particularly noticeable about her. Her grades were exemplary, but then again they always were.

By this time, a routine was soundly established. She'd wake up, prepare for the day, walk to school. Work through her classes, read through the halls, eat the lunch prepared for her by the chef her parents now employed, finish her school day, shop for what she needed or wanted. She had little in the way of needs to buy for so usually ended up buying a book, Manga, Anime, or something that would interest her and keep her out of Claudine's hair for hours on end.

The maid was even worse now than she had been when Jayden was younger. Claudine had placed bars on the windows now that would slide down at set times, usually after her parents had left for the day or week or even month. Days passed quietly though. She kept to her room when she got home. With the bars in place she couldn't enjoy her balcony but it no longer bothered her. Instead she'd simply slide away into a world that only existed in her books, Anime, and Manga.

She was old enough now that Claudine didn't have to watch her all the time and so the woman had as little to do with the girl as she could. She hated children, Jayden especially. No one could ever figure out why Claudine hated Jayden so badly but it was well known by now that if you associated with the child, you'd end up either replaced or reassigned elsewhere and in a less…pleasing venue. So now there were no kind words, no secret smiles, no whispered accolades given to Jayden by even the lowliest of the staff. Instead now they were distant and cold towards her, treating her with less than even the minute amount of respect she deserved. If she were found in the kitchen she was swatted and escorted out. If elsewhere? The same. Though they were very careful to show her the proper respect due her when her parents were home.

Jayden spent most of her time in her room. It wasn't an extraordinary room. The walls were a wintery white. Her bed had a white wispy canopy on it. Even her furniture was white. The only real colors in the room were her bookshelves, which were a rich Cherry wood. On her white carpet was a small floor rug that matched the shelves. Filling the shelves were a rainbow of colors. Even her bedding was white, though it had little silver flowers upon it to break up the plainness.

Her closet was full of school uniforms and formal clothing. She owned not even one item of what could be deemed 'casual' clothing. Why she had formal clothing was a mystery to everyone considering the fact that her parents kept a beautiful child on retainer for those 'opportune' photo sessions. Granted they said that it was simply to keep Jayden safe, however the bitter truth was that their daughter did not meet up with the standards of beauty that her parents preferred and so they kept the 'ringer' on retainer.

Not even once had Miss Jayden ever been to a formal party to accompany her parents. In fact she would have been a nightmare to have there. Because when she became nervous she lost any grace she had and would invariably cause any number of untold misfortunes to happen.

By now I'm sure you're wondering about Miss Claudine. You might be asking yourself, "What is the DEAL with her???" Well, I think it's time that I fill in a bit of her history so we'll deviate from the main storyline just a bit.

History of Claudine

She glanced around and smiled. This was a good job. The pay was excellent, especially for a brand new worker with little experience, and the job itself wasn't particularly difficult. Higher education, for her, was out for the simple fact that she'd been born poor and hadn't done well in the public education system. Well no one REALLY did well in the P.E.S system but she'd been home more often than she'd been at school. Her father had been a drunk for as long as she could remember and her mother was always sick from working day in and day out as a laundress so it left her, as the eldest, with the chore of raising her younger siblings.

Because of that she'd decided she never wanted children. Ever. In fact the main reason she had taken the job at the Stellanos residency was simply because there were no children, and the master of the house was sexy as hell and was well known (among the staff) to bestow many gifts upon his 'flavor servant of the month' - a title many of the young ladies had already attained. She was quite beautiful, in a plain sort of way, so she had high hopes to become one of his favorites for just a little while.

She approached the side door (where all staff entered and exited before and after their shifts) she shook her hair a bit to give it volume, fluffed up her chest so that it was displayed to its best, and straightened the skirt that she'd hemmed up just a bit. Not enough to be overly noticeable but still, every bit of leg showing might help to get her noticed, she'd hemmed it up an inch and a half just to ensure she had a boost.

Tap, Tap, Tap her fisted hand rapped on the door and she shivered a little as a dour woman answered and stared down at her, "You're right on time. Good. Keep it up." She gestured to Claudine, "Follow me and I will show you to your section. IF you get on well here, you MAY become a more permanent staff member."

Claudine studied the woman. She wasn't exactly homely but...not a beauty either. Well she was old after all, I mean, the woman HAD to be mid-fifties at the youngest! Her thoughts were broken as the woman cleared her throat and Claudine hastily stated, "ma'am! What exactly will I be doing here? When I was hired no one told me exactly what I'd be required to do."

The woman turned, "Yes well. You duties will vary greatly, though I believe your main duty will eventually be to care for the Master and Mistresses children, should they have any. For now though, you start where they all start. At the bottom. Cleaning floors and dusting, doing dishes from time to time. You'll be on a kitchen/household rotation until we find where you fit best. Today you will clean the floors of the upper hallway and dust. Be careful not to break anything, and if the Master and Mistress appear, be sure to bow in a respectful manner to them."

She started a bit as the woman turned and looked at her. "My name, girl, is Tracy. You look to me before anyone else, save of course the Master and Mistress. And for heaven's sake," she eyed the uniform, "lengthen your skirt! We won't allow any harlots and loose women to work HERE for long! Now get to work." She gestured to the hallway, "when you're done here sweeping, mopping, dusting, washing the windows, cleaning the corners of spiders webs, and vacuuming the small rugs come and see me. It should only take you a couple of hours to do it, once you get practiced. I suspect it'll take you more than a few hours right now though." She turned and walked off, leaving Claudine to her assigned tasks.

"Hmph," she muttered under her breath, "what a windbag, honestly. A few hours my arse. I do this kind of thing at home every blessed day." She got to work and had the hallway sparkling, spiders webs gone, and windows washed in less than an hours time. She went looking for Tracy and found her managing the dining room staff, "Tracy I'm done."

Tracy turned, saw who it was and marched to the hallway she'd assigned the new maid and was quite impressed. "Very well. Go through the rooms and change out the bedding. Remake the beds, clean the rooms, take the soiled linens down to be washed and report back to me if there's time left in the day. Start on the fourth floor. and work your way down."

We're going to skip on over the tediousness of her day to day routine now and get to the heart of where Claudine went...sour.

Claudine's days continued on in this manner for some time. Her doing the assigned tasks then returning home to care for her siblings, father, and now ailing mother.

On a bright, sunny, Monday morning she was cleaning the bedding in the Master's room when he came out of his personal bathing room, fresh from a shower and dripping wet. She blushed brightly, "I'll come back, um," she stammered feebly, "if you would like, after you're dressed Sir," he was handsome and rich and EVERYTHING a girl from her station in life wanted...if even for a few moments.

He turned, sort of startled, as if he hadn't seen her there. His eyes stared her up and down for a few moments before he smiled, "well, now, Who might YOU be? I don't believe I've seen you around here. Are you new?"

She blushed brighter, "Yes Sir. I'm Claudine, Sir." She bowed as she was trained to do, "I'll just...,"

He cut her off, "you may stay," then dropped his towel to the floor and went in search of clothing, "Mondays are my half days. I only go in for part of the day today." He spoke idly to her as he dressed, "So if you're on this duty permanently, I'm sure we will bump into each other fairly often." Dressed now, he turned to find her still blushing and staring. He thought it quite cute really. So he figured he'd give her a little attention...just on a lark.

Claudine's eyes widened as he approached. She watched as he reached for her, gasped as he took her in a firm embrace. Her eyes closed as he kissed her delicately, a bare touching of lips against lips, and turned a very bright red as she felt his hand slipping up under the skirt.

He smiled to himself and thought, 'well well well, looks like I have an uninitiated maid working for me. Tracy, Tracy, Tracy, you surely do know how to pick them, don't you,' and his hand slid up the back of the girl's bare thigh only to find that there was nothing on beneath the maid's skirt.

Her eyes widened and she blushed even brighter. All her underthings had been in the wash and still wet this morning so she hadn't been able to wear anything beneath her skirt. Now she was absolutely mortified...or would have been if he hadn't groaned in male approval...in such a sexy manner. She couldn't help but gasp as his hands followed bare skin, caressing and touching in a gentle manner.

He lifted her upwards, pulling the skirt up at the same time, spreading her bare ass on the bed in front of him, "I think I can make a little time to play, if you're up for it," he already had a good idea of her answer. Granted she was acting quite shy, but the shy ones were always the most fun to initiate into his personal preferences when it came to bedroom activities. He just loved it when Tracy found him a virgin! It was a...favorite...pastime of his.

She stared upwards at him as he stared down at her. Her hands instinctively went to cover her bare bits and she squealed just a little bit, which sparked his eyes and caused his face to light up with a sensual joy. She smiled tentatively up towards him and slowly uncovered the bits she'd re-actively covered, allowing him to look his fill. She wasn't sure what happened or what would happen next. She only knew that whatever it was would help her to attain the 'status' within the staffing community here at the house. And hopefully would shift her from part timer to a full time live in position. So she moved her hands, settling them on the bed beside herself and waited to see what he would do next.

He stared. She wasn't classically beautiful. Her nose was too sharply pointed, her chin too wide. She was more strikingly beautiful than anything really. Her skin, however, was the milky cream color he adored. And her legs were...endless. And. She was a very delicate pink where it mattered most, "beautiful," he murmured.

She thought the compliment was for her and she fell hard for him in that moment. What she saw staring down from his eyes, was somewhat different from what he was actually thinking, but of course, how could she know that. And so she fell for him. And in falling, she became bold. She reached up and pulled him down to her. She was just barely eighteen...her birthday had just passed a week ago. She'd never felt for anyone what she felt for him and so she brought her lips to his, innocently offering what he was so happily willing to take, and use for his own enjoyment.

His hands slid up to cup the globes encased in the soft cloth, giving just a gentle squeeze. It was always best to break the new ones in slowly to his brand of 'bedroom delights' and this one was as fresh as they came. 'Poor girl. I bet she's in love with me now. Ah well. She'll learn in time," he thought to himself as he allowed himself to respond to her innocent attempts at a kiss. It was he that took it deeper, thrusting his tongue into her mouth even as one of his hands slid down to touch the untouched.

Her eyes closed at his touch and she squealed softly, shyly. Everything was overwhelming her senses and she wasn't sure where it was heading but she really didn't care much. All she knew was that she really wanted these new decadent sensations to continue. She whimpered slightly when he squeezed just a bit too hard but even that was drowned and washed away in sort order. Very soon she found her top wide open, her breasts bare to his roving gaze and to his rough hands and foraging mouth. She was swept away. Any willpower she might have mustered to say 'no' was long gone and she was adrift in a sea of her romantic desires.

He was more practical. Sweeping her away while he himself remained solid in his skin. He loved his wife dearly. Their 'arrangement' meant that he could remain happy as could she. They both had their particular likes and dislikes in the bedroom and agreed that in that part of their marriage they were truly at odds. So she went her way, and he went his. Though lately they'd been working on creating life, so he'd been rather bored. This would give him that release from boredom for the moment. She would enjoy being his 'flavor of the month' and would be showered with gifts befitting that station.

All those thought floated around in his head as he slid his hands down to undo his belt buckle, open his pants and slip them down and off of his legs. He smiled as her hands removed his shirt. She was far gone now and he knew she was ready for what would come next. He poised himself and gave a shove, covering her mouth to muffle her pained shout as he felt her maidenly barrier give way and her warmth surround him.

She was shocked at first, trying to push him away as he began to move, instinctively wanting to get away from the pain caused by his abrupt entry into her body. Tears trickled from the corners of her eyes even as her body began to adjust to his movements. He hadn't stopped, in fact had moved to press deeper and her body continued to try to adjust.

It was what he preferred. That look of pain. It was so sweet he couldn't stop. Not even if he'd wanted to. It was always the best when their faces held that pain and so he found completion swiftly. Though as that pain faded from her face, his hand went down and brought her to completion even as he pulled out, leaving his 'gift' behind. Considering the pleasure she'd just given him he could afford to be kind so he walked away and drew her a bath, settling her inside the warm water before hopping into the shower to hurry and finish preparing for work.

He was humming as he walked down the stairs and approached Tracy. He kissed her cheek, "the new girl is marvelous. She'll be my new pet for a while, so treat her accordingly. She's in the bath in my room at the moment and I'm sure she'll be quite sore for a few days. I'll want her available at all times so of course you'll make sure she is. We'll find her a suitable position after I've played with my new toy and tired of it. For now that's the way things are so accommodate me, as always Tracy." He hugged her and raced out the door.

Now you would think that this might be the defining moment. But in reality it is simply what lead up to her change in attitude and personality. She was settled into her new quarters swiftly after that. Tracy took on a more motherly roll with her...for the time that the Master played with her that is.

Claudine, during this time, became quite unbearably spoiled. Lording her position over the others in the house, slacking at her chores, lazing about as often as she wanted and during this time, got away with it. However she began to sicken during the mornings and at random hours of the day. She became tired and moody and it was inevitable that the Master would tire of her.

It was just over a month later that he came to her, "Claudine my dear. We've had a fun time, you and I. However I believe a change is needed now. For me, if not for you. So starting tomorrow I expect you to be back at your position, working hard like the other girls. I'll tolerate no sla," he was interrupted when she stood up abruptly and raced to the bathing room where she tossed out the contents of her stomach. He followed more sedately. He was now used to seeing this sight. Usually it was Tracy that saw this, but his beloved wife was with child so he spent every waking moment tending to her...when he wasn't having a bit of 'fun'. "I see. Oh dear," he sighed out and would have gone on but she interrupted him.

"Now you can leave her! You can marry me! We can have a family," she whimpered out around the heaving of her stomach. Had she been capable of looking upward she would have noted his pitying look. However she heard simply, "I'm sorry child. I've no intention of leaving my beloved wife for the help. Especially not some girl that is two steps away from a street urchin. I shall send Tracy up and she will deal with this. I will have you transferred to another property for the time being as well. Until you are rid of your fanciful imaginings and back into your right mind." He turned then and walked out, leaving a pitifully heart broken Claudine behind.

