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 Goofball's Trap

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PostSubject: Goofball's Trap   Goofball's Trap Icon_minitimeSat May 01, 2010 7:12 pm

"GOOOOFFFFFBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL" the young girl shouted. She could hear the others shouting too, adding to her own calls, "GOOOFBAAALLL! C'mon this prank has gone far enough," sighing she continued searching. She turned her eyes up towards the caves and nodded, "she would have...," and headed up the crumbling path towards the entrance.

Slipping and stumbling she dodged the falling rocks as she carefully made her way up the old path until she was standing in front of the gaping maw of the dark cave. Lighting her glowstick she made her way into the cave, careful to avoid the crumbling walls.

Insects and rats race from the light and their sounds sent shivers down the slender blue eyed girl's back. Gasping as she spots something just barely within the well of light she rushes forward. Horror causes her to fall to her knees, dropping the glowstick.

"Goofball...," she stares down at the girl laying so very still half buried by rocks. Slow tears trickle down her cheeks. The other girl stirred, her eyes fluttering open weakly.

"Chocolate Cookie...shou...shoulda kno...known," she coughed and grimaced, "gue-guess I r-rea-really did it th-this time," she shuddered and some of the rocks shifted and fell off, a shreik escaped her from the pain caused by her movements which faded off as she lost consciousness.

Cookie stood up and began to clear off the rocks. Hearing several shuffling noises she spun round, frowning when she saw them, "it's too dangerous in here," she whispered and they ignored her, silently moving forward to help clear the rocks. Little ayame sat herself down by goofball's head and used her small amount of magic to keep her injured sister alive.

The rocks were cleared away very swiftly with all of them working. Cookie looked to a small girl with cute ears, "Lelai go run and tell Sweet Honesty we're rushing to Venoch's cabin, ok?"

Lelai nodded and ran off. Watching her go, Cookie walked over and lifted the unconscious girl up and the others surrounded her, a silent guard almost to ensure that their passage was safe.

It was a long dangerous journey down the old path to the main road. It was almost dark when they finally set foot off the old path onto safe ground. Even though they all wanted to rush, they knew that they couldnt and it was very late when they finally arrived at a cabin.

Cookie nodded to Ayame to go ahead and knock on the door. She glanced down at Goofball worriedly. The whole trip she hadnt made a sound. The only reason Cookie new she lived was because of the faint rise and fall of the girls chest.

The door opened slowly and a very tired looking, slender, silver haired, amber eyed girl stared out blankly for a moment, "hmm? Girls 's late.."

"Venoch...help us," several pleas like that arose and brought Venoch awake between one blink and the next and she took a good look at the girl in Cookie's arms. She took in the girl's obviously crushed legs and partially crushed torso and gestured them in, "lay her down on the bed. I dont know if there's really anything I can do other than ease her pain til she passes," her voice choked as she stared down at her friend after she had been laid down on the bed.

"Ven," Cookie's quiet voice sifted into the room, "you told me you'd learned a lot of spells in your travels....isnt there ONE that would save her life?"

The silver haired girl hesitated for a second, "aye there is one. But the cost is too high and I wont cast it, not even to save my best friend's life."

"What's the cost. I'll pay it. For love of her...I would pay anything," she stated softly with emotion.

"Would you pay with your LIFE? Because that is the cost...and I'll not cast a spell that takes a life for a life," she nearly shouted, "I will NOT trade a life, for a life," says softly, "not even to save my best friend."

"There MUST be a way," Cookie shouted, "I'll gladly die, so that Goofball can live. Gladly," she reached out and grasped Ven by the arm, "please! Please! Just...save her...plea.."

"NO. I'm sorry, I will NEVER trade a life for a LIFE! It's out of the question," Ven whispered as her eyes fell to the girl laying on the bed noting that within the short time they had been arguing Goofballs color had faded and her breathing, already weak had slowed. Sighing Ven walked over to a small unobtrusive table and pulled out small herbs and what appeared to be berries and put them in a small bowl and began crushing them with the elongated stone stick.

The scent the herbs and berries gave off filled the small cabin with a soothing aroma and everyone breathed deeply. On the bed, Goofball seems to breathe easier and hope fills their faces, "tis only a prolonging measure. To ease her. Nothing more, nothing less," Ven said as she walked over and carefully poured a blackish liquid into her mouth and watched as her friend swollowed weakly.

