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 Laylana Crystallia

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PostSubject: Laylana Crystallia   Laylana Crystallia Icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2012 9:13 pm

Name: Laylana Crystallia
Hair colour: Black with Crystal blue streaks
Eye colour: Crystal Blue
Height: 5ft 2ins (still growing)
Race: Crystal Demon/lycan
Power/s: Ability to control Crystal and manipulate them. Ability to shift from human form to demonic, wolf and war form
Dress sense: Crystal blue corset top, black pants, black new rock boots with blue flame design on the toes, black jeans jacket.

Other information: She was genetically engineered by Dr Lesender from the D.N.A of Gothic Wolf and a captured Crystal Demon, At this time she is within the facility plotting her and her elder brother's escape and has been gathering all information she can on Dr Lesender and his staff/ She knows how she came to exsist and know that the Maternal D.N.A provider knows nothing of her exsistance but plans to find her and explain everything to her in hope to hav her aid in destroying the facility and it's founder Dr Lesender.
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Laylana Crystallia
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