Tracy walked in and sighed. Another one to be dealt with and from the looks of it things would have to be done quickly. She really didn't understand why the Master never bothered to protect himself from throwing his seed into every idiot girl he got interested in, but for now she looked to the problem at hand. She lifted the girl and carried her to the bed and laid her down. "We'll get you fixed up right as rain in no time. I'll call a doctor and we'll rid you of the parasite growing within you." She patted the girl's back, foreseeing no problem.

Claudine woke up hours later to find a man in her room, "Who are you?" She stared at him fearfully even as he stared kindly down at her. He was an aged fellow, with white hair and wrinkles in the appropriate places.

"Well dear child. I am Doctor Racenth. Drink this tea, it will help calm you," he gave her the special tea made of Black Cohosh, an herb that caused a cleansing of a female's reproductive organs. He watched as she drank it and sat down, waiting. He had a second cup at the ready in case the first one didn't work well but in just a little while the girl was crying and squirming, her arms wrapped around her stomach.

A little time passed and then it was over. She was limp, weakened by the ordeal. But she was also no longer with child And that was the best option for all involved. She was very easy to tend, limp and quiet as the elder women of the staff moved about her, changing the sheets, cleaning the girl up and redressing her. "She's to rest for a week, Tracy. With light work for two weeks after that. Keep her confined to the house for six weeks, to ensure that she not go looking for a man to replace what was lost. Then put her to full work, keep her busy. In a year she'll be the better for it. In two days she can travel. I assume you're sending her out to the country house? The one that neither the Master or Mistress use?" At Tracy's nod he smiled, "I will write Doctor Javis and inform him to keep a watch on her for a while."

He turned and looked towards the poor girl, "In six weeks you will be quite capable of recreating life. However if you find yourself playing around with men before that I won't be held responsible if you lose your ability to bear children, miss. Good day." He walked out, leaving the girl behind.

Now she was sent out to the country home, and time passed. She became cold and calculating. Tracy retired during Claudine's time in the country, and a new housekeeper took over. She slipped from the minds of the staff and the Master and Mistress. Though news came to her of the 'blessed' event. A daughter. And from that day forward she became obsessed with attaining a position of authority over the child that was allowed to live.

When the child reached the age of three she was given the position of Personal Maid to the heiress. Claudine enjoyed greatly the misery she brought to the child. When she'd first arrived the girl had resided in a pretty pink room. Claudine soon changed that. White was all the girl would see from day to day. Because white was the color of the room she'd been in the day she had been made to lose her child. Granted she'd been relieved that she wouldn't have a baby, at first. Until she'd realized that the loss was more to what her station in life could have been rather than the life itself.

She showed the child little in the way of warmth. Gave her no encouragement. Punished her for little slights and even nothing from time to time. And each and every time she found herself overjoyed by the pain and misery on the little girl's face. Time passed as it does, and she treated the girl just as badly as she ever did. Once Jayden hit nine years old though, her duties were simpler and she didn't have to watch the girl nearly as much. Granted there had been one time that Claudine had very nearly lost her job.

It was summarily named the 'camera' incident. She'd had to do some fast talking for that, citing a few recent break ins for her 'overcautious' safety standards. She'd been reprimanded and docked pay for a while month, which she held against the child in every way possible of course.

Now we reach the present day and must return to the main story. Which of course is not about Claudine herself but our little Jayden.

Jayden hustled out the door. She was right on time, really. As usual. But today she was lacking the book that made walking to school so much simpler. And so she tripped. Sometimes over nothing but a crack in the sidewalk, other times over her own two feet. She'd left early, not bothering to mention that today there was no school. In fact for the next week her school was on a holiday. No one knew. No one cared really. As long as she stayed out of the regular staff's hair they wanted nothing to do with her. Even though it took her twice as long as usual she walked to her favorite book store. She smiled at the owner shyly before wandering among the many shelves in search of 'treasures', which she quickly found. She grabbed five books up right away before moving on into another section. Today she carried not only her backpack, but also her duffel bag. Granted she'd had to sneak it out by putting it into her backpack but still, she had two bags now.

After grabbing an additional three books she moved forward towards the checkout counter, placing the books in front of the owner. He smiled at her, "thirty five credits," and watched as she pulled out the same card she'd been using for almost a year now, "I take it your daddy recharges it for you then Miss?"

She shook her head and stated shyly, "s-s-something like t-th-that." Then blushed brightly as she put the card back into her pocket. Today was a special day for her. This was the day she was finally leaving home. As she exited the shop she crossed over to a clothing store and wandered through the aisles of clothes. From the shelves she grabbed simple t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, skirts, shorts, a blouse or two, undergarments, socks, and yes, even a belt for the larger sized clothing. In all she spent about five hundred credits in this shop before moving on. She entered a shop that sold luggage and bags and bought one large suitcase on hover jets. It was expensive. About three hundred and seventy five credits. But ultimately worth it for the ease of which she'd be capable of carrying it around.

Then she entered a public restroom and proceeded to change. She even went so far as to take a pair of scissors to her long hair, shortening it drastically. A hat went on her head and she packed the hover-bag before exiting. On the floor of the restroom in the stall she'd used to change in rested her school uniform. Now Claudine had come looking for the girl after calling the school only to learn that it was closed. In fact, she passed right by Jayden without even recognizing her. Granted Jayden had a moment of panic when she passed Claudine but it passed swiftly enough.

She arrived at the train depot. Had she taken a flight, they would have asked for her ID card but the train was a different matter. It was fast, for one, and you could travel quite easily without showing identification cards. Most of the poorer populace traveled the train system in fact. And the card she was using was one of many disposable cards her father had given her over the years. It was untraceable. They all were really and her backpack was full of them. With her hair cut and the clothing she was wearing, she looked like any other 'boy' riding the train. Her thoughts had been very deep indeed and so she'd managed to walk everywhere without tripping over herself.

She saw her father once, briefly. He was standing at the depot staring at a group of businessmen. He'd looked her way once but his eyes just skimmed over her as if she didn't exist. And then the crowd swept between them and he was gone and she was boarding.

"ALL ABOARD FOR TAVERTASCHE, CREVENST, LESTCHE, AND THE OUTER GALAXY," the main loudspeaker for the train shouted as she entered the dimly lit compartment and headed to her assigned room. Even though she was a common traveler, she couldn't handle sitting among the masses. So she'd booked a compartment. They were small rooms with their own locks, bathrooms, and a pull out bed and table. Her small size meant that she'd be able to sleep on the smaller upper bed without needing to pull out the larger lower one so she was happy. And she was going to a world where credits were commonly used, so there was no worry there about not having money.

She'd plenty of credit cards. Granted, her world used a mixture of credits and regular monetary units, but...the place she was going would be far from her parent's reach, even farther from Claudine's reach, and she'd have little trouble affording anything at all.

And then the train began to move. She sat down and opened a book. Hours passed as she thumbed through the pages. Lunch was served and eaten absently as she was swept away into another world. She didn't resurface until the evening meal arrived, "'ere ya go dearie," the server stated as she sat the plate in front of her, "I do 'ope ya like it." She blushed shyly and nodded, "thank you," was softly spoken and well received as the woman and cart trundled down the hallway. She ate, and then soon drifted off to sleep, not even noticing when the server entered, covered her up, took the plate and left being sure the door was locked upon her exit.

Jayden slept soundly until the train's position shifted to a more upright one as it aligned itself on the star track. It had made countless stops along the way on this world, had bypassed many smaller stops that other trains actually did stop at and now it was being prepared to enter hyperspace. All the bumping woke Jayden up and she stared out the window, watching the goings on.

Meanwhile back at home the staff was in an uproar because the Little Mistress had gone missing. Claudine and the rest of the staff were busy searching the streets and many of the abandoned buildings for her. Little did they know that in less than five minutes hence she would be off-planet and on her way to a new and hopefully happier home. And then the train was moving. Slowly at first but speeding up with every second that passed by. At this point she was sitting on her knees, watching as the lights passed her by. Wide eyed she stared out in awe at the amazing sight before her. City lights whizzed past and the sky rushed towards her. And then...a jolt where it seemed as if the train were stopped and yet moving as fast as it could go...and then *POP* and they were in space.

With amazement she stared, a smile growing on her face as she realized that here, she was truly safe. Her father couldn't come after her. Claudine was now forever a part of her past. Granted she was still just a little girl and a clumsy one at that, but she already felt one hundred percent better. No more white room. No more having her books taken away at the 'bitch's' slightest whim. Granted she'd be alone, but she had a plan for that already. So all in all, it wasn't a big deal.

After a while she sat back and relaxed easing back to sleep in such a relaxed manner that it would seem almost as if she'd nothing to worry about at all. One of her books was sitting near her open, her palm resting gently upon its surface.

She awoke to three tones, one a medium 'C' *Ding*; the next a higher 'E' *Ding; the final another medium 'C' *Ding*. Rubbing her eyes she stared around, then looked out the window. Her eyes went wide. It was beautiful, this world they were now on. An announcement blared over the speakers placed throughout the Train, "We have arrived at Crevenst. If you wish to depart the train, we will be stopped here for all of half an hour. If you are not back on the train at departure time, you will be left behind. For those of you choosing to remain on the train various vendors will be selling wares and walking the halls. We ask simply that you try and make at least one purchase to support these vendors. They are an invaluable service to us, and yourselves. Thank you. Repeat, we will be stopped here for half an hour. Please return to the train within that time-frame." And the same tones that had wakened her chimed again as the loud speaker went silent.

Vendors passed by swiftly. Five vendors caught her attention. One was selling rare silk dresses and she purchased one with one of the other cards she'd been given. It had just enough on it to pay for the rainbow flowered sundress. Another was a book vendor. She made one very large purchase from this vendor; she managed to find no less than ten books she knew she would simply enjoy. This vendor left her cabin on very good terms indeed. The third vendor was selling a mish-mash of items; hair dye caught her eye and she grinned as she bought four bottles, but then she noticed another item she really had to have. Another piece of hover luggage. It was smaller than her other one but would suit her well and so she purchased these five things and as this vendor left she discarded the now empty card into the shredder every room was equipped with.

The fourth vendor sold food, well, snacks really. But it suited her fine since she was hungry and no food would be served until after they were underway again. Snack cakes, cookies, chips, doughnuts, candies, chocolates, juice drinks, soda's...she bought some of everything. Even the hot foods that were specialty snacks from this world. A rare rice cake full of strawberries and raspberries and two thermoses of coffee's that could ONLY be purchased on this world. The vendor left, his cart a bit lighter even as his pockets were quite a bit heavier.

Leaning back she opened a snack cake and a juice and picked up one of the hair dyes. She pulled out the instructions and nodded as she read. Standing she locked the door and entered her private bathroom. It was a full bathing facility. She undressed, "No need getting my clothing messy," she murmured to herself. It didn't take her long to mix the components of the dying kit together. It did take some time to get it all into her hair and have it be completely soaked by it, but even that wasn't overly long since her hair was now quite short. Once it was fully saturated she began to count down the time.

The train began to move and the loud speaker crackled to life announcing the next stop 'Letsche'. She ignored it and after a bit climbed into the shower to rinse her hair and get clean. The water was fresh. She'd read (during her research of modes of travel off world) that the train changed out it's water tanks and replenished the stores of the other tanks used for bathing and sinks and such at every stop. So she didn't worry much about the water she used. It would be a couple days before she would bathe again, as per the manual she'd read requested, and so she took her time rinsing her hair and bathing.

Stepping out of the shower she dried and dressed swiftly. She paused as a thought occurred to her. Not once had she tripped since after she'd boarded the train. Granted, she'd not really walked anywhere but to the bathroom, but still...not once had she tripped and fallen over herself. She'd tripped in less distances. Shrugging she turned towards the mirror and stared. "Whoa," blinking, she stared at the girl in the mirror. Gone was the blond hair she'd inherited from her father.

Blue-black hair framed her face, giving her an almost ethereal look now instead of her plain old appearance. Granted she hadn't ever been ugly, save for in her own mind. But she was stunned as her eyes wandered over the black hair, heart-shaped face, forest green eyes, cupids bow mouth which slowly turned upwards in a smile. If she couldn't hardly recognize herself, how would they? Those two adults that hadn't ever set eyes upon her for more than a few moments at any given time. She dried her hair a bit more then combed her fingers through it.

She tossed the containers and packaging into the garbage chute before exiting the bathroom on a wave of steam and a smile. Jayden unlocked the door to her cabin just in time. The server cart bringing lunch had just stopped, "Wot'll it be today miiss?" The server woman asked, "We've a roight good selectun. Bergers, Frois, Steak, Potaturs, Salad's, beans, and fer dessert we've got a tasty Pomegranate cheesecake. For drinks we've got tea, soda, coffee, and bottled water dearie."

Jayden grinned, "Salad, Burger, Potatoes, Beans, and Cheesecake. Tea will go well. Unsweetened if you have it," she stated in a softly graceful manner as she waved towards the semi-cluttered table, "I'll clear a space or two off," and proceeded to swipe the unopened snacks onto the bench seat in front of the table, making sure to leave room for herself to sit down.
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"Roight good choices, M'Lady. Roight good," she nodded as the food selections were set down, "so where're ya headin? If ya don't moind moy askin?" The burger was set down in front of the girl, the salad to the upper left of the burger, the potatoes to the upper right, beans next to it, cheesecake on the table above the burger and the tea next to it, "Oi've seen a lot of people come an go on here o'er the years. Young, old, tall, short, thin, fat an they all have someplace they want to go."

Jayden smiled, "I'm not particularly sure where I wish to go as of yet. So I bout my ticket with that in mind. Choosing the very end destination that this train doesn't go past. I'll know when I get there that it's where I want to be." To herself she thought, 'it'll be somewhere out of my parents reach that's for sure.' before continuing, "for now I'm content to simply ride and see the sights." A smile lit up her face as the woman bustled around straightening things up.

"OI see that you found the snack vendor girlie," she nodded as she straightened the snacks up somewhat, "good selection 'e 'as. Roight good selection. And those roice cakes are simply to ~die~ for really. I always get a few," she patted her not so thin tummy, "its why I'm not so thin as I used to be. But I like my job well enough and don't moind putting on a few pounds in the course of it." She glanced around noting that the small cabin was now set to rights, "I'll be back for the dishes later, enjoy your meal." And she bustled out and pushed her cart down the hall as the door swung shut behind her.