"Wait, Ven..." Chocolate Cookie whispered out, "what if...instead of killing one person, we all give a piece of ourselves..some of our blood to the spell...Whatever it takes," desperation causes her to grab Ven and shake her, "cant we do that?"

Sighing Ven considers for a moment, "perhaps. But it would take a LOT I think to do. Some spells go...odd if the required price isnt paid. And I think this would be one of them that went odd...but it might just...work. If we all put some of us into it," hope lit her eyes and she started mumbling to herself in an odd language that the girls didnt understand.

After a few moments Cookie said, "can we do it?"

Venoch nodded absently, "Aye, but it wont be easy. It's a dangerous spell in the best of times with the correct componants....altering those componants, well," she sighs softly, "it can be done though," she started bustling around the room, picking up candles an odd white crystaline substance, "best get to it...start moving the chairs and table out of here. We're gonna move the mattress she's on to the center of the room and remove the bed frame too. I need a lot of space. Ayame, grab the large bowl off the counter and use this," tosses Ayame a dagger that's lying on the floor, "blood from each of you. Cookie, Goofball and Myself will be last."

She didnt watch as the girls did as told, trusting them to do everything and do it fast while she assembled the rest of the componants of the spell. She scattered candles around the room, lighting them as she set them out. She made a large circle with a pentagram made up of the white crystiline powder. When one of the girls asked what it was she mumbled, "sea salt," and went back to creating the intricate symbols the spell required.

When she was done, she nodded to the girls and then had them bring Goofball's mattress over to where she was. "be very careful. Step over the lines please dont budge them," she warned and watched as they carefully set the mattress down in the center of the circle.

After Goofball was settled in the center Ayame handed Venoch a bowl nearly half full with a crimson liquid. She stepped back as ven accepted it to get out of Cookie's way as she was gestured forward, "hold out your arm. Tis your idea, this substitution and tis up to me to do the casting..therefore we must give a larger sacrifice," she sliced both hers and Cookies wrist and watched as thier blood spilled into the bowl.

After a few moments she muttered, "Jal vlos combined, inlul or'shansene ulu ilthy'eo l'izznargur (All blood combined, small sacrifices to equal the larger)," and the blood seemed to deepen in color, stirring together by a power unseen to their eyes. After a moment Venoch lifted the bowl and took a small sip and bid Cookie and the others to d othe same, "Udos Dra'suli wund weth d'udossa, fol d'weth byr, (We draw into each of us, some of each other)," after all of them had drank she took the bowl back and traced the circle with the blood, "Protection wund, protection xuileb, (Protection within, protection without)."

They all felt the circle close around them, locking them withing the magical well. Venoch nodded and after a moment carefully poured some of the mingled blood down Goofball's throat before downing the last of it. As the magic built, they shivered and Ven nodded, "it's gonna work," then began chanting, "Usstan lar ulu l'Ciiholtryui vel'uss z'hinus p'los l'huela. Ulu l'ilhar d'jal l'Phraktos lu'Godesses, (I call to the Godess who walked before the five. To the mother of all the Gods and Godesses.). Balbau uns'aa natha yorn ulu dormagyn uss vel'ussa Usstan ssinssrigg alurl, (Grant me a power to save one whom I love best)," the power builds and deepens and they gasp as it feels as though the circle was almost too full of magic, making it difficult to even breathe.

Venoch continued chanting those phrases over and over and after hearing her do it so often the girls chanted with her. Shortly after the girls joined, one by one Venoch felt ties forming between her and them. As if small bits of them were joining her. The strongest tie though was between her and Goofball. It was almost as if there were millions of tiny threads forging a tie stronger than steel.

All the girls felt it as the spell became twisted, as a small part of the dieing girl's soul became trapped within the ties.and bound by a billion threads within Venoch. Cookie, Venoch, and Goofball screamed at the same time but the sounds seemed to be sucked away. The injuries to Goofball healed as magic encased her and Venoch. Both girls screamed as if in pain but the sounds never made it into the circle. For a great deal of time, all there was...was silence.

Then like a tide breaking upon rocks the magic exploded outward from the two and as it touched each of the girls it left a small mark upon them. But upon Goofball's arm a large golden tattoo...intricate and delicate looking was formed. It glowed golden for only a moment before it faded to a pale blue and then to black. The magical barrier surrounding them bowed outward before giving way, crumbling and blowing outward and finally fading away.

