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 Kindness Rewarded

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PostSubject: Kindness Rewarded   Kindness Rewarded Icon_minitimeWed Nov 30, 2011 12:08 pm

One day a child was walking
The rain it was pouring down
The wind was blowing steadily
This child, she looked around.

Skinny and weak though she was
Clothes dirty and tattered
Lo! She saw a minnow flopping sadly on the ground
Stooping she lifted it carefully into her small palm.

Cupping her tiny hands
She filled them with the pouring rain
High above, just passing by,
A Water God peered down.

Walking oh-so-carefully
To the pond just nearby
Bending o'er the water gently
She released the young minnow happily.

Impressed by her pure kindness
The God, he sent a gift.
A bit of water wrapped her wrist leaving none but a dragon mark behind
And a voice, "Luck and all things good will be granted unto you for your kind act."

Looking 'round she shrugged
Her hearing must be off
So smiling she wandered on
And the Water God, he watched.
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Kindness Rewarded
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