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 Gregory's dream

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PostSubject: Gregory's dream   Gregory's dream Icon_minitimeSat Feb 26, 2011 3:24 am

Gregory's dream

Gregory sat at his desk trying to get his creative juices flowing, he sighed and placed his hand to his forehead wiping away the few droplets of sweat, he closed his eyes for a few moments.
After a few moments of resting his eyes he placed his fingers to his keyboard and began typing, once he had finished his first paragraph, he opened his eyes and read it; he frowned and grumbled to himself that it was no good.

He got up from his chair and began walking around his office, he raised his head and let out a deep sigh, he lowered his head again and looked out onto the moonlight street, he frowned and looked to the clock which said it was 3:30am. He wiped his eyes and continued to stare out of the window, something pulling him to do so. His eyes began to close as a young dark brown haired woman walked past his window, she turned and looked into the office and at Gregory, Gregory seemed to be entranced in the young woman, she gave a soft smile before turning and walking off into the night. Gregory sighed and watched as the young woman left.
After another few hours he goes to lie down on the bed at the other side of the office.

As Gregory slowly fell into a deep sleep, he let out a loud yawn. Gregory dreamt. He sits staring out of his office window, the young dark brown haired woman walks past his window and turned and looked into the office and at Gregory, she gave a soft smile before walking through the window and brick, she moved to stand in front of Gregory, she tilted her head and smiled again, her eyes are sea blue in colour, she walks around him and spoke in a humming tone “Hello Gregory, I have been waiting for this moment.” She smiled again.

Gregory smiled as the young woman’s hands slowly trace his shoulders and chest area, Gregory spoke “I…I don’t know you… who are you???” the young woman moved to stand in front of him once more, her white halter neck top seemed to glow softly in the light of the moon, her black ankle length skirt hides in the shadows that lay around them. She spoke once more “I am Leona.”

Gregory smiled as Leona slowly began kissing the left side of his neck and his left shoulder, Leona smiled as she looked up to his face and seen Gregory smile. Leona slowly drags her nails down her chest which draws blood, Gregory frowned and spoke “Don’t do that…it hurts” Leona did it again this time digging deeper with her nails. She then licks the blood from the wounds. Gregory screamed as he awakened. He sat up straight, his body shaking and covered in sweat, his chest covered in deep nail marks, Blood covering his chest and stomach area.

Gregory got up out of bed gingerly; he gave a soft grunt of pain as he moved across the office floor towards the rest room. As he walked into the rest room he was stopped by one of his work mates, Gregory looked to him with a sheepish grin as his work mate spoke “Looks like someone had a wild night with a wild lady.” Gregory chuckled and grunted again in pain, his work mate spoke again “Your gonna have to watch that wild lady friend of yours, If she’s leaving you in that condition Greg.” Gregory shook his head and moved to the sinks, he grabs a few hand towels and soaked them rubbing soap into them before beginning to wash his torso. Gregory grunted in pain again and bared the pain as he continued cleaning his torso.

After about five minutes he puts the hand towels in the garbage can and walked out of the rest room and into his office again, he sighed and sat down on the couch that faced the window. Remembering his dream, he frowned and looked to his torso. He thought for a moment and grabbed a clean shirt pulling it on before moving to his computer.

He looked out of the window and frowned once more, he blinked hard making sure he wasn’t seeing things, he opened his eyes again and the woman from his dream stood outside in the darkness, she smiled to him and then walked off.
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Gregory's dream
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