Jayden ate slowly, savoring the food. Everything was so wonderfully good to her. She turned her mind towards which world she would get off on and make a life on. A few were out quite simply because they didn't accept creds. However there were three that she couldn't decide between as of yet. She had a book on each of them that she would eventually read but for now she had time to simply enjoy herself without worrying about the details and so she simply ate her lunch, devouring all of it, groaning at the end because she was almost overstuffed.

I'm sure, by now, that you are wondering what her mother and father are generally like. Now I know, you've seen somewhat how her father is in the home. But as usual, how we act at home and how we appear to act in public tend to be very different things. And so, I introduce you to...The Parents.

She stared into the mirror, "Roger, am I beautiful, do you think?" Her eyes roving over her blond hair and staring into her own forest green eyes. She took in the tanned complexion of her flawless skin, the slight redness of her cupids bow lips (curved upward into a sort of mocking smile), "people think me beautiful, don't they?"

The man glanced up from the text he was reading, "Indeed they do dear, indeed they do." He shook his head. This was a...nightly occurrence and therefore not something he had to consider for even a moment to give an answer to.

She sighed and frowned slightly, "then ~how~ could I give birth to such an...~ugly~ child?? Did we do something wrong during conception? During gestation? Was the birth not soon enough?? I did go two days over the due date after all. Was that it?"

"No dear. We did everything right. I am sure, in time, that child will grow to be stunningly beautiful. We must just wait a while. That is all," his voice was bland and yet held a small amount of warmth, though not for the child. The warmth was all for her, his beautiful, starlet of a wife. He loved that she was vain. That she wanted only the best. Because it gave him the chance to give her the best. There were many things that he didn't inform his beautiful wife of. Things she didn't need to know or be bothered with. She was a delicate creature, to his way of thinking, and delicate creatures needed to be treated with a sort of care. Only with her did he ever show a soft side. Granted, he showed a somewhat tender side to the child they'd both spawned, but he too was sorely disappointed in the brat. She wasn't a beauty like her mother and that was what he'd hoped for. A second beauty to display in all the finest trappings wealth and prestige could buy. Instead she gleaned little attention from him. Too mediocre to really shower beautiful things upon. So he had a set up that he'd begun the day she was born. A cred card. Money he himself never touched and mostly nothing came out of his own pocket for her.

She turned and pinned him with a forest green gaze, "darling. Are you certain? I can't even stand to look at the little brat, she's just so...homely," she turned back to the vanity, "ugly. A child between us should have been absolutely adorable and beyond beautiful. I hope she truly does grow into beauty. Otherwise I do not know what I shall do." She sniffled, "We should soon attempt to create a boy. Perhaps we would have better luck the second time. "I mean the girl is smart enough, but we need a male with brains to inherit from you."

He frowned a bit and sat his book down, "do you think so? A son," he played it through his mind a few times, "it would mean compromising in the bedroom again dear. Could you stand it long enough? It was a terrible trial for the both of us this last time."

She met his eyes in the mirror, "I could, yes. Perhaps we'll have a handsome son. Smart and beautiful to make up for the lack from the girl." Smiling she stood, flicking the light off on the vanity, "a son. Claudine has been a god-send taking care of that ugly girl. I am quite sure she would take good care of a second child of our loins." She walked towards the bed, dropping the robe onto the floor as she went, revealing a flawless, naked, physical form. She could read, in the dim light, all of the things her husband wished he could do to her.

Just as he himself could read in ~her~ eyes all of the things she wished he could do with her. Their tastes in the bedroom truly were at odds. But for this task they would put aside their differences in that aspect of their otherwise perfected marriage to do what was necessary to create a second life between them. Hoping beyond hope that this time, the child would be worth keeping around and showering attention onto. Light dimmed into darkness as he reached over and shut his reading light off, preparing for the task at hand.

We will now take a short look at the staff and what is happening in the home that has somehow managed to lose the little Mistress.

Staff were bustling madly around, "No luck. She's not in the french quarter."; "Not in the garden,"; "Not at school,"; "Where the hell IS she," Claudine shrieked quietly, unwilling to disturb the Master and Mistress so late at night. "She's never been gone after dark, she knows the rules!!!" The staff were panicked. No one knew WHAT would happen to them once the Master and Mistress got wind of the missing daughter. Days passed and still they searched, those who could be spared that is. Claudine was panicking.

Claudine knew, KNEW, that if the girl wasn't found she'd better disappear into the wind. Otherwise she'd be sent to prison for her dereliction. To lose the property of the Master and Mistress, even if it WERE flesh and blood would be worse than anything she could have done living on the streets. So the search continued. When the uniform was found on a bathroom stall floor there was no doubt who's it was. The size, fabric, told the story and so the search spread to the less reputable districts.

I think we should also take a look at the parents in their respective work environment. I'm sure you've been curious and I believe strongly in satisfying curiosity when I feel like it (and seldom never when needed).

"Mister Stellanos, if you would, please get ON with providing this evidence you say you've procured," the opposing attorney stated whilst glaring at the statuesque man across the room form him, "my client deserves a SPEEDY trial, not one dragged out by theatrics of an over zealous Prosecutor."

The stately man turned and his smile chilled the other attorney to the bone. It was never good to bring down the wrath of this man onto your shoulders. He'd caused many stronger, smarter men than himself to break. "Yes. Evidence," he opened his briefcase, "a knife with your client's prints on it, covered in blood was recovered by the police force. The blood tested, finger prints proven to be your clients found and processed." He spun to address the jury of men and women of varying races, "he stabbed the victim seventeen times. Several of them fatal. And you ~dare~ say that he is an innocent in all of this???" He pinned his opponent with a look, "he is not innocent! In no way is he such! He killed this woman, her child, and husband in a most brutal fashion. And for what? Twenty five creds."

The scene blurs out of focus and comes back into focus on a beauty before several cameras. Tears in her eyes she cries out, "Rachel! Please! Don't leave! I'm sorry my sister, please," her please are heart wrenching and in the stands the audience blinks back tears, some even hefting cloths to their eyes to dab at tears that had begun to spill, "you know that you are the only one that I trust. Please. I did not mean to sleep with your husband. You know I would never hurt you this way. I thought it was my husband in my bed...the lights, you know I keep them very dark, please...I did not know," she began to sob heavily, her fingers clenched around her sister's shirt, "please..."

The brunette turned, "fine I wont leave. For now," she wrapped her arms around her sister's sobbing form, allowing the blond head to rest upon her shoulder. The audience gasped slightly at the crafty look that replaced the sobbing, desperate one upon the blond's face.

"AAANNNNDDD CUT!! Its a Wrap folks. Good job today. Sara you were wonderful, again dear," he stated as he came up onto the set and took her hands in his, "beautiful as always. You had them in the palm of you little hand."

Tears gone she smiled and wrapped a hand around his arm walking off the stage towards the back where her dressing room was, "it is simple. I love it so when it is obvious they are enjoying it. Oh I should tell you, my husband and I are trying for another child. We are hoping for a son this time you see. So you may want to get the writers going on a script that will...explain my soon to be altered appearance."

As they walk backstage the light fades, taking the set from bright to dark in the blink of an eye.

And so you have met the parents....to a degree. Perhaps I will give you more than just a small taste of them...eventually. Before we return to Jayden we shall go and see what schemes Claudine has rolling around that little head of hers...

Frowning she stalked around her quarters. It'd been almost two weeks now. The brat hadn't been found anywhere in this city so she'd had the search widened. But now, she'd thought up the most amazing idea. It was brilliant. His new toy was showing signs of pregnancy...hell that wouldn't work. Too big of a discrepancy in the age. But...an evil, rotten smile widened her lips and she began to dress. "If I can't FIND Jayden, then why don't I adopt a girl and REPLACE her??? Ha! Ahahahaha," laughing, she rushed out of the room and out to door to the local orphanage.

The place was decrepit. The stone of the building was falling down in places and little faces peered out through the grimy windows. The front door was a solid piece of wood and she had a bit of a time opening it. The office was just off to the right of the entrance and she stalked in, "I want to adopt a child. Preferably blond, somewhat short, Green eyes, nine years old. And I want to adopt her today."

Normally this would raise flags with most people, but the harried woman who ran this orphanage was only too happy to rid herself of at least one of the little urchins so she simply nodded and bustled away to collect five little girls. Shortly thereafter she bustled back in with five little girls in tow. Their heights varied somewhat but they were all green eyed blonds.

Frowning Claudine paced around the girls. One was too fat and she set her on her way with a, "won't do. Go on and play." Another girl was too tall, "you too. Go play." A third girl was too dark skinned, "sorry. Go on and play." It was down to two now. Her eyes narrowed and she began to study facial features quite closely. With a sigh and a smile she pushed one girl away, "go play." And pulled one forward, "I'll take this child." Her critical eyes studied the girl and a smile formed. The blond hair was long and wavy. The face was heart shaped. Lips were cupid's bows. The eyes were grass green which was close enough (in her mind) that the Master and Mistress wouldn't notice.

She filled out the paperwork, changed the girls name and birth date to match on the girl's documents:

Name: Jayden Elina Stellanos
Age: 9
Birth Date: Day 6, Month 9, Year 5015
Birth Mother: Sara Dream Carlotts
Birth Date: Day 26, Month 13, Year 4985
Birth Father: Roger Michael Stellanos
Birth Date: Day 15, Month 2, Year 4979
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Green
Passed the Biological Parental Proof Test (M): Yes
Passed the Biological Parental Proof Test (F): Yes

There were other papers to fill out but this was most important. The dates had to be perfect. She glanced over at the girl, "you're name is Jayden Elina Stellanos. Your Birthday is the sixth of Septar in the year fifty-fifteen. Your mother is Sara Stellanos and your father is Roger Stellanos. I am Claudine, your personal maid." She passed a very large chunk of cash to the orphanage proprietress before taking the girls hand and walking out.

Glancing down she stated, "You're about to have a new life, Miss Jayden. And I'll be sure and train you in everything you need to know. You'll have to work hard because you're stepping into a position that, well, has very particular shoes that now need filling."

Inside Claudine was laughing her ass off heartily. This would be the perfect way to get her revenge. They would dote upon this child, think it theirs, and then on the day that she retired she would simply lean down and whisper in the Master's ear about how his Jayden had met an unfortunate end and so had been replaced all those years with a ringer and he'd never even noticed. Yes yes. It was a brilliant plan and she had Jayden to thank for it. If she ever met up with the little brat, oh yes, she'd thank her grandly...right before she put a knife in the brat's gut. Then she'd watch the life leave her and be happier for it.

In little over a two hour time span she had the new girl clean, dressed finely, and learning how to be a Lady. It didn't occur to her that the school or students would notice that this was ~not~ the Jayden they knew. She was still laughing to herself softly, pleased with her ingenuity.

I think an introduction to the newest 'Jayden' is in order, yes? It won't be very long, and once done we wont be back to this place for a while so best to do it now.

At first she'd been quite happy to be adopted. But...the woman wanted her to forget the name her parents had given her before they'd died and become someone entirely different. She wasn't this Jayden person. She didn't want to ~be~ Jayden. She simply wanted to be Lacy. Once the woman let her alone for five minutes she wrote her name upon a piece of paper, along with her birthday (Lacy Marina Clemens, 10/5/5015) and hid it in a slit she found in the mattress. Even if everyone else forgot, she wanted to remember. Once that was done she stared at herself in the mirror.

No longer the grimy orphan she was surprised to find that her skin was actually a pale color, her hair a light blond, eyes sparkly green. She was pretty. Smiling her head tilted even as a different woman bustled in and stared with wide eyes. Twirling around she met the woman's eyes and nodded slightly only to see the woman back out of the room blinking heavily and muttering to herself, "she's a fool if she thinks the Master and Mistress wont realize they're being duped. Pretty little thing, but still. The Master and Mistress know their own child," as the door closed she had continued to mutter.

She whirled back around, "I am Jayden. I'm Jayden. Jayden," her smile became crafty her eyes glittering with determination as she thought to herself, 'I'm Lacy. But I'll be Jayden so long as I can stay in this big, wonderful, place,' she winked to herself, 'and I'll be better than the original. Everyone can just watch and see.'

    Now we go to Jayden, whom we shall be staying with for a while....

Again time passes. Day becomes night. Night becomes day. And when all the days are relatively the same, well...if it were anyone else, boredom would have set in. However she spent her days reading, exploring the train, watching the stars and worlds pass by. Having never been away from her home before she was well able to appreciate all of the intricacies that come with traveling and enjoy them to the fullest.

She was smart though. She played with the kids a bit but avoided the adults to a degree. Especially the ones that seemed to take a rather...untoward amount of attention with her. Mostly she wandered the observation decks or stuck to her cabin reading. At the stops when vendors boarded to sell their wares she bought snacks, some clothing, another hover bag for the additions (of which she was getting quite a collection) and of course more books. But the day came when the stops became very few and far between. She'd been on the train for nearly a month now. Her cabin was neat, in order, and stuff was packed up.

*DING DING DING* the tri-tones rang and the (now) familiar voice echoed out, "Last stop. Outland Planet Giana (Gee-an-a). Please check your cabins and seats for any left behind items. The train will not leave here for a month after pulling in whilst it is maintained and the fuel tanks repaired. However you will not be able to re-board to search for left behind items." A short pause and, "Repeat. Last stop. Outland Planet Giana. If you wish to return to the main planetary system please purchase your tickets before we depart in thirty days. Thank you for riding the Galaxial Trainway."

She hooked the hover bags together and, opening the door, gave a glance around her cabin, the place she'd called home for so long and then walked away, down the hall and disembarked into a strange new world.

Glancing around her with wide eyes she accepted the hat that was thrust into her hands by one of the staff of the train and smiled her thanks. It was hot. It was blinding. It was totally unlike her home planet. It was perfect. So far away that her parents wouldn't ever ~think~ to look for her there. Plopping the hat onto her head a sigh of relief instantly escaped her. Duo suns fueled this world. And she knew that at night there would be three moons. She'd done a report on this world for school one year and she'd put a great deal of time and energy into it. So when she'd decided to leave home, it wasn't a hard choice as to where to go. Her creds would be good here and she was familiar, at least to a great degree, with the society at large.

