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 This is the list of my characters

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Goddess Crimson

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PostSubject: This is the list of my characters   Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:46 pm

1. Deadman (Dragon of Death, one half of the brothers of destruction, Adopted Father to Kaleesh Dark Thorn, Patneral father of Shawn-Julian leonard, Amy-Leigh Leonard and Sarah-lee Leonard)
2. Kane Dark Thorn (Human/fire demon with Fallen angel, Father to Kia Leonard, Destiny Alea Leonard and Kania Leonard)
3. Peter (Vampire/shifter, sire to Delia, elder of the ravenclaw colony)
4. Andreas (Vampire, Father to Andilucia jr Ravenclaw, Grandfather to Drew Ravenclaw, Elder of the ravenclaw colony)
5. Craig Sinners AKA The Animal AKA Derlus (Vampire, Father of Lexia Sinners, adopted father of Lana Richards, grandfather of Jacob Sinners, Adopted Grandfather of Rowan Richards)
6. Shawn-Julian Leonard (Human with fire dragon soul, apart of nature, son of Deadman and Sara Leonard, younger half brother of Kaleesh, brother of Amy-Leigh leonard and Sarah-lee Leonard)
7. Chris Sonire (Human with Dragon soul, singer of Bad Fetish inc.)
8. Christian Deminico (Vampiric Demon, Drummer of Bad Fetish Inc.)
9. Corin Deathstryke (Unknown)
10. BlackRain (Unicorn)
11. Raven-lee (Vampire, Son of Raven and Damin-lee, elder brother of Celeste, member of the ravenclaw colony)
12. Demon (Vampire, member of the ravenclaw colony)
13. Death (Vampire, member of the ravenclaw colony)
14. Thorn (Vampiric Alsatian, companion to Rose RavenClaw, member of the RavenClaw colony)
15. Damion (Vampire. member of the ravenclaw colony)
16. Rayan (Unicorn)
17. Dark Crimson (Vampire/lycan/darkness, First born son of Goddess Crimson)
18. Marcus Dracan (Vampire)
19. Zander (Human)
20. Draven (Lycan)
21. Aaron (Human)
22. KANIO (Demon)
23. Tony De Mer (Vampire)
24. Jack aka The Jackal (Insane human)
25. Terance (Human)
26. Austin Dravin (Human)
27. Gordan (Vampire Fledgling)
28. Shaun aka Pogo (Human)
29. Torin (Human)
30. Sid (Human)
31. Danni (Human)
32. Twiggy (Human)
33. Thomas Hunter (Human)
34. Scotty (Hyena/human)
35. Gil (Human)
36. Kantian Strange (Human, brother to Gemini strange)
37. Gemini Strange (Human, brother to Kantian Strange)
38. Damien Sora Kemper (Unknown)
39. Danian (Liquid mercury demon)
40. James Axel Duncan (Human)
41. Ankainn (Vampire)
42. Achak Dyami Kuruk (Native American indian spirit guide)
43. Ray’don (Human)
44. Ankan (Vampire)
45. Cole (Human)
46. Saul (Unknown)
47. Alexander (Unknown)
48. Matt (Human)
49. Jeff (Human)
50. Siamon (Unknown)
51. Michael Shades (Demon, brother to Nathan Shades)
52. Nathan Shades (Demon, Brother to Michael Shades)
53. Mychael (Angel of Death and Destruction)
54. Atrane (Reaper of Deadman)
55. T’Raven (Reaper of Deadman)
56. Craven (Reaper of Deadman)
57. Malachi (Human)
58. Ron Nate Mac Kenzie (Human)
59. Mitch Rider (Human with dragon soul, Lead Guitarist of Bad Fetish Inc.)
60. Malis Rider (Human with Dragon soul, Brother of Mitch Rider)
61. Leeon Lefebrve (Human, Bassist of Bad Fetish Inc.)
62. Jean Lefebrve (Human, Keyboardist of Bad Fetish Inc.)
63. Joe Deminico (Vampiric Demon, Father of Christian Deminico, Justin Deminico and Kay-Leigh Deminico)
64. Corvenus (Lycan, son of Gothic Wolf, member of the rebel pack)
65. Mist (Lycan, son of gothic wolf, member of the rebel pack)
66. Corey Louis (Human, Brother to Marc Louis)
67. Darc Wolf (Dhampyr, vampire hunter)
68. Darryl (Human)
69. David Cassidy (Human)
70. Demonthin Ayawamat (Demon)
