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 Things i think you should know.

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Goddess Crimson

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Things i think you should know. Empty
PostSubject: Things i think you should know.   Things i think you should know. Icon_minitimeSat Feb 26, 2011 3:17 am

Hey people. So you know, Most of my characters already have established backgrounds, such as they have children and mates. i will list the main characters that do.

1. Goddess Crimson
2. Gothic Wolf
3. Gothic Freak
4. Kane Dark Thorn
5. Deadman

Deadman - he has three children, one of which has a dragon soul just as his father does. the others are daughters, the son's name is Shawn-Julian and the daughter's names are Amy-leigh and Sarah-lee. he lost his wife and mate not to long ago, she died during an attack at their home

Kane Dark Thorn - He has two daughters, Kia Leonard and Destiny Alea Leonard, he has recently discovered that he has a third daughter from a forced mating when he was younger but also discovered more recently that he also has a son. the third daughter is named Kania and his son's name is Cane.

Goddess Crimson - She has been through alot in her life, she started out thinking that she was a pure bred vampyre but found out after her adoptive mother (who kidnapped her as a child) was killed by a male lycanthrope. she was a slave to those she once thought as family until she was rescued and became the mate of a male known only as The Dark One, they mated and she produced a son, who she named Dark Crimson, he later turned against her and she had to kill him as he was too much of a risk to others, not long before the death of her son, the dark one disappeared but a few years later, she found herself falling for one male Pheonix by the name of Saray, she and he became mates and she had a child to him, a daughter just before the great war. as this happened, Crimson was fighting, her daughter with her father but both disappeared, she later found out that Saray was killed but what had happened to her daughter was unknown. years later her daughter returned and had no memory of her. At that time to present, she was with a male by the name of Weaver and is his mate until a few months ago. They parted ways because of difference they could not get past.

Gothic Wolf - She was taken at birth and experimented on by humans, she is a wolf lycan and when she was 1 years old in wolf form she escaped her human captors with the aid of a human who she later repaid in kind. she found a mate not long after her escape and quickly became pregnant with her first litter, it was a reasonable sized litter but a few weeks after the birth of her pups, her first mate was killed by human hunters in front of her and her pups. she would begin bringing others of her kind into her pack that were lone wolves and such before finding another mate.

Gothic Freak - she was a slave to the vampyre that claimed to be Goddess Crimson's father up until the vampiress was killed, both were from then on treated as slaves and forced to do things. as she grew older, her master forced her into a room with a male lycan by the name of Black Storm, who bit her and forced himself upon her, she became pregnant because of this forced union and once she had the pups, they were taken from her and she was tortured and thrown aside as if nothing.
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Things i think you should know.
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