The city rose out of the large trees that towered so very high into the sky. Buildings were carved into the trees, homes, businesses, schools. Everything and everyone lived in tune with the natural world around them. She'd already bought a house, hired a small staff...of two...and enrolled in school. Tugging the bags behind her she made her way to the exit and grinned at the sign sporting her name being held in the hands of an older gentleman. Her new life was just beginning. And she was sure it would be far greater than the one she'd left behind. Racing forward she skidded to a halt in front of the man, "take me home, okay?"

I bet you are wondering just who this driver is. In fact I'm sure you're already asking yourself who such a smart child would get to care for her on a daily basis? Strangers? Surely not. Therefore I think that I shall introduce you to her new...family.

He was stunned, honestly, when the call came in. Since being excused from the Stellanos's employ by that horrible woman he'd often wondered about the child, even went so far as to approach her in that book store she slipped away to (as often as she could) to ask her, "Miss Stellanos, is everything going well at home? Claudine isn't being horrid to you still, is she?" She'd lifted her sad, sad, eyes up to him and stated quite simply, "things do not change much in the Stellanos household. Claudine is as she always is and always will be. And I," he'd winced a little as her breath hitched, "I appreciate the concern." She'd turned and walked off, but not before he'd slid his number into her hand, "Miss, if ever you need anything, please, call."

Time had passed since then. He'd held a few jobs since, steady work til it ran out at which time he'd just gone and gotten re-employed. He'd been shocked when the call came, the odd request had shocked him all the more. "Please," the soft voice had spoken, "come to the bookstore on the far side of town at three fifteen Wednesday afternoon. Wait for me there. I've a...job for you, if you're interested."

He'd thought about it for a while but at the appointed day and time he'd been there. And had been stunned as another familiar face was there as well. "M-miss Bettina," he'd smiled warmly at the woman and hadn't been able to contain his joy, lifting her and spinning her around and around, "She called you as well?" She'd laughed heartily, smacked him on the shoulder, "a'course she did, silly boy. There weren't many that were nice to her on a counta that woman's rulin the roost. I been checkin in on her evra since I got sent away then terminated. I been expectin something was gonna happen for a while now. Ya can read it in her eyes and face at times."

He'd stared at her stunned, silent, speechless. Before the allotted time had arrived three more had joined him. Some he knew, some he knew of, and some he didn't precisely know or recognize other than in passing. But then he saw her. For once she was bright eyed and almost happy looking, as if she'd reached a monumental decision. Her soft spoken voice had caused them all to fall silent, standing there among rows and rows of books, "I called all of you for a reason." She had stepped to him and held out a card, "I want you to go and buy me a..." the conversation had continued right up til she'd snagged three books from the shelf, had everyone clear on what they were to do, and plans were set up and in play. She left the store, then after ten minutes they each waited a stretch before one by one leaving, after purchasing a book or two.

He and Bettina had winked at each other as she'd departed. Him, he'd browsed the shelves quite a bit longer til he'd found a few books he'd enjoy reading while traveling and getting to work. He'd be the first to leave. The rest would join him one by one until the house was full of people who actually liked and cared for the Daughter of the First Family. He worried a little but shrugged it off. She was smart and always had been.

So he'd traveled. Bought a large house on a very far out planet, purchased all the necessary items a house would always need; furniture, uniforms, linens, even a not-so-ostentatious vehicle. One by one they'd all arrived on time. Then as a team they'd worked on their Young Mistress's suite of rooms. What would once have been a living room was turned into a study, bookshelves on all the walls, they adorned her bedroom with wonderful things. Shelves of course, a large fancy bed with the best of linens, a desk where she could do her schooling and toys they knew she was probably too old for but couldn't help but purchase and place in there anyways.

One of the other adjoining rooms of the suite she would occupy when the mood struck her had an office of sorts. Complete with a top-of-the-line virtual computer. In this house, outside of her own personal suite, were many bookshelves. They'd left them empty for the most part, knowing that she herself would most likely fill them quickly. A few in the formal parlor had books though, it'd only taken a few calls to clean out the storage locker that Claudine had tucked books upon books of Jayden's into. They'd only arrived two days before her own arrival and some of the books were, even at this very moment as he smiled at her as she walked towards him, finishing being shelved.

"Mistress Jayden," he bowed politely, "It is good to see you ma'am. Please," he reached for her bags, "allow me," and taking them from her turned towards the carport outside where the vehicle awaited, "this way Mistress."

Bettina was fretting. The books weren't all shelved. The meal was only half done. Time had gotten away from them all. Wringing her hands, she shouted then winced even as her voice exploded into the room, "c'mon, c'mon she's at the station already...we ain't got a lotta time here!!" Pacing she whispered to herself, "I hope she likes everything! I really hope she loves this place!" Casting a critical eye around the parlor she sighed, "we worked so very hard on everything. I hope she likes it. No, no, no, what'm I sayin," her hands cupped her cheeks in shame, "she ain't like her parents. She ain't the type to be critical." Giving her cheeks a slight smack with both her hands she turned and clapped, "lets get a move on people, Jayden will be here very soon!!"

And then. She was. The staff lined up, with Bettina at the head of the house staff and they all got to watch as the girl walked in. Watched as her eyes widened in delight. Watched the smile bloom as she took everything in. Her delighted exclamation of, "Its amazing! Thank you everybody!" Had all of them smiling happily indeed. Especially Bettina. Most especially the leader of the team, Darius. He'd followed her in, with her bags in hand and hadn't stopped grinning widely the entire time she'd been looking around. Every gasp of delighted wonder, every soft exclamation sent a sparkle into his eyes and gave his step a bounce. All their hard work was rewarded in this one, single, moment.

Now for a time, let us go and see what is happening in the Stellanos household. And perhaps with the parents themselves.

The new Jayden fit in well at school. And was obedient always at home. However she herself was miserable. The woman treated her so badly she was constantly upset. No matter how good she was it was never enough for that woman. She smiled and laughed with the other students, acting as if all was well. When truthfully it wasn't even close to well.

Granted, from all the whispers she heard around the house, that nanny (she would never dignify that horrible woman by her name) was actually nicer to her than to the original Jayden. Since she was treated so badly, it made her wonder just how truly bad that nanny had treated the Stellanos's biological daughter. She dealt with it though. Taking all the mistreatment in stride was difficult really. She had a hard time keeping her grades up. School, studying, was such a dull effort. It really was. There was so much she would rather be doing!

Those cards she got every day were wonderful. Her room...yes HER room. Not the original Jaydens. Was now bright pink and decorated quite cutely. The other room was locked tight. Sealed away. She didn't understand really how the parents didn't realize. Shaking her head she was brought out of her thoughts by the *thwap* atop her head with a notebook from the teacher, "huh?"

"Jayden, I just don't understand it. You were such a studious child. And you got top marks easily," the teacher studied her with narrowed eyes, "if I didn't know better I'd have to say you're a completely different girl," with that parting comment she walked back to the front of the class to await the recess to be over with. It was nagging at her and repeatedly her eyes flicked towards the girl, assessing her. Something was very off with Jayden now days but...she couldn't place it. She looked the same. Well, there was some minor change in appearance. She could swear that Jaydens facial structure was sharper at the chin, and the bones were a bit more pronounced. Plus she seemed to have put on extra flesh almost over night. Something just...rang off to her but honestly, if the parents didn't seem to mind then she guessed she'd overlook it. For now.

'Jayden' simply ignored the teacher. And went back to her thoughts. Ignoring the text book that was open she turned her eyes towards the windows and the rain falling outside.

So, we've seen into the mind of the replacement. Now let us take a peek at the parents.

Silence reins in the bedroom for the moment, both stretched out, arms above their heads, relaxed. A soft voice, "Roger, we can return to our...own likes. I am pregnant," smiling happily she stretched, a hand falling to her stomach to rest atop the as yet flat tummy, "it is over now. We have done it."

His voice rumbles into the dimly lit room, "thank god. I don't think I could take much more of the lovey-dovey stuff you like so much sweet heart. I enjoy the cruelty that blends with the pleasure I feel. But, we have a problem."

A heavy sigh and nod, "yes we do. I too have noticed. That young lady is not MY Jayden. I wonder," she stated idly, "does Claudine think she can get away with this deception?"

He chuckled softly again, "apparently. However the child should not be punished for Claudine's misrepresentation. She is innocent in this. But what to do about our erring child? She took such great care to sneak away. Planned it so carefully." His voice hardened, "I am glad that those loyal to us are caring for our child. Away from that woman. However Claudine will be held responsible for this...travesty that has occurred."

Sara sighed, "did she really delude herself into thinking we would not know our own child?!? Seriously. Granted we are quite busy and seldom home for more than short times however I would ALWAYS recognize my child."

He laughed outright, "the little mix thought I wouldn't notice her at the depot I bet. She cut her hair, Sara. Changed her clothes, purchased tickets in so many different directions that if she weren't with my loyal man I'd probably never have found her again. I've been speaking with the house staff that has been shifted and terminated over the years. Apparently Claudine has been absolutely horrible to Jayden for years."

Sara gasped, "seriously? Someone was being mean to our flesh and blood daughter? No wonder the clever child decided to run away and start a new life. I am glad that your man, and my right hand woman, Bettina, are working to make her life a good one. I will let you handle Claudine how you see fit. But, please, do not punish the child she has impersonating our Jayden."

He nodded and patted her stomach, "You just focus on this one. I will deal with Claudine and this whole situation. Until things here are rectified I see no reason to deflate our clever child. She does not match your beauty, my dear, but her intellect is a perfect blending of us both." reaching over he turned the light off, wrapping his arms around his wife and both were soon asleep.

It seems the parents are not so clueless after all. Shocking, yes? And so we return to Miss Jayden and her new life.

She stared around her room, bags sitting in the center of the large master bedroom. "Its so big," she whispered to herself, "its amazing!" In short order she was jumping up and down on the bed in true kid fashion, her bags forgotten in the center of the room. Her giggles echoed down the hallways and brought joy into the hearts of the people working nearby. Her room was wonderful. So big! And the bed was so soft! She flopped down, head landing on the pillows that were piled in a massive shower at the top of the bed and, not changed, not unpacked, not showered, she drifted off to sleep with a smile on her lips and her arms wrapped around a large stuffed teddy bear.

    Time will now pass, as time must. We move forward a few weeks. Let us look in on the household under Claudine's rule and see how things are faring there.

The Head of House bustled around. Claudine was in a panic for some reason and was making all the staff's life totally hell. Shrieks echoed throughout the halls, reverberating around and around. Shaking her head she peeked into the room only to stare slack-jawed in horror at the scene within. Claudine had 'Jayden' by the hair and was screaming into her face like some crazy person. Honestly she'd had enough. Walking away she went to her quarters and turned on the vid-phone, "Mr. Stellanos Please." At the secretary's stammering she simply stated, "put me through. I am the Head Housekeeper of the Stellanos Household. I assure you, he ~will~ take my call."

Shortly his image stood before the screen, "Yes?"

"I am afraid we have a problem Sir. You must come home immediately and, if I may add sir, quietly," she gave no more explanation than that.

Nodding he stated irately, "Fine. I'll be there shortly. I had better not be called away from my Job for something trivial," and then the screen went dark and she sighed heavily. Everyone was tired of the atmosphere in the house now days. It was better to get into trouble and be fired now rather than deal with this. She'd had three maids quit this week after just a few hours of association with the Nanny From Hell. Worse, it was becoming difficult to find new replacements. It was getting out of control, honestly. She was at the end of her wits over this whole blasted situation. She hadn't blamed Mistress Jayden for leaving one bit, what with the way Claudine treated her. Except now without Jayden around to mistreat Claudine seemed to be spinning out of control. Treating the new 'Jayden' increasingly worse. Her thoughts continued even as she set back to work, pausing momentarily to nod at the Master as he entered the Manse.

So now we come to it. I believe we shall backtrack just a tad, to before the vid call. After all, we must put the father into context.

Sighing he sat the paperwork down onto the heavy natural wood desk. He'd only been in his office a few moments when the vid call came in. Grabbing his jacket he walked through the door, instantly greeted by his secretary, "I will be out for a while. Push my appointments back or reschedule. Whichever. Have my car waiting upon my exit of this building." Turning on his heel he proceeded towards his executive elevator, leaning against the side once the doors were firmly closed and the elevator was descending. His fingers tapped against the wall as he waited the 30~ish seconds it took for the elevator to reach the ground floor. Straightening as the doors opened he exited the building and entered the back of his hover limo, "We will be parking two houses down from the Manse today Mick. And I shall need your jacket and cap."

"Yes Mr. Stellanos," he was curious but knew better than to ask. Driving off, he smiled. Mr. Stellanos was tight lipped but he paid well. And he'd given him a job when no one else would. So in his book, Mr. Stellanos was top notch. "We're here Sir," he passed his jacket and cap through the window just behind him and decided to just kick back and relax with his newest vid game while he waited, "Hurry back Sir. I'll be waiting for you."

Cap and jacket on he walked down the sidewalk to the side door. Opening it he got a few shocked looks, noted and returned the nod from his Head Housekeeper and just followed the racket. Eyes widening he thundered, "release that child Claudine!!"

We shall take a moment or two, now, to see how Miss Jayden is doing at this point in time.

A shriek sounded, and the girl was off like a shot after a canine she'd adopted in the weeks since she'd arrived. She'd settled well into her new home and the pet, a fluffy waist tall dog she called Baron Blizzardy Fluffball, was her reward to herself for the successful planning and carry through of everything. The puppy, (yes a waist tall puppy) dashed across the yard with Jayden in hot pursuit, "Get back here Right Now! Baron Blizzardy Fluffball!! Give me back that ball!! Its not your toy!!!! Give it back!!!" The large puppy simply stopped for a moment, shook his tail end at her, wriggled his tongue a bit in a toothy doggy grin and bolted off, changing directions instantly and sending Jayden skidding past his former position.

The staff were watching out the window with indulgent smiles on their faces. He was a very good dog. A wonderful companion to their lady, really. And not a one of them minded taking care of him during the day. Laughter, shakes of heads, and after a bit everyone got back to work in their assigned sections.