71. Dreman (Human)
72. Fallen (Angel)
73. Jacob (Puma)
74. Derek (Vampire, Childe of Jadenace)
75. Jay (Vampire, uncle to Jadenace, Jess and Cody)
76. Joey Jordan (Dragon)
77. Kale (Human)
78. Litizi Komono (Dragon)
79. Logan (Human)
80. Marc Louis (Human, Brother of Corey Louis)
81. Narete Cole Scoumers (Human)
82. Nate Derine (Human)
83. Nicholi (Human)
84. Rey Steelian (Demon)
85. Tristian Deoln (Human)
86. Darrell Eiden (Human with vampiric/bloodlust/beserker dragon soul)
87. Vlad (Human)
88. Jordan Wednesday (Zombie)
89. Joey Jona (Vampiric Dragon)
90. Mikie Acey (Dragon)
91. Eric Griffin (Dragon)
92. Trippster aka Tripp (Unknown being)
93. Ben Graves (Dragon)
94. Jake (Human)
95. Xavier Locus (Lycan)
96. Dan (Human)
97. Jared Reed (Human)
98. Kyran Daystar (Demon)
99. Adian (Wolf/human)
100. Louis Michana (Vampire)
101. Taylor Francis (Human)
102. Damien Cole Ramine (Unknown at this time. will update later)
103. Mortiis Ramine (Unknown at this time, will update later)
104. Edan Ramine (Unknown at this time, will update later)
105. James Ramine (Unknown at this time, will update later)
106. Mickie Ramine (Unknown at this time, will update later)
107. Johnathan Ramine (Unknown at this time, will update later)
108. Justin Kirk (Human)
109. Midnight (Horse)
110. Srean (Lycan)
111. Dominic (Angel)
112. Krain (Human)
113. Zaran Grain (Human)
114. Raven-Marc (Human)
115. Damian (Human)
116. Tony (Human)
117. Kal (Human)
118. Shawn (Human)
119. Angelis Lea (Vampire)
120. Chayton Jolon (Centaur)
121. Stu (Human)
122. Durion Glanhelmion Ainion (Vampire/angel)
123. Samuel (Human)
124. Christnis (Demon)
125. Jacob (Human)
126. Gareth “Scar” Scarlet (Human)
127. Chance Raven (Human)
128. Tristian (Human)
129. Grant Edwards (Human)
130. Lex Lucas (Human)
131. Pogue (Human)
132. Sorin Page (Human)
133. Scaelr (Lycan)
134. Abrecan (Lycan)
135. Adalwolf (Lycan)
136. Adan (Lycan)
137. Almire (Lycan)
138. Calan (Lycan)
139. Dantae (Lycan)
140. Clint (Fox/human)
141. Kaden (Vampire/were-spider, Son of Cody And Joxor)
142. John (Dragon)
143. Scott Halland (Snake Demon)
144. Justin Deminico (Vampiric Demon)
145. Lord Lex (Vampire)
146. Graham Talrave (Vampire)
147. Daemon Fang (Were-Panther, Older Brother of Alisa Fang)
148. Michal Corvenus (Demon/Lycan, Son of Leeanna Corvenus, twin brother of Michelle Corvenus)
149. Callum Craig (human)
150. Norrie DarkStar (vampire)
151. Conrad Winters (Human)
152. Andi (Human)
153. Darc (human)
154. Jazor (Human)
155. Marcus Martin (Human)
156. Steve (Vampire)
157. Liam Ice-Khan(Snow/Ice Demon/Lycan, Genetically engineered from Snow's D.N.A)
158. Marcus Crystallia (Crystal demon/Lycan, Elder brother of Laylana Crystallia, Genetically engineered from Gothic Wolf's and a captured Crystal Demon)
159: Axius Gothica (Pure breed lycan, Son of Axelia Lupus Gothica, Brother of Angel, Corina and Marius)
160: Marius Corvenus Gothica (Pure breed lycan, Son of Axelia Lupus Gothica, Brother of Angel, Corina and Axius)


1: Goddess Crimson (Vampyre/lycan, Mother of Dark Crimson and Krishna Crimson, Grandmother of Anaiya and Kaisa Crimson)
2: Gothic Wolf (Lycan, alpha female of the rebel pack)
3: Gothic Freak (Lycan)
4: Krishna Crimson (Vampire/lycan/phoenix/dragon, Daughter of Goddess Crimson and Saray)
5: Goddess Destiny (Goddess of Light)
6: Anaiya Cloud Crimson (Vampire/lycan/phoenix/dragon/were-snake, daughter of Krishna)
7: Kaisa Eboni Faith Crimson (Vampire/lycan/phoenix/dragon/were-snake, daughter of Krishna)
8: Snow (Lycan, member of the rebel pack, first born daughter of Gothic Wolf)
9: Lexia Sinners (Demon, daughter of Craig Sinners.)
