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 Deadman aka Julian Leonard

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PostSubject: Deadman aka Julian Leonard   Deadman aka Julian Leonard Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2012 5:34 pm

Name: Deadman
Real name: Julian Leonard
Age: 33
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: green, something draconic green.
Height: 6ft 10ins
Race: Dragon of Death
powers: Unknown
Dress sense: Black Stetson, Black leather trench coat, black tank top, black pants and boots

other information: he is the elder brother of Kane Dark Thorn and is one half of the brothers of Destruction. He recently lost his wife and mate in an attack on his home from Ice Demons, he has three children, Shawn-Julian, Amy-leigh and Sarah-lee. he has adopted some children recently and has also found out recently that he has a nephew named Cane and grand nephews and nieces. he is also the uncle of Kia Leonard, Destiny Alea and Kainia Leonard.
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Deadman aka Julian Leonard
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