Now that we have seen Jayden happy and content for the moment I shall take you back to that room, to the inevitable encounter about to occur.

Claudine flushed momentarily and then paled as the voice registered just who it was standing in the doorway. Blinking her hands went limp at her sides and she stammered out, "M-M-Mister Stellanos!! Wha-what are you doing here at ~this~ time of day?!?!?!? I wa-wasn't expecting," her voice went nearly silent, "you...," her voice faded off in stunned embarrassment, her eyes following his movements as he removed first the hat and then the jacket, standing tall, towering over her. She backed up, away from the child and the Master, eyes wide, mind working furiously towards an excuse as to why she was behaving this way towards the child.

He glared down at her, his eyes hard. His expression unreadable. He grabbed her by the wrist and flung her over onto her bed, "you will not speak. You will do nothing but stay there. I have put up with much from you over these years. Oh yes. I've heard of every small thing you have ever done to anyone and," he stressed the next word, "everyone," before continuing on, "in this house. First I will ask you a simple question. You will answer it immediately and succinctly." He turned a softer gaze to the child and knelt down, pulling her upright and settling her on the window seat near him before turning his full attention to the woman staring silently towards him on the bed, "Where is Jayden, Claudine?"

She flinched and visibly gulped at his using her name. Her mind cast around, "why, she's right there. Sitting on the window seat, sir." Staring at him she gave wide, innocent eyes which quickly faded under his unblinking stare, “has your brain been adled by the many years of arguing in court?”

"Did you really think I wouldn't notice that this beautiful young girl wasn't my Jayden? Sara and myself are busy, its true, however we are ~not~ oblivious to the goings on around us. Busy does not equal stupid, woman. So I will ask again," he smiled over at the now squirming girl reassuringly before returning his hard gaze to Claudine, "Where. Is. My. Daughter?"

Trapped. Caught in her lie. And worse. He'd caught her abusing the little brat. Her face turned ugly and she snarled out, "I don't know where your little brat went. She took off." Her face held such an ugly look that he actually nearly took a step backward. Hate filled her and any beauty her face and body held melted away in that instant, "I'm glad she's gone!! Horrid little beast!! It should have been MY child I was raising, instead of Sara's little brat."

Staring at her, at the hatred bleeding out of her he shook his head and then stated baldly, "There was never a chance of me leaving Sara. I adore my wife. You knew that from the beginning. Our dalliance was just that. A short space of time where you and I benefited mutually from a physical encounter. You got the cash, gems, and prestige that came from being with me. And I had you until I grew bored." He knew he was being cruel and for the first time wasn't enjoying it much. He liked mutually pleasurable cruelty, not plain out cruel cruelty, "it was you that started it. It was you that got hired on here with that in mind. You went against the rules of the house to draw my attention. So the only one to blame for everything, is ~you~, Claudine."

She stared at him in wide eyed shock, her head shaking back and forth as his words hit her somewhere inside. And something shattered. A twitch at the corner of her eye, a smile that spread coldly across her face, a voice full of cold echoing laughter, "You're mine. You always have been. You always will be." She rushed him then, pulling a knife out of her waistband, one she used almost exclusively for opening her mail, "mine. Mine mine MINE!!!! And if I can not have you, if you insist on calling Sara your one true love, then I will sever that love," her voice grew more and more deranged as she rushed forward. Her hand moved fast.

He moved faster. The knife met empty air even as his hand connected with the back of her neck in a not hard, but not so gentle either, smack. Sending her into unconsciousness. He caught her as she fell limply, ever the gentleman and carried her over to her bed where he laid her down gently. Pulling out a portable phone he dialed a number, "Yes. This is Mister Stellanos. Please send a psychiatric unit to my manse immediately," hanging up he returned the phone to his pocket and sighed down at her, "I sort of...feel sorry for her. Perhaps it would have been better for her to have been let go all those years ago. T'was pity for her that made me allow her to be kept. I can not afford to act upon pity any more for her sake."

Walking over he picked up a thick roll of tape and began to wrap it around her arms first, and then her ankles. Ensuring that if she awoke she would be unable to harm anyone. The knife he kicked across the room as he made his way over to the child on the window seat. Smiling down at her kindly he put his hand on her shoulder, "So, tell me. What is your real name young lady?"

Gulping she replied hesitantly, "Lacy Marina Clemens, sir," her head ducking down into her shoulder a bit shyly. He was big. He was powerful, "are you...going to send me back to the orphanage? I'm very sorry sir. I know it was wrong to pretend to be your daughter. But that woman...she's scary. Way scarier than you sir."

Chuckling he shook his head, "well Miss Lacy, I won't be sending you back to the orphanage. However, I think your name is quite nice on its own and so I think we shall not have you call yourself Jayden any longer. I am unsure what to do with you as of yet but sending you back to the orphanage is surely ~not~ an option." He ruffled her hair and stood up, staring around for a moment before stalking out and ordering, "have Jayden's rooms opened up. And for gods sake, paint the damned thing and give it some color!"
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Part 2

Claudine paced back and forth in the small room of the facility she was now permanently housed in. Her roommate, a pale-skinned, ratty-haired, girl of maybe twenty sat on her bed. A line of drool slithered out of her corner and her eyes were constantly at what Claudine considered a 'permanent' half-mast position. Neither fully open nor fully closed. Moving closer to the bed resulted in the girl rolling her eyes upward to stare with a vacant look and a vapid smile and for some reason every time the girl smiled up at her all Claudine wanted to do was slit the stupid twit's throat.

Unfortunately there was one small and highly bothersome reason why she couldn't. The 'restraining jacket'. As she shifted, she couldn't help but struggle just a tad before beginning the five step pace back towards her bed, a remarkably soft cot, to the door, an opaque energy barrier that allowed for monitoring and entrance but didn't allow the ones in the rooms out, and then to the large, barred, window. From the window she began the circuit again, and again.

Outside the barrier a psychologist stood, monitoring, virtual pc on the stand near the 'door' and his hands moved as he watched, taking meticulous notes. He turned to a nurse, "No medication. But do not remove the jacket yet. We will be sending her to a private room instead of keeping her in a cooperative space. Number...nineteen," he paused for a moment to double check his findings, "is open." Nodding he reconfirmed by punching in her data and ensured the room didn't go to another Doctor's patient, "Get her into the room then remove the jacket. After you transfer her to the room and seal the barrier, pump in Number Six scented air. It will sooth her and keep her calm. I'll begin therapy next," again he checked something on screen, "Tuesday at...two pm." He tapped a button lightly and the screen retracted and he lifted his virtual pc's base and began to walk away with a nod to the nurse.

Nodding, the white dress-clad woman entered through the barrier, "Come on sweetie, we're going to move you to a room of your own," glancing towards the other girl, "Sorry Jeni. You'll get a roommate soon." She escorted Claudine through the barrier and down the hall to another room, "Now, take a seat here and we'll get you situated."

Claudine simply shook her head but allowed herself to be lead out of the room with the annoying girl. Sighing she stepped through the barrier and allowed herself to be eased down, "Why do I merit my own room?"

Shrugging the Nurse smiled, "The Doctor overseeing your care ordered it. So I suppose you're extra fortunate, now aren't you?" Straightening she moved towards the exit, "just sit there and soon the jacket will be removed and you'll have food brought into you. I have to go and attend the other patients right now." Exiting she walked a little bit away and punched the number six on a small numeric pad before wandering away.

Claudine sniffed and then coughed a bit, "What is that sickly sweet smell," she muttered to herself even as she felt her body relax, "it's so soothing…." Ten minutes later a smiling, overly cheerful, girl in a blue and white striped dress that came down to just above knee length bustled in. "How about we get that jacket off of you and change those horrible clothes? We'll get ya all comfy and then bring some food in for you to eat."

The clothing came off quickly as did the jacket and Claudine remained almost limp as she was stripped down and redressed. The idea of food barely even entered her mind as a coherent thought at this point. Standing the girl smiled, "there we go! All dressed and ready for dinner!" Taking the jacket and Claudine's clothing she exited the barrier and moved on down the hall. Claudine drifted off to a drug induced peaceful slumber.

Lets go and check in on our Jayden, yes?

Sitting at the desk she stared down at her paper studiously. There were other students there doing basically the same thing that she was doing; answering questions. She wasn't particularly nervous. So far she knew pretty much all the answers to the exam. This was the third exam she'd taken this week. School would start in another three weeks or so and this exam was basically just a back up one, in case she didn't get into the school she really wanted to be accepted into.

Rustling sounds were repeated around the room as the prospective students sifted through the rather thick packet of exam papers. Smirking slightly she shifted the last page closed and stood. The teacher at the desk looked up, nodded, then gestured Jayden forward. The girl walked forward sedately and handed the teacher the packet and then exited quietly. In the hall a second teacher stated, "acceptance or denial paperwork will be sent to your home in a few weeks. Good luck young lady!" Grinning she waved and walked away down the hall towards the exit. Other students were milling around and as she emerged they rushed up with questions like, "was the test hard??" and, "can you give me some answers??" To the first type of question she answered, "na it was pretty easy really," and to the second set she answered disdainfully, "I don't give anyone answers to tests. Ever," her voice cold as ice." Cheating, to her way of thinking, was pretty rotten really. If a student couldn't pass the test on their own, they shouldn't bother trying to take it at all.

A smile widened across her face as the hover limo drove up, leaving most of the boys to stare stunned, their hearts in their eyes as they took in the pink plaid skirt and button down shirt that fit her so well. Jayden was taller now, her hair longer. Where she had been gawky before in the new environment she'd simply blossomed and the boys had noticed even if she had not. She turned and waved before climbing into the back, which only served to affect the boys more, save for one. He rolled his eyes and continued the semi-slouch he'd been in before she'd come out. "They're all idiots," he muttered to himself under his breath. A teacher came out, "Section Two Student Testees, Please follow me," and led the way into the building as the Limo pulled away. Jayden glanced out, her eyes on the boy that was following the rest of the pack at a slouching pace. Not behind but not among the pack either. He glanced back just as her window passed by and their eyes met momentarily. She blushed slightly and he...well, he simply gave a mild nod and continued on inside.

Giggling, "Another entrance exam aced," stretching her arms out to her sides and her legs outward as well, "I want to go out to eat to Betoni's Parlor." The driver shook his head, "lunch is waiting for you at home, Miss. And you must be tired after the long test." Her head tilted to the side as she considered for a moment before nodding her acquiescence, "True. I could use a bit of a nap. Okay, home then." Shifting she reclined into the long soft seat, her eyes closing and a yawn escaping. This school was the furthest from home and would require her to be driven every day, something she really didn't want. The school she wanted to go to was the best in the tri-town area and was just down the block from her home, which was unusual since she lived a bit out of town. "No more exams this week. Now I just have to wait. I wonder if," the boy she'd locked eyes with came to mind a bit, "he'll be in school with me?"

It is now time to...introduce this new person and get to know him.

The test was a breeze. He'd been done with it within a half an hour. Truthfully he'd been studying all summer and had covered all possible questions that would have been on the test and then some. Granted no one would believe it of him, considering his rep, but he studied hard. In fact even if he came home late he studied.

It hadn't taken him long to see the cutie who was concentrating hard upon the test. A girl like her probably would be a good match for him. Cute, smart, but the chances of them both getting into the same school were most likely slim to none. As he thought his hands ruffled through his greenish brown hair. It was obvious the cutie wasn't native to his world. Her skin was too pale and didn't hold the green tinge that the native populace did.

Standing he passed in the test and nodded to the teacher and then sauntered out of the room Almost the instant he got into the hallway he tugged the shirt out of where it had been tucked into his pants and proceeded to ruffle his hair back into the style he preferred. He then settled against a wall outside and waited for the others to exit hoping to catch site of the cutie again.

But, in his thoughts, another girl kept popping up. She'd been drop dead beautiful. He'd seen her before his group had gone in for the tests. The hair wasn't very long but she had long legs and was just wow. He wondered whether she'd be going here. Considering the limo he doubted it. Since this was his backup school choice, well, who knows. He might get even luckier.

He'd been highly amused at her response to the girls in his group asking for answers to the test. Seriously. Didn't they read the school's student guide to the entry exams? No two tests were the same. It was a stated precaution to prevent cheating. Even the tests in a specific group weren't the same.

As he waited he considered the situation. He'd been in the very early group to Rockston Academy so if she'd taken the test and been in the later groups then he wouldn't have came across her. That academy...it was the one he seriously wanted to go to. He'd worked very hard in the hopes that he'd win a scholarship in. His guidance councilor had assured him that with his grades he was a front runner for that particular scholarship. And it was a boarding school for scholarship students. Which would make things much simpler for his family.

So deep in thought was he that he didn't notice the little cutie walk out right away. But then she poked him, "Yo. Got a ciggy?" and he frowned at her, "No. Sorry." and a good look over told him all he needed to about the 'cutie'. From behind she'd been wonderful but up close she was only so-so and the fact that she smoked zimmy meant that she was off limits. He had a hard and strict rule about Zimmy in its many forms ever since his elder brother had died from over-using it.

Pushing away from the wall he gave her a cool smile and stated, "sorry but you'll have to go find a Zim-head to get your fix from. Oh, and by the way, the Zimmy's really sinking your looks down into the toilet and if you're not careful you won't be getting into this school. You won't be getting into any school. Because you'll be laying in a gutter somewhere." Giving her a mocking salute he walked away shaking his head at her complete stupidity and didn't bother to even give the words, "You're a jackass," even a moment's consideration as he headed off down the street in the not-so-general direction of home while considering again the girl from earlier.

We've introduced a new character. Time will now progress about two weeks. Letters await two of our characters.

"Miss Jayden you have several letters today to attend to it seems," Darius stated even as he handed them over to a sleepy eyed Jayden, "I am sorry to wake you. However, I thought for sure you would like to read these yourself."

Grinning he watched as she came awake with a start as she took note of the sender's addresses. Five letters in all. She tore into them in a specific order. She frowned at one and stated in outrage, "apparently for THIS school I am," glared, "not their type of people." She flung it away and huffed before tearing into the next one only to give a glaring strangled shriek of rage, "THIS one says I'm far too intelligent for their school. Like what?" she tossed the letter and envelope in a fit of rage, "Seriously. Too smart. So they like, only want the brainless students or something?!?!?"