10: Lana Richards (Human. adopted by Craig Sinners)
11: Rowan Richards (Daughter of Lana Richards, human)
12: Brianna Alabaster (Ice Demon)
13: Sara Leonard (Human, apart of nature, mother of Sarah-Lee, Amy-Leigh and Shawn-Julian, wife to Deadman) (Deceased)
14: Amy-Leigh Leonard (Daughter of Deadman and Sara, Sister of Shawn-Julian and Amy-Leigh Leonard, Reincarnate of Mother Nature)
15: Sarah-Lee Leonard (Daughter of Deadman and Sara, Sister of Shawn-Julian and Amy-Leigh Leonard, Nature Dragon)
16: Kia Leonard (Lycan/fire demon, Daughter of Kane Dark Thorn and Adriana Stuart)
17: Adriana Leonard (Daughter of Kia and Jeras)
18: Frozen Soul aka Soula (Human)
19: Saulana (Human, adopted daughter of Soula)
20: Karana Saul (Daughter of Saulana)
21: Damin-Lee (Vampyre, mate to Raven, co-leader of the Ravenclaw colony and co-owner of the coffin club, Sired By Raven RavenClaw)
22: Celeste (Daughter of Damin-lee and Raven, Sister of Raven-Lee RavenClaw, member of the ravenclaw colony)
23: Amy (Vampyre, colony member of the ravenclaw colony)
24: Crimson (Vampire)
25: Delia (Vampire, sister to Rose, member of the ravenclaw colony, Sired by Peter RavenClaw)
26: Sha’ray (Leopard/human, Mother of Sonia)
27: Sonia (Leopard/human, Daughter of Sha'ray)
28: DEMONICA (Night Demon)
29: Hellhound (Human/Hellhound)
30: Drakemia (Human)
31: Rose RavenClaw (Vampire, Sister of Delia RavenClaw, Demon RavenClaw)
32: Dravena (Vampire)
33: Elizabeth (unknown)
34: Kana (Panther/human)
35: Hannah (Human)
36: Victoria (Human)
37: Chloe Van Derance (human with the ability to communicate with animals, Mother of Chloe Junior)
38: Akasha De Crowe (Vampire)
39: Michelle (Human)
40: Damie Stewart (Human)
41: Claria (Human/psychic)
42: Sandra Wolf (Cyborg)
43: Darlene (Human)
44: Danial (Human)
45: Leahanna (Human)
46: Lita (Human)
47: Tori (Vampire)
48: Mandy (Human)
49: Alena (Human)
50: Brandy (Human, first born daughter of Soula and Brandon)
51: Vampyra (Human)
52: Khara (Human)
53: Vampyre Crimson (Vampyre/lycan)
54: Aleah (Human)
55: Tracey (Human)
56: Bridgette (Lycan)
57: Cathie aka Red (Human)
58: Malynda (Human)
59: Skharan (Human)
60: Luna Lee (Human)
61: Sianana (Human)
62: Angelica (Angel of vengeance)
63: Maya (Angel)
64: Carri (human)
65: Anna (Angel)
66: Darana (Human)
67: Kani (Human)
68: Emily (Human/badger)
69: Makako Illuser (Vampyre/Lycan)
70: Vixen (Human/fox)
71: Ankana (Vampire)
72: Shadow Rain (Shadow/rain demon)
73: Raven Wolfsbane (Human)
74: Darkened Soul (Shadow/rain demon)
75: Gothic Rose (Human)
76: Viki Stewart (Human)
77: Ashlee (Human, sister to Corina)
78: Corina (Human, sister to Ashlee)
79: Veronica (unknown)
80: Isisana (Angel)
81: Wendi (Angel)
82: Mandy (human)
83: Rana (unknown)
84: Sienra (unknown)
85: Nikita Berlona (unknown)
86: Sky (unknown)
87: Sasha (unknown)
88: Damin-Leah (Human)
89: Lena (Human/Leopard)
90: Tanya (Human)
91: Lisa (Human)
92: Flaming tears (human, tortured soul)
93: Annie (human)
94: Samone (unknown)
95: Siana (human)
96: Mai (Centaur)
97: Tara (unknown)
98: Chloe Junior (human, ability to communicate with animals and understands the animals needs before taking a close look at them)
99: Sandria (cyborg)
100: Kariana (Shapeshifter, insane)
101: Carina (human)
102: Cariti (Human)
103: Celina (human)
104: May (Human)
105: Helana (Human)
106: Seera (Human, seer)
107: The Isis Iaisi (Unknown)
108: Ella Death (Descendant of death)
109: Sianca (Human)
