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 Zach Belouve

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PostSubject: Zach Belouve   Zach Belouve Icon_minitimeThu Jan 19, 2012 11:52 am

Zach Belouve

Zach Belouve AnimeGuy

AGE: 15
HEIGHT: 5'9"
HAIR: Black - Medium length.
EYES: Ruby Red
RACE: Human
CLASS: Squire

Young Zach was born into the highborn royal family of Belouve. He was tutored and schooled by the family aristocrats and schollars. From a young age, Zach was always perceptive and capable of picking up on things as quickly as he was presented with them. When he came of age to join, he followed the footsteps of his father and brother and enrolled in the family knights as an initiate. Though the jobs may have been simple, delivering messages, caring for the knight's mounts, or performing simple errands, Zach took them on with pride. As he grew, so did his responsibilites, and he was soon promoted to a Squire, being taken along to skirmishes and small battles. Most of his missions were to squash uprisings among bandits and thieves and he's slain a small share of monsters. Hesitant to draw his blade, Zach would rather talk things through and try to settle things out, believing in the power of words, over the might of a sword.

He has a striking appearance. Medium length black hair that falls into place of its own accord with a simple shake of his head. His eyes are a piercing ruby red, that seem to look at you and through you all at once. He stands a tall 5'9" with an athletic build, having trained in basic hand to hand combat and some basic weapons, along his career. He's a capable fighter, and has knowledge enough to fight with staves, swords, hand axes, and any other light weight weaponry. His armor is standard issue for all squire, long sleeve chainmail and chainmail leggings, worn over his black leather tunic and pants. A breastplate worn over his chainmail tunic bears the crest of House Belouve, a Gold Dragon, coiling outward from the center of his chest.

When he joined the ranks of the family knights he was taken aside by his brother, Darius, to assess just where young Zach wanted to go with is career. Darius told Zach about the three ranks of knights where the class divides. Paladins - Knights of the Light, users of righteous magics to amplify their strength, bodies, and blades; Dark Knights - Knights of the Magi, users of darker magics to suppliment their strengths and fell their foes; and Blood Knights - Knights of the Arcane. Darius explained to Zach that one really didn't decide for themselves which rank one fell into, it was more that the rank chose the knight. He also explained how rarely Blood Knights have arisen, that not much is really known of their abilities, and that the class might just be a legend altogether. Darius also instilled in his younger brother an ideal that Zach has taken to heart.

"With the right intentions, even powers from the depths of darkness, can be used for hallowed justice."

Zach holds his family name with pride and honor, carrying out his missions in their name, for the glory of House Belouve.

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Number of posts : 5
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PostSubject: Zach Belouve - Mount Training   Zach Belouve Icon_minitimeThu Jan 19, 2012 1:55 pm

Each of the royal families across the lands ride their own different mounts...

House Belouve rides the majesty of feral cats.

Shortly after joining the army as an initiate, Zach was taken to the breeding grounds and asked to choose his mount. With the fond memories of riding with his father fresh in his mind, he sought the lion enclosure and chose a cub from his father's mount's litter to raise and train. When asked what he was going to name the cub, Zach turned and smiled proudly "Felidor" When asked by his father why he chose the cub he did, he looked back and smiled another warm smile, looking up into his majesty's face. "Because, father sire... We have the same eyes."

As part of Zach's training as an initiate, he raised the young lion cub, Felidor. Through training and travelling, they have built a wonderful bond together. When Zach was promoted to a squire, he was given the riding harness and saddle that he'd need to ride his mount. The two shared such a bond, Felidor did little more than move about slightly uncomfortably once the harness was fixed around him, unlike others that had become unruly or unsuitable for mounts altogether. It didn't take long for Zach to master riding his mount, the synergy the two shared made the mount training little more than a show for his peers.

Felidor has a coat of smooth golden blonde fur and a thick bushy mane of redish brown fur around his neck. He has large, piercing, ruby red, almond shaped cats eyes, set into his proud features. A strikingly similar trait he shares with his rider. His armor and harness consist of a helm and breastplate, along with plates to protect his flanks, and fore and hind legs. They're all fastened to him with leather straps and buckles. The polished silver plate with gold accent and edging compliments the golden color of his fur quite nicely.

He and Zach have been together since they were both cubs, living and training together. Felidor considers his rider as kin, and as a master, and treats him as such.
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Zach Belouve
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