The third letter she stared at for a moment before opening it a little less enthusiastically, "...." wordless she simply stared dumbfounded at it, "they don't accept 'off-worlders' into their school. And yet they allow off-worlders to waste their time taking the damned test?"

Darius cleared his throat, "Miss Jayden. I am well aware that you are angry but please mind your manners if you would," his voice was droll, and somewhat amused since this particular school he had tried to warn her would be a waste of time. Instead of pointing that out he simply watched as she began to ease open the fourth letter.

Dear Miss Jayden Stellanos,

We heartily announce that you have passed our school's entrance exam and we are more than willing to admit you at the beginning of the year. Please call our office after reading this letter to let us know if you will be attending. Thank you.

Superintendent Roy Jeffries

Nodding, "better," she smiled, "much better. Its my second choice school but it's definitely better than the other three. Only one more to go. I hope I got into this school." Grinning she opened the envelope, "awe man. Now I'm really nervous. What if they say I failed? What if I passed and they decide not to admit me anyways?"

Shrugging he stated simply, "you shan't know until you actually ~read~ the letter now will you?" Truth be told he too was nervous. He knew this was the school she really wanted to go to but she'd ended up taking the entrance exam later than most. Granted she'd been given a special allowance since she'd only just moved here but still. The Principal had informed him that there was no guarantee that she would get in just because she did well. So he watched as she opened the envelope and took the letter out. It seemed to take forever for the letter to unfold but when it finally did he was confused as to how she responded. Because she was staring at the letter slack jawed.

She unfolded the letter and read:

To Miss Jayden Stellanos,

Good day from Rockston Academy. Your test scores are exemplary, however the test was the later one that we give for students who will be joining us in two years. Normally this would mean that you would be required to wait the prerequisite year before attending.
However recently we decided to review your past academic history and found it to be exemplary as well. We must always take the academic needs into consideration with regards to schooling and making you, an excellent student, wait a year will do you more harm than good. Therefore it is with great aplomb to announce to you via letter that you are hereby accepted to join us upon the first day of school.

Keep in mind that there are a few things you must acquire before the beginning of the school year. You will be turned away if you come to school without them, Miss Stellanos. The attached form states clearly what you will be required to bring. Also. You will be required to reside in a dorm room for the duration of your School Career, minus the prerequisite breaks throughout the year, so please keep that in mind as well to plan accordingly.

We will be overjoyed to see you at Student Orientation Day in three weeks. Rockston Academy welcomes you, heartily.

Superintendent Lorana Weems
Principal Deca Sweeny

"I got in. But it seems like they weren't sure if they should let me attend this term," she passed the letter to him and stood up on the bed, "I got IN!!! WoooHooo!!!" and proceeded to dance across the surface until her foot got tangled in the blanket and sent her tumbling towards the floor.

Darius did a very quick catch to stop what could have been a very bad tumble and settled her upright, "Miss. If I might recommend, dancing on an unmade bed is very dangerous so please, don't do anymore dancing until the bed is made?"

His droll tone had her blinking a bit in confusion, "You're acting rather formal this morning Darius. What's up?"

"I've researched this Academy, Miss. Aside from Miss having to stay in a dorm, you will also be required to provide yourself a personal Butler, or two, or a Maid. While we in the house are good enough for personal staff, none of us here have the training required to fulfill the Academy's high expectations. Therefore I heartily recommend sending for someone from the Exclusive Maid and Butler's Academy on Trayna (pronounced: Trae-Yrna). Someone will have to go for you, to choose one that will suit you perfectly," frowning a bit, "while I can be formal it is not ingrained into me as it would be. Technically you have two weeks until the school term starts. However you must get fitted for the uniform. Also the school's books will have to be purchased as wel...,"

She cut him off, "I'm going. I trust you to make good decisions on my behalf, normally, but this time its important I choose for myself," she smiled softly at him, "don't be so formal. I like how you all are. Tell Bettina to pack a travel bag for me. We're going to go get me a proper Butler!"

[Meanwhile let us see what is happening across town...]

He stared at all five letters from the biggest, and best, schools in the area. All five letters were acceptance letters. Even his first choice. All of his studying paid off. "Woop!!! Yo Ma!! I got into all five schools! I even got the scholarship to the Academy!!!"

His mother bustled into the room, two wailing toddlers settled on each hip, "that's great, son. But who ya gonna git to be yer attendant? Your sisters wouldn't do it even if ya paid them to."

He considered a moment, "Scholarship students get attendants, or Butlers, assigned to them from the Academy's standby staff. So it's all covered. But Ma, I'll have to live in the Dorms since we live too far away from that place for me to walk every day." He grabbed one of the toddlers and cuddled him, "You going to be okay with everyone here without me around to cover?"

She swatted towards him, "A'course I am. I was takin care of babies long before you was born an I'll be takin care of em long after you've moved out and given me babies of my own. You just git yerself fitted for the uniforms and get the books an don'tcha worry none about us. You goin to this school means a better life fer us all in the long run."

He watched her walk out and gulped and then stared at his little brother who had stopped wailing and was currently attempting to eat his collar. "You're hungry huh? Well lets just go get you something to eat then, right?" Smiling he walked out of the room that had four bunk beds in it, one being his own, and into a rather cramped kitchen full of obviously happy (if numerous) people, "I got in," was all he said and everyone of the older ones started hopping around and a great fuss was made.

Hours later he eased into bed, careful not to wake the younger boys, and settled back against the pillows with a wide, pleased, smile. He'd done it. Now his mother would have one less tuition to pay, which would mean a bit of easing up on the finances, and there would be more money to go around. His dad was a hard worker but money only stretched so far and sometimes they were strapped. It was one of the reasons he himself worked odd jobs. If he wanted something he put in hard work to get it. He didn't ask his parents for hand outs like some of his older siblings. Slowly he drifted off to sleep. He didn't notice when his parents came in and his mother covered him up before slipping into her husband's arms for reassurance.

Across town at the Star Port Jayden and Darius were sitting in a double cabin waiting for the train to leave port. She was smiling whilst he was more serious, "this world we're going to is a rather rough one. More than likely all of the butlers there at the Academy will have come from there...or other similar places. We will endeavor to pick the best out of the graduating class."

She nodded but as the train began to move and the soft 'pop' was felt as the train exited the atmosphere she couldn't help but grin. It was a three day trip there, probably two days to pick out a proper Butler, and three days back. It would be close. But it would also be an adventure. And she LOVED adventures. Opening her bag she tugged out a book and was, after about twenty minutes, fast asleep with the book sagging in her hand.

Darius simply took the book and laid it aside, being careful to mark the page she'd been on, covered her up and then proceeded to settle into his bunk for a nice rest. He always slept well whilst traveling and was very shortly fast asleep.

She woke as vendors traveled the aisles selling their goods. She'd slept through a couple of the later night stops, but to her mind it was a good thing, and was glad to see that she hadn't slept through the early morning one as well. A knock at the door had Darius rising and opening the cabin door, "ahh look Miss. A vendor has arrived," and stepped aside to allow her to see what the cart had to offer.

Trinkets and hand made jewelry hung from a rack at the top of the cart while on the main shelves of the cart itself were jewelry boxes and porcelain dolls of varying size, shape, and type. One caught her eye. Standing she walked over and lifted it up, "This is very cute. I'll take it. In a secure box to ensure there's no breakage of course," and she smiled down at the small white rabbit with a pink nose. The vendor smiled and stated in his course manner, "O'course Mistress. Ya has a good eye fer t'ings. T'll be tirdy creds an no less I'll be takin." He held out the machine and she swiped the card, which was one of the older ones with barely thirty five creds on it left, and smiled, "Wonderful. Very good craftsmanship. And its very cute too," she watched him box the small figurine up and Darius took it once it was and they both watched the cart as its owner moved it off down the slim aisles, "He'll make a lot of money today. His goods are very well done indeed."

Darius smiled and glanced down at her, "Yes. His work will become famous very soon I believe. Its high quality, beautiful craftsmanship, and you can tell he put the time and energy into each one to make it special. That rabbit looked as if it could have come alive." Her laugh tinkled out, bell-like, "yes. Its why I had to have it."

More carts came through and he groaned as he saw the book cart. He knew if she saw it she'd have to buy. Though, he considered for a moment, she did buy that hov-a-bag so if she filled it, well, it wouldn't be quite so bad. He made a mental note to schedule the return trip on the express train where there weren't any unnecessary stop-overs. It would be a bit more expensive, and a bit more boring, but really it'd be a wiser decision.

She saw the book cart and beckoned the owner to bring it in. She didn't even browse, just whipped out her card, "How much for all of them?" The owner of the cart just blinked for all of about thirty seconds, "two hundred and fifty creds for all of them Miss." Darius groaned and hung his head as the purchase was completed and the off-loading was finished. The cart then trundled out much lighter than when it came in. And she started carefully loading all of the books into the bags she'd bought. Grinning as his face blanked in shock, she'd managed to sneak something mischievous by him, "well? Start packing the books into the bags Darius. There's plenty of room in those three bags for all of these books if they're packed carefully enough. And I got the heavy duty models just for this reason. All. Three. Of. Them. Hehehe."

Darius sighed and set to packing up the books alongside Jayden and scowled. He didn't say anything. Once done they both sat back down as the food cart trundled in with the day's breakfast meal, "'ere ya go Dearies. Pancakes, waffles, biscuits, eggs, sausages, orangies," orangies was an orange smoothie type drink that had Jayden's full attention, "an banana's fer tha botha ya. Enjoy dearies. We'll be headin out soon so eat up!" and just as fast as she arrived she was gone. The door closed quietly behind her even as the duo set to eating.

"Miss Jayden," he cleared his throat, "You do understand we're not on a vacation, don't you?" He wasn't sure if she really understood that this wasn't a pleasure cruise where they'd be able to do massive amounts of shopping. He knew full well that she was unaware of the fact that her accounts were bolstered by funds from both of her parents and that she could easily afford to go on elaborate shopping sprees. However they weren't on this trip for that reason. He didn't want her to lose sight of why they were on that train.

She glanced up from her food, eyebrow raised, "Of course I know why we are on this trip. I need a proper personal Butler or Maid, or in this case, both. It is a requirement of the school in which I am enrolled and will begin tending classes at shortly. However, along the way I am quite capable of enjoying my time. I am very well aware of what I am here for, have no worries about that. Don't forget though, I'm still a kid. So I want to behave like a kid sometimes even if the trip I'm on is quite important." Jayden resumed eating in silence, allowing him to digest what she'd said.

And he did. Really he was stunned. Yet again his 'little' Miss Jayden had surprised him. But he was pleased as well. It showed to him that even though she was mature there was an allowance by herself for immaturity and childishness. He finished eating just as a busboy came in to clear the plates and took immediate notice that yet again her nose was buried in a book. Leaning back against the seat as the plate and make-shift portable table was rolled out he relaxed and let his eyes close.

Jayden couldn't concentrate. She was twitchy. Wanted to walk around, DO something, GO somewhere. Trains were limiting in that fashion. The travel time was limited. In fact, the time she would have to choose a proper Butler and Maid was limited. Being an 'adult' wasn't simple, but being free was amazing. With personal maids and butlers things would be a fair bit different. Idly she wondered if she really had to stay in the dorms, since her house was so close by. Wondered if it'd cost her extra to stay at home and simply commute but...part of growing up was doing unpleasant things and it wasn't like her house and staff wouldn't be there when she had a vacation. So she discarded that idea after a good long consideration.

Nervous. Yes that was what she was. Nervous. The prestigious school she planned on going to required a high GPA and a maintained ~high~ GPA. They didn't take in slackers. Fortunately she enjoyed getting good grades. She liked the challenge of it and the satisfaction at the end of the term when her name was on top. Perhaps that was like her parents, in a way. Both of them were at the very pinnacle of their careers. Both aimed for success and the best. And both achieved it. Except where it really mattered. They'd been naive....but she was happy now. And wherever that woman ended up, well, hopefully that horrible creature got the help she so deserved.

Time passed. Meals were eaten. Books were read, discussions were few and far between. And the train pulled into their destination. They disembarked quietly, bags following behind them on the hover pull system Jayden had set up to make it easier on them both, and were greeted by an older gentleman...well older to Jayden at the least. Though the man could have been about the same age as Darius she surmised. But when you're young, well, everyone who isn't on or near your own age is 'old' and anyone past the age of twenty two is indeed 'old'.

"Greetings Miss Stellanos, Master Darius. Welcome to Trayna," he bowed deeply, "It is wonderful that you have decided to come on your own behalf!" Standing his eyes settled upon the bags following the duo in a rather amusing line, "Shall we ship some of those back to your home Miss? It would make your stay here much more simplistic," at her negative nod he sighed slightly and smiled, "Well then. Shall we get going? Sir will you be accompanying us?"

Darius considered for a moment, "No. I will check us into the Hotel and get the baggage situated. Miss will want to do the choosing herself." He turned, acting in a much more formal manner that brought a slight frown to her eyes, "Miss I shall see you back at the Hotel. Do not be so hasty as to choose the first Butler or Maid that you see. Take time, interview them, and choose with care." He turned, took the baggage, and walked away towards the second vehicle he'd arranged for whilst she turned and followed the overly uptight man (to Darius's way of thinking) in the overly fancy dress suit.

Jayden nodded and turned to stare at the man even as Darius moved off with the luggage towards the rows of transport vehicles. The man cleared his throat before speaking, "I realize that we are pressed for time. My name is Carmichael Rozenfleur, Miss Stellanos, if you would please accompany me we shall endeavor to get underway as swiftly as possible."

When he began to lead her towards an obvious flying vehicle she followed and then, at his bow and held out hand, climbed inside, using the hand he offered to aid her. He climbed in after her and the vehicle, sort of a mix between a helicopter and a jet, took off. It was a quiet, if short, ride to the Maid and Butler's Academy. She stared out the window the entire ride and Mister Rozenfleur remained silent though he did have a small tablet type piece of technology out and was working furiously on it. About five minutes out from their destination he finally spoke up, "So. Miss. What details are you looking for in your future Butler and Maid?"