110: Dawn Mara (Human)
111: Seala (Reaper of Deadman)
112: Kiana (Reaper of Deadman)
113: Stephianie (Reaper of Deadman)
114: Leanna (Human)
115: Katarna Tana (unknown)
116: Kora Sinian (human)
117: Sina (unknown)
118: Sanna (unknown)
119: Dana (unknown)
120: Lana (unknown)
121: Cara Der Cona (human, mother of Cat and Carrana)
122: Cat Der Cona (human, Daughter of Cara, Sister to Carrana)
123: Carrana Der Cona (human, Daughter of Cara, Sister of Cat)
124: Nicola (Human)
125: Lania (Unknown)
126: Keira (unknown)
127: Vari (unknown)
128: Spike (Vampire)
129: Kia Grey Storm (Snow Leopard/Human)
130: Ash (Human)
131: Kira (Lycan)
132: Cassie-ann (human)
133: Katie-Laura (unknown)
134: Nania (unknown)
135: Chyna Manson (human, protector for Corrie)
136: Corrie (human)
137: Dark Raven (Wrath)
138: Sabrina Tigris (Tiger/Human)
139: Collete Soleman (Human)
140: Leeanna Corvenus (Human)
141: Yerta (Lycan, mate to Mist (gothic wolf's first born son), member of the rebel pack, was killed during a fight again the human hunters and their dogs)
142: Shadow Wolf (Lycan, youngest daughter of Gothic wolf)
143: Silent Wolf (Lycan, second generation of gothic wolf's pups, member of the rebel pack)
144: Alecia (Human)
145: Amber Del Rose (Human)
146: Ambrosine (still in creation)
147: Anevay (Still in creation)
148: Casey (Still in creation)
149: Ceyla (still in creation)
150: Dark Slave aka Amelia Stormer (Human)
151: Etaina Adrienne Drome (Dragon)
152: Jadenace (Vampire)
153: Jasmine (Human)
154: Karine Deleon (Human)
155: Leona (Leopard/Human)
156: Luma Hatred (Human)
157: Meili Zhilan (Lycan)
158: Melina (Human)
159: Ogin Ohanzee (Human)
160: Onyx Hatred (Human)
161: Reya Derina (Dragon)
162: Robbin Carrions (Human)
163: Soranna aka Sora Shadow (Light Crystal Dragon)
164: Voraxi aka Dark Shadow (Dark Crystal Dragon)
165: Leona Blackstock (Human)
166: Gerri Leeds (Human)
167: Lousia Dark Stormer (Human)
168: Haley Drew (Human)
169: Abby Hunter (Human)
170: Carria (Human)
171: Alison (Human)
172: Lizzie (Wolf/Human)
173: Rani (Human)
174: Yana (Bear/Human)
175: Aleisha Mane (Human)
176: Annabelle (Lycan)
177: Rajita (unknown)
178: Salli (unknown)
179: Nikki (unknown)
180: Angel (unknown)
181: Miara (unknown)
182: Valan (Angel)
183: Valary (Angel)
184: Zoe (unknown)
185: Zena (unknown)
186: Kiki (unknown)
187: Kalana (unknown)
188: Shauna (Raven/human)
189: Derala (shapeshifter)
190: Soenia (unknown)
191: Jona (unknown)
192: Salana (unknown)
193: Angelica Hanson (Human)
194: Corinda (Human)
195: Cordina (Human)
196: Lady Tara (Human)
197: Rina (Human)
198: Erila (Vampire)
199: Senlia (Human)
200: Wendilyn (Human)
201: Rosana (Human)
202: Daria (Human)
203: Elana Chase (Human)
204: Shelly (Human)
205: Carani (Human)
206: Tia (Human)
207: Haley-ann (Human)
208: Carani Tami (Human)
209: Conny Sonna (Human)
210: Lila Dark Fire River (Dragon)
211: Deneise Mariana (Human)
212: Wendalyn (Human)
213: Chellie Rain (Dhampyr)
214: Halli (Human)
215: Robin Lestat (Unknown)
216: Sincra (Angel)
217: Hope (Lycan)
218: Luna Craven (Lycan)
219: Serena (Lycan)
220: Tomika (Lycan)
221: Sage (Lycan)
222: Rosemary (Lycan)
223: Akira (Lycan)
224: Alura (Lycan)
225: Carey (Lycan)
226: Kaga (Lycan)
227: Darla (Lycan)
228: Dracana (Human)
229: Hurianca (Puma/Human)
230: Asia (Snake/Human)
231: Scarlet Vixen (Human/Fox)
232: Samona De Helmsey (Human)
233: Kera (Vampire)
234: Destiny Aliea Leonard aka Dal (Elder sister to Kia Leonard.)