Jayden started at the sudden addition of him speaking into the silence of the passenger space but spoke up immediately, "firstly he and or she must be acquainted with technology. I do not need someone who can not handle themselves in regards to accessing, and managing both their own and my own, web pages and global net things. Whilst I do not know if the Academy allows such things I prefer to err on the side of caution and make it mandatory," shifting, her head turned towards him and she stared him dead straight in the eyes, "secondly I prefer androgyny in them both. I'd much rather have what I enjoy looking at near me," her voice turned droll, "I'm certain it would cause my parents to keel over in shock to find that my tastes are outside of the norm," and then her normal tone returned, "I like the idea of having a maid and butler that could swap positions at any given time and for any reason and no one would be capable of complaining. It could come in quite handy in fact."

She turned to glance out the window for a moment as she considered, "also of course they both must be combat capable. Since they will be with me at all times, and given who my parents are, safety is an issue. Loyalty as well. If they are siblings it is even better, however that is not a necessity. An after thought, perhaps, but to be siblings is not one hundred percent must-have. Oh," she smiled, "and please. They can not be bulky," she shuddered, "I can not stand bulging," she gagged at the image that mere word invoked, "muscles. Both must be lean, strong, intelligent, clever, androgynous, combat ready, net savvy, individuals."

He nodded and his fingers worked quite quickly, "we have many who can fit that criteria. Could you narrow it down even more please?"

She scowled as she considered, "It would be quite interesting if the maid were of a human-splice hybrid race. From what I understand those are quite rare. Keep in mind though that I prefer canine types to feline types. I've encountered both at my last school and found that the canines were much...more appealing people."

Giving a rare grin he sighed and leaned back, hands stilled, "you are in luck actually. While yes, those sorts are rare for the more advanced Maid and Butler jobs such as this, we do have some in training. In fact we have several alternative races in training currently, though not all are combat trained. Not just the human-splice hybrids but other entire races and given how...upstanding your parentage is I have already removed mere humans from the list. Humans are far weaker than the other species and since you are requesting officially those that are very combat capable I believe an alternate species would be best. Even human-splice hybrids are tougher than mere humans."

Nodding she smiled, "I see. Choose only the top-class ones of the human race alternatives. I doubt that I shall be the only one there with a non-human maid and butler but I'm certain it will be to my...advantage to have them since they are so rare."

The vehicle began to descend and she stared out the window, "beautiful," she murmured as her eyes were drawn to the building. It was a large structure, artfully built, with nature being given the main focus. The building had trees growing in, around, and out of the structure and as the helo-jet got closer to the ground she could clearly see people actually using the trees as training grounds. "Combat training isn't always required but do you try and urge the students to do so?"

"No Miss. Some do. Some chose not to train in combat. That is entirely up to the student," he leaned back and stared at his charge. He liked her. He had decided before meeting her that most likely she was a brainless child or worse over-indulged. But instead she had turned out to be quite intelligent and she knew her own mind which was quite refreshing in its own way.

The helo-jet touched down and he stepped out first, putting his hand out to aid her from the vehicle. He watched as she considered whether to take his hand, inwardly grinning over this oddly serious consideration, "Please follow me, Miss, and we'll find you what you seek."

She hopped down from the vehicle and stared around. The place was breathtakingly beautiful. At his insistence she turned her attention back to Mister Rozenfleur and followed him into the building and in short order she was staring at three rows of a mixture of maids and butlers. However that was about all she could tell since all of them wore the exact same cloaks that covered faces and hid body structure from view. Nothing was visible to identify them aside from the color of the cloaks. The maids wore white cloaks and the butlers wore black ones.

"Please choose ten to interview, Miss," he stated and backed away so that she would be relying only on her own opinions and taking no visual cue's from him. It was important she do this and the next step entirely on her own without being influenced at all by anything. Its why the room he led her into was lacking in any form of distractions what-so-ever.

Jayden stepped forward and began to walk amongst the rows of people. Some she dismissed outright without really understanding why. As she walked past, her hand tapped each choice. Ten maids, ten butlers. She was going on her gut instincts instead of going by appearances, but each and every one she chose was on the tall, lean side (even covered as they were), and after about half an hour of very careful deliberation, (though time hadn't really seemed to pass for her as she was making her selections), she returned to the front of the room to stand before Mister Rozenfleur, "I've made my choices."

Nodding he stated to the people in the room, "Those who were chosen proceed to the next room Those who have not been selected please return to your classes and continue on with your day." Turning he offered her his arm, "this way Miss," and led her from that room into a much more comfortable one, "please have a seat," he gestured towards a seating area, "I will send them in one by one so that you may interview them...or not. What happens next is mostly up to you."

Nodding she sat down on a comfortable arm chair and waited. The first maid came in and sat across from her and didn't say a word. Jayden spoke up, "Hi! So...what sorts of courses are you taking here?"

The maid sighed and said in a bored, genderless, voice, "combat, cooking, cleaning, tending, whate...," she hadn't even finished before Jayden interrupted her and simply said, "Thank you. But I don't believe you will suit." The maid got up and left and the next one entered. A butler this time. And so it went. The fifth person, one in a black cloak signifying him as being a butler entered. He bowed slightly but remained standing. His behavior impressed her. He was the first who hadn't simply walked in and sat down across from her as if she were an equal. Even though she could see nothing distinguishing about him? Her? so she asked a simple question, "do you like your job?"

The Butler's voice rang out with sincerity even as those blue eyes met hers, "Yes Mistress. I enjoy it immensely." The tone and timbre of this voice was appealing and she felt like she could handle it for a very long period of time.

Jayden smiled and leaned back in her chair, giving the teakettle a glance. Immediately it was noticed and a cup was poured for her, “how do you like it, Miss?” Her answer was simple, “cream and two sugars, please.” With a nod her tea was prepared and even stirred a bit to cool it before placing the saucer in her hands, steadying it until it was certain she had it firmly within her grasp.

Smiling she asked, “Are you combat trained?” The answer was again prompt, “yes Miss. In hand to hand variant martial arts as well as with weapons.” Her eyes gleamed and after a few sips she sat her cup down, “Good,” and then she launched herself at him/her. She wasn't trained to protect herself at all but wanted to see how this would be dealt with. She was secured in a matter of seconds, but carefully so as to cause her no injury, “clever, Miss. But you should be much more careful than this.”

With a laugh she glanced back, meeting those blue eyes, “Yes, but, then I wouldn't know how efficient you were, now would I?” She tugged on her hands where she was secured and was instantly released. “Strong, efficient, smart enough to ask when you don't know something. I like that. A pleasant voice and gentle hands. Appealing. How long have you been studying here?”

Again the Butler stood by her chair, without even a trace of a fidget, and answered, “Since I was five, Miss. My parents are Alumni from here. There was no question of me attending any other school.”

She liked this one but knew she had to give the rest of them a chance and so she passed the cup and saucer to him/her, “please take these out with you, if you would, and hold onto it. You are among one of the preferred ones I will choose so do not wander off. I must, of course, give a fair interview to the others as well, you understand.”

With a bow he/she took the cup and saucer, “I shall be awaiting word then, Miss,” and exited quietly. He took up his place just outside the opposite door he had entered. A third door was the one that the rejected applicants left by. He liked her. She was clever, young enough to test his abilities, and intelligent enough to see the potential in him. If she chose him it wouldn't be a tasteless job in the least.

Inside, another maid entered and she hated this one on sight but couldn't understand why at all. She was too young for body language to really appeal to her and she simply sent this maid out the rejection door without asking any questions. Now was the time to be selective and so she was being brutally so. Another Butler entered, black cloak floating around him and she tilted her head and leaned back, studying, carefully, this person. She kind of wished she could see the face because only the eyes were visible and it bothered her somewhat that the only thing she could clearly see where his amber eyes.
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Without saying a word she launched herself at the cloaked individual, instantly attacking, instead of holding conversation first. Her strikes were avoided deftly, because in all honesty all she was doing was using what street fighting she'd seen to attack, but she didn't end up immediately secured. Instead, the gloved fist hit her gut, sending her to the floor to double up whilst gasping in pain. Coughing, trying to catch her breath, eyes watering, she glared. Not even for a moment did this person attempt to help her up.

“You're a brute,” she finally stated when she had the breath and an easing of pain to do so, “why should I hire you?” Easing to her feet she was still hunched over just a bit as she immediately felt that sitting would be a better choice than standing, “well? I'm waiting.”

Inhaling, the response given was, “my apologies. I thought that perhaps you were a younger student of this school that needed to be put in your place,” and moved forward to aid her in getting into the chair properly, “I did not expect that my potential employer would fling herself at me like a common street rat. As for why you should hire me, why shouldn't you? I'm am exceptionally trained in all aspects of what this school teaches.”

“You're arrogant,” she shoved the white-gloved hand away from her, “and a brute. Common sense seems to be lacking as well since you saw me when I tapped your shoulder out in the other room. So why don't you,” she glanced at her nails, “try that explanation again. Use the truth this time. I despise liars.”

Amber eyes assessed her, “very well,” he bowed and prepared her a cup of tea, “I reacted instinctively. My race is a warrior one and we do not give quarter to those that might attack us, even an employer.” The Butler handed her the cup and she frowned and took a drink. Her eyes hadn't been watching as it was prepared and so when it came up as being exactly how she liked it the surprise showed clearly on her visage.

“How did you know that I like my tea like this,” the question was blurted out after the sip she'd taken was swallowed, “I didn't tell you, nor did I think it.” She was fully aware that some races were telepathic in nature, having studied the varying races for school in science.

Again the answer was immediate and succinct, “I heard the last Butler ask and your answer. My hearing is very keen. My race are predatory warriors. Hearing, visual acuity, strength, all are enhanced.”

Nodding she sat the cup aside, “Do you like being here? Do you really want to be a Butler instead of a full-fledged warrior? How long have you been training here?”

The answers came immediately, “Yes. Of course. I do nothing unless it is something I wish to do so. My family are all warriors and I wished for another line of lifestyle. I have been here studying for ten years, since I reached my majority and was allowed to travel off world.”

She listened carefully, to both what was said and what was unsaid and at the end she nodded, “take this,” and handed him the cup and saucer, “and stand outside that door. But keep this in mind. If you want to work for me you will learn to curb your instincts. Eventually I'll need to learn to defend myself, which means those who work for me in the capacity you will be filling will be the ones to deal with the practice of such. I will not allow someone who works for me to place bruises on me, but neither will I allow someone who works for me to go easy on me.”

With a bow the caped individual exited and immediately a white cloaked maid entered. Again she disliked this one on sight for whatever reason. She held up a hand and sent this person back out, “Send in Mister Rozenfleur please.”

The maid left silently with a short bow and shortly thereafter Mister Rozenfleur entered, “Yes, Miss?”

Leaning back she sighed, “So far I haven't liked any of the maids. I'm not sure why since they were fine at the initial choice.” Absently she rubbed her stomach. It still ached quite a bit, “I'm not certain what's going on but at this point I'm almost ready to give up on the maids since I've been through six of them. Heck the first one actually sat down as if I were an equal, which was very much astounding. It speaks a lot of bad training, sir, and makes me question just exactly how well these people are trained.”

Mister Rozenfleur scowled and made a note, “that maid...I'll make sure that is noted down. Further training might be required.” He was watching her carefully, “You realize that the Butlers and Maids are mixed genders for a reason, right? You wished for them to be interchangeable if necessary. So whether they are men or women can't be where this dislike comes from.”

Shrugging she heaved a sigh, “I know. And I can't tell race either. But each of them...there's been always SOMETHING that is off. So I think I'd like all four of the rest to come in and I'll deal with them all at once. It's tedious to have them come in, dislike them, and send them immediately out.”

He bowed and opened the door, “Maids please enter,” and stepped back as the other four white cloaked individuals entered. He watched them move and made note of the ones that immediately tried to catch the Misses attention through body language. The look of instant dislike on the young Misses face was obvious and instantaneous the moment they attempted to garner her attention in that manner.

Three she sent away immediately, “You, you, and you,” pointing at each in turn, “you all may go.” Her eyes turned on to the fourth and final maid. Noted that the door was closed, and threw a pen at this one. She was still hurting and really didn't feel up to flinging herself at the cloaked person.

The pen was caught mid-flight and carefully handed back to her. The eyes were Brown and she liked them well enough even though they were fierce. Again a cup of tea was made and handed over. This time it was bitter and cooler than she liked on top of it and so she grimaced. Those eyes were highly observant and soon a new pot of tea was on to brew and a simple question came across the room, “How do you like it, Miss?”

She told this maid her preference and was actually believing this time it was going well. Kettle and cup were brought over on a platter and while the maid was carrying it she shoved an ottoman out into the maid's path. She expected the maid to avoid it, since as a combat maid the training should have accounted for this, but instead the maid fell and the kettle and tea cup, all an unbreakable material, ended up on the floor. The hot tea though, that the maid had poured into the glass, flew through the air to landed on her arm, scalding her. “Thank you, please go out that door.” The door was the one all the rejects had been sent out. She heaved a disappointed sigh, “Mister Rozenfleur, this is...disappointing. Send in the next Butler.”

He exited and the Butler entered, gave a minute bow, and noticed the mess both on her and upon the floor and began to immediately clean up, starting with her arm. “You are burnt. I shall tend to it immediately,” the voice was soft, gentle, but not too bad. Yet again she couldn't tell whether the Butler was male or female but that wasn't such a bad thing.

She shifted, and then winced, her hand going to her abdomen absently, “you're fairly soft spoken.” Her head tilted, “do you like this sort of work?” The response was immediate, “I am. I do.” Her eyebrow rose at the very short answers even as she shifted. Her arm was tended instantly but when she made to stand she was firmly pressed back down into the chair and her shirt was lifted, revealing a very nasty purple bruise, “I shall tend this as well, Miss,” and action was set to word as immediately a piece of equipment was pulled out of a cupboard.