235: Michaela Erebos aka M.E. (Head Medical officer)
236: Axelia Lupus (Lycan, member of the rebel pack)
237: Siane (Human)
238: Saena (Human)
239: Tiara (Human)
240: Ryan (Lycan/Vampire/Dragon)
241: Mel Snare (Shadow/Fire demon)
242: Jaya (Bloodlust dragon/Blood demon)
243: Angelica Krae (Fire Demon/Dragon)
244: Haniva (Human/Insect being)
245: Asia Ebony (Lycan)
246: Rona (Human)
247: Armoura (Armoured Dragon)
248: Liza (Human)
249: Nichloe Jaden (Witch)
250: Casey Jaden (Witch)
251: Lyn Jaden (Witch)
252: Tessa Jaden (Witch)
253: Jackie Jaden (Witch)
254: Kate Jaden (Witch)
255: Drew Ravenclaw (Human with psychic powers)
256: Andilucia Jr Ravenclaw ( Human with psychic powers)
257: Jodie (Vampire/were-spider, Daughter of Cody and Joxor)
258: Toni (Vampire fledgling)
259: Jess Mayfield (Human)
260: Lena (Leopard/Human)
261: Cadence (Lion/Human)
262: Rowana (Human)
263: Chayanne Dowan (Healing Dragon)
264: Gillian Jones (Altered human, not playable at the moment)
265: Kallista (Love Dragon)
266: Shadi Crow (Human)
267: Bulldozer (Lycan)
268: Sernia Chance (Vampire/Lycan, psychotic)
269: Viktoria Kiantaca (Beserker/Armoured/Ice/Fire Dragon)
270: Angie Haze (Human)
271: Princesa Gothica (Human)
272: Lady Koeri (Vampire)
273: Alicia Wolf (Vampire)
274: Lady Teresa (Vampire)
275: Lilith (Human)
276: Kay-Leigh Deminico (Human, sister to Christian Deminico, half sister of Justin Deminico. daughter of Joe Deminico.) (brought back to life)
277: Alisa Fang (Were-Panther)
278: Lacia Ronan (Pain/Sadness dragon)
279: Ancara (Lycan)
280: Teyla Cryst (Human)
281: Michelle Corvenus (Demon/Lycan, Daughter of Leeanna Corvenus, Twin sister of Michal Corvenus)
282: Mhairia Crimson Kage (Daughter of Crimson and Weaver. were-spider/vampyre)
283: Kairana Crimson Kage (Granddaughter to Crimson and Weaver, Daughter of Mhairia and Marvin Kage, Mother to Jia, Rhage, Vichous and Payne)
284: Jia Crimson Kage (Daughter of Kairana, Granddaughter of Mhairia and Marvin, Great Granddaughter of Crimson and Weaver. sister to Rhage Crimson Kage, Vichous Crimson Kage and Payne Crimson Kage)
285: Ankha (Vampire)
286: Mairkia (lycan, daughter of Gothic wolf)
287: Yvonna (Older sister to Asha)
288: Asha (Younger sister of Yvonna)
289: Asha (Lycanthrope)
290: Dark Stara (Grandmother of Asha)
291: Amilia (Daughter of Keira, Wolf Lycanthrope/Dark Flame Demon.)
292: Keira (Wolf Lycanthrope, Mother of Amilia)
293: Kira
294: Melina
295: Lacey (Abomination)
296: Morgana (Wolf Lycan, Birth mother of Gothic Wolf)
297: Monica (Vampire)
298: Lunia (Wolf Lycan)
299: Lilith (Vampire)
300: Cyn (Succubus/vampire)
301: Raven Rose (Human)
302. Lara (Human)
303. Kailan (human)
304. Laylana Crystallia (Crystal demon/lycan, younger sister of Marcus Crystallia, Genetically engineered from Gothic Wolf's and a captured Crystal Demon)
305: Angel Gothica (Pure breed lycan, Daughter of Axelia Lupus Gothica, Sister of Corina, Axius and Marius)
306: Corina Axelia Gothica (Pure breed lycan, Daughter of Axelia Lupus Gothica, Sister of Angel, Axius and Marius)
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This is the list of my characters
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