It was a very modern piece of medical equipment that was used to treat burns and bruises. Open wounds used other equipment but the machine was keyed on before she could think about it and a small ray of light emitted was splayed across her arm first. The burn vanished along with the discomfort within a few short moments. Then the machine was fiddled with a bit and the setting changed. The color of the ray also was altered to a soft green and then run across her abdomen over the bruise.

As she was being healed her phone-crys went off. She went to answer it but found the Butler already had it in hand, “Miss Stellanos's phone. She is currently occupied, may I ask whom is calling?” Jayden blinked, surprised, but her attention was more on the spanner ray being run across her stomach repeatedly. The bruise got lighter with each pass and was fascinating but soon the conversation got her attention, “Yes? There's a new stipulation for the Academy this year? And that would be…? I see. Yes. I will convey this to the Mistress immediately. Understood. Good bye.”

Jayden's eyebrow went up and she spoke up, “what's the new stipulation,” even as she watched the phone-crys be placed back into her small travel satchel. It was a bit late in the season for new stipulations to come out so it had to be fairly important.

The Butler stated simply, “The school wished to have conveyed to you that this year they have upped the required number of staff each student must bring with them to three in total. It is because it was important that they had to personally call you to inform you of this, since they were aware that you were on a staff acquisition trip already.”

Easing back Jayden watched this person that was already switching off the spanner thing and setting to cleaning up the kettle mess, “you are fairly well trained,” she stated simply. The shrug had her grinning a bit, “quiet, efficient, and quite observant. Once this mess is cleaned up you may join the other two standing outside,” and she pointed to the door where her other choices were waiting.

The mess was cleaned up swiftly and the Butler exited. Standing she shifted around, noting that the pain was gone, and went to open the door, “The remaining Butlers, please join me in here all together.” The three filed in and she stared at them. One was too short and she sighed and sent that one out the rejected door. Two were left and she turned her sights on them.

Both proffered bows and she stared at them intently. Neither immediately appealed to her but there wasn't anything particularly unappealing about them. So she went to the chair and sat down, which drew both further into the room, “I am hungry and thirsty. You...fix me some mint tea,” she pointed to them each individually, “you please make me something to eat.”

Both the food and the tea was made swiftly. She took a bite and nearly gagged. It was inedible. Completely. This butler had killed a sandwich, “thank you. Please,” and she sent that one through the rejects door. Taking a sip of the tea she found it too weak. A proper tea should have been strong enough to make an impression. Tea making was an art, and said much about a person. Standing, she pointed to the door, “thank you. But..I'm sorry. You won't do.”

This Butler freaked, “Why?! I did exactly what you asked you stupid bitch!” She backed away from this one, “Simple. Tea brewing can tell a lot about a person. Too timid and the tea comes out weak. Because the person always asks themselves 'will this be too strong' and then they second guess themselves. A Butler needs to be firm in his or her decisions. This I know for a fact. For me, I can not have someone with lukewarm feelings and thoughts. I simply can not. The people that serve me must all be solid in their loyalties, thoughts, and deeds. So, I'm sorry. Please,” again she pointed towards the rejects door.

He attempted to slap her but found himself, (his yelling kind of gave it away as to his gender), restrained by not one, not two, but all three of the men outside the door. His hand was held firmly by the amber eyed Butler, his body restrained by the other two. He turned, “tch,” and stormed out. The door slammed behind him quite loudly and she was staring at the trio, impressed.

“You don't work for me, yet, so why did you protect me,” she had to ask. Had to understand their reasoning. Not one answered and so she met the Blue eyed one first. He then spoke up, “Because you were not afraid of testing my combat skills by recklessly flinging yourself at me. A small child was willing to do what not even the most seasoned of Butlers will do. You asked questions and showed much cleverness. But you were also kind as well. I asked a question, because I was not familiar with your tastes, and you answered it simply without lecturing me.”

Smiling, pleased with the answer her eyes turned to the Amber eyed Butler, “and you?” This one answered a bit slower, “I find you reckless. But intelligent. You knew I was lying and weren't afraid to call me on it. You have courage and I don't mind protecting one who is courageous.”

Again the answer made her smile and so she turned to the third one. Only now did she notice that the eyes above the mask were gray and filled with humor and the answer that came was almost too simple, “you allowed be to tend you without knowing a whit about me. A person who hires me, us, has to be able to trust us enough so that we can do our jobs correctly. You, who just met us, already trust us so well that it was a simple choice, to move when my body ordered me to do so.”

Her gaze encompassed them all and her smile was gentle as she stated simply, “You're all hired. I'm glad I don't have to choose between you. Each of you will do well. Now,” she gestured to the cloaks and stuff that hid them from her, “I've made my choice so, can we please… dispose of these things?”

Hoods dropped away, cloaks were tossed back behind their shoulders, and she got her first look at each of them, “What are your names, also. I was told nothing, just to pick out ones that seemed most interesting or appealing.”

All three were men, but they were also quite different from each other. One had long raven hair that was secured at the back with a leather strap. His blue eyes contrasted well with his pale ivory skin. He was tall, though not nearly as tall as the Amber eyed one. With a svelt, lean, body frame he was appealing to her on a scale she wasn't really capable of understanding as of yet, “My name is Yurien Vorvain,” he bowed and grinned, which ruined his whole dignified look but she liked that a lot.

Amber eyes was taller than Yurien and his frame, while still lean enough to not be 'grossly muscled' still sported an obviously muscular build. His hair was chestnut brown and shaggy, “I am Sorva Nieze. It will be a pleasure to tend to you. I will not go easy on you when you begin self defense training.”

She burst out laughing at that but the third stepped forward and bowed, “I am Josen Cross, Miss. It's a pleasure to be in your employ.” His hair was cut short and styled and his body was quite tall and lean. He held a stillness in him that was a bit unnerving to her and yet somehow reassuring at the same time.

“It's a pleasure to meet each of you. I am Jayden Stellanos and soon I will begin life at an Academy where we will be residing. Later, when we're back at my home, we will work out your schedules,” she pulled out her phone-crys and checked the time, “oh wow. I've been here for about eight hours now. No wonder…,” she was interrupted by a loud sound emanating from her stomach which promptly had her blushing brightly, “yeah. That. But time is passing and it'll take a few days to get back home. We'll have to eat at the Hotel, I suppose.”

But all three had sprung into action. Josen had grabbed her arm and tugged her to the chair. Yurien had begun to brew her some tea and Sorva was already bustling around in the micro kitchen. Not even a whole ten minutes later and there was food set before her as well as a cup of tea.

“Wow you guys work fast and effeciently together which is amazing,” she took a hesitant bite of the food before her and didn't instantly make a pleased sound, “It's not bad but for future reference I like my food with some spice,” her eyes twinkled, “I don't exactly know if you guys will be preparing my food but you can certainly ask Bettina about my tastes when we get home.”

Mister Rozenfleur walked in and blinked, “Three, Miss?” She nodded, too busy to chewing to speak. Yurien spoke up in her stead, “Mistress was informed that she would be required to have three attendants and so we have been chosen and hired. Officially.”

She was still eating but finished soon, “I need to go. Since financial arrangements have already been made, there should be little to do now but leave for the hotel. I know they have to pack their belongings and will join me at the hotel later but...I'd like for one of them to come with me now. I'll feel safer this way.”

Sorva strode to stand before her, “I am ever ready for travel. My bags are packed and awaiting retrieval in my room. It will take me five minutes to get them and return to your side.” He bowed and exited. The other two nodded, “we will meet you at your hotel later on. Sorva is a good choice to accompany you. He's a bit gruff though, and can be light on conversation.”
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PostSubject: Re: Jayden's Story   Jayden's Story Icon_minitimeTue May 05, 2015 11:49 am

Jayden grinned, “Gruff I can handle. It'll be fun, getting to know you guys,” waiting wasn't exactly her strong suit and she quickly began to fidget as she waited for Sorva's return. “Oh, yeah,” she stated, leveling a stare at each of them, “I'm still young, so you'll have to take that into consideration while you're working for me okay?”

As the duo was nodding Sorva returned, “I'm ready to go, Mistress.” On his back was a large backpack and in his hand was another piece of luggage. Neither had hover attachments and Jayden's eyes widened and she walked to him and poked at the bag, “It's not a hover-bag. It's...manual?” A smile tilted his lips on one side and he snickered, “Yes. We don't believe in making things simpler just for convenience's sake. Also, heavy bags give me a weight workout as well as weapons readily available.”

Her blank look made all three of them laugh a bit. Yurien reached over and ruffled her hair, “Don't let it worry you. Sorva is more than capable of protecting you even if his hands are full. We all have our specialties. His is hand-to-hand and weapon-to-weapon combat and everything in between. You'll learn, eventually, what we each are good at. But for now rest assured. He's a true shield.”

With a nod, her eyes turned to Sorva and met his amber eyes, “We should get going now. Dorian is waiting,” a tilt of her head and a wide smile had him blinking. Because she was young they really hadn't noticed it. The fact that she was beautiful heading into drop dead gorgeous. He followed as she turned, following the Headmaster out, but his thoughts were all about future security problems and solutions.

His mind worked on several levels and the entire time he was thinking about security issues his senses were on high alert. Even if they were still on the Academy's grounds being diligent could head off so many problems. Especially since some of the students liked to 'test' the newly employed with some regularity.

Jayden wasn't slow. In fact her body moved with leashed speed, always a beat ahead of where most expected her to be. No longer being in that household had enacted many changes to her personality. She still had that childishness that her age defaulted her to but at the same time she was older and her experiences had effected her to enough of a degree that the child in her was overshadowed now by the woman she would become.

Oddly, when the attack came, it was she that realized it first. Her body dropped down and out of the line of fire as Sorva whipped into action, catching the darts being shot at them with his personal luggage. His mind noted her reaction and he nodded. This job wouldn't be simple but she was smart and he was grateful for that. Because the 'Graduation Test' had begun. It would be a pain, getting her to the vehicle, a gauntlet of traps designed to test his mettle and her responses as well.

Fear did not thunder through her veins. In fact she was having fun. She was certain that if the Butler accompanying her knew this he'd be looking at her in a totally new light and probably list her as trouble. Staying low, she watched as he fielded the darts easily. Not even one got through though many littered the ground around her. She noticed that the tips were blunted with some sticky stuff so she wasn't much in danger, really. A bit of thinking and she realized that this was a send off, a bit odd but a send off none the less.

Silent giggles followed her as she raced forward, rushed by Sorva, low to the ground. Unfortunately her innate clumsiness made it's appearance and she tripped. His hand was immediately around her arm, catching her easily, which was interesting in it's own way. Dorian was used to it enough that she usually hit the dirt since his job wasn't to coddle her.

“Why are you laughing, Mistress,” when he caught her he'd discovered that she was laughing and when his eyes met hers his went wide because hers were very full of enjoyment. She was finding this fun. He deflected another barrage and set her back to her feet in the same motion. She was going to be trouble. He just knew it. This test wasn't just for the employer to learn how deft the employee was. It was also to gauge how the employer reacted when in peril. He fully understood this test. That he was the only one going through the gauntlet was part of the plan they had come up with.

'Yurian,  Josen, everything is going according to plan. We're nearly to the vehicle. They're using barrage darts. Our employer is kind of a klutz and she isn't afraid at all,' he thought to the other two, 'she is going to be trouble. I just know it.'

'Understood, Sorva. Keep moving, we have your back. Calculating in her innate clumsiness isn't going to hinder us keeping her safe now that we are aware of it. We've intercepted the more deadly variety of attacks and the sticky nets. The way forward is clear of everything but the darts. I did notice that she took a look at the darts so we don't have to worry about whether she's stupid. We'll keep her as innocent as possible until the day that she can no longer be such.'

During the telepathic consultation he'd kept her moving, continuously intercepting the darts, one hand on her arm whilst he used his luggage as shields. The counter attack was already underway. In truth the other two's luggage was already in the vehicle. He'd only gotten his because it made a good deflection device. Typically the trio had always been teamed up and so they worked like a well-oiled machine in doing their duties. It had been a very fortunate thing that they'd ended up all getting hired by the same person.

He got her into the helo-jet just in time. People came swarming out and his luggage got thrown inside, aimed well in order to miss her entirely, and he began to fend off attacks.

Jayden couldn't help but peek out to watch Sorva work. She was impressed because there were six at least that he was fielding. An arm snaked around her waist and she gave a startled, “kyaa,” that was soon muffled by the hand over her mouth and pulling her backwards out the other side of the helo-jet. Both hands summarily disappeared as Josen appeared, sending the boy who'd grabbed her flying through the air. That had startled her but still she wasn't afraid. She was more interested in watching the fun.

'You're right. She's going to be trouble,' Yurien sent to his fellow Butlers even as he tugged her back into the helo-jet firmly, while the jet began to start up, 'she's got no danger sense, apparently, despite her quick reaction to those darts. Over time that will change but until then we'll have an interesting time of it.' His task was backup. In his hands were two guns, granted inside these cartridges were paint pellets, but they fired accurately and the ones that were hit fell immediately. Sorva and Josen both scrambled inside and he continued to field the 'attackers' even as the helo-jet took off.

Once it was up in the air they got Jayden strapped into her seat and settled into theirs. Yurien hit the buttons on his guns that released those cartridges and slammed home two new ones. Live ammo now. Because they were no longer in  training. They had effectively Graduated and now real-world rules were in effect. Only once he had live ammo loaded did he sit down. He did not strap in though. Because even in the air there were dangers that could happen and one of them had to be prepared for it.

“Miss Jayden,” Josen leaned back and met her eyes with his own gray ones, “when we dump you into a vehicle we do not want to see your head peeking out to watch. It's a dangerous practice that will inevitably make our job harder to do. If you get thrown into a vehicle then you stay down and keep your head out of sight. You don't give a target to the enemy.”

She grimaced, “it was interesting,” shrugging she leaned back, eyes closing, “if you do your job well then I won't have to worry, right?”

The trio stared at each other, confounded. Mouths opened intent upon saying something but no words came out. None at all. Dead silence filled the helo-jet but all of them noticed the small smile that tilted her lips upward and inwardly they all groaned. Trouble. This girl was trouble with a capital 'T'. Sorva started chuckling and then all three were laughing and shaking their heads. They were going to have fun.
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Jayden's Story
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