Venoch swayed where she stood, very pale, "get her out of here, take her back to the orphanage," she whispered. Lelai came running into the cabin. She too had been touched by the magic. Even though she had given no blood, hadnt even been there, she bore a matching mark to the small one Venoch herself bore upon the inside of her wrist over the vein where she had sacrificed a part of herself. The other's marks varied. Some were faint and could barely be seen, others were prominant upon their skin.

Ayame walked to Goofball and lifted her up, grunting under her sister's weight, "fat cow," she muttered before turning and struggling out the door with her burden, determined to get her sister to her own bed before she woke.

Once she was certain Goofball was gone she fell to the floor, "never...she mu...mus...nev..er...k..no..w," and passed out,completely sapped of her strength. Cookie and Lelai moved to her side. Lelai proceeded to wrap Venoch iin a blanket, cuddling close to her to ease her shivering. Cookie took the other side and tried to add her body heat to the mix. Lelai, Cookie and at various other times over the next two weeks the other girls sat by Venoch's bedside, watching over her as she fought for both her own life and that of Goofball.

(Goofball and Venoch survived. and for quite a while had many grand adventures until one night Venoch took a dark gift that changed everything though she didnt feel it or realize it til a little while later)

Goofball shrieked as the faded black tattoos became red, burning into her skin. Deep within Venoch the ties that bind that piece of Goofball's soul became a conduit to which she now uses...to try and destroy that which, if destroyed could kill them all.


Some Years Later....


The Death of Venoch

She wanders around Caern lost and alone. Within her, tears of deep sorrow fall in an unrelenting storm of misery. Walking into the temple of Lethe she sits down on a pew. Within her those that are tied to her weep also for they sense her purpose this night.. Standing she goes into her room and lays down on her bed and stares up at the ceiling. Slowly she sets her mind seeking out the cords and ties of all who are tied to her seperating each and everyone of them into their individual strands. Chocolate Cookie's golden one, Ayame's white one....and Goofball's blue one, "such a...simple thing," she mutters into the room, "and yet, with this one cord severed...everyone will be free."

Within her they all protested. Her thoughts continue to spiral downwards, 'you know...I can make it so she can live. So you ALL can live..free," more protests come at her but she blocks them out, "I've known since the spell was cast that there was one way to keep all of you alive," with a sigh she sets the blue cording aside and pulls out her own, black cord, "black. The cord of the caster. The one cord that can safely be cut with only one repurcussion. A true human sacrifice. The initial cost paid in full."

With a sigh she opens her eyes and stares around her room. Alone. Never had she felt so empty in her whole life. With all of those tied to her, with Goofball a constant presence within her mind she had at least felt as though someone were with her. But now there was nothing but silence. An empty silence. A hollow existance. She could feel her mind slowly disintigrating from the strain, "so many lives connected to my own. A deep and deadly silence now rests within me and I am slowly losing my mind. It can not be stopped, it can not be changed. And so I give you all freedom from this insanity," she sinks back within her mind and pulls up that small remnant of the spell that had lain dormant within her for so very long and with her will remakes it into a blade.

A wind picks up in her room. Magically charged it whips around the chamber. Within her she rests that 'blade' against that single black strand and utters a few short words then slices it clean. For a few moments she watches, saying goodbye as they are all freed. Opening her eyes she watches as her power and life force is pulled from her, "the fitting sacrifice, what I should...have...done," she sighed out as her power faded. With her last moments breathes she smiles a soft, sad smile, "they'll never...remember...me. Tis my..gift..to them all.....any whom I av..e...me..t....l..ov...ed....m..y...fi...n...a...l..... g...if....t," her eyelids begin to sink and cover her once bright golden eyes and her final breath fades from her. Around her the magic is sent out, removing her from any and all minds, removing any memory in which she existed her final words whisper out on that last breath, "I'm...so..r...r..y," in the room the wind that was the spell completeing faded softly to nothing. Upon the bed Venoch appeared as she had always been; a picture of beauty.

Her body was found the next moring by the nuns. Protected by the power of their Godess Nallyssa their memories of the gentle girl remained in tact. And so they gave her a proper burial, laying her body to rest with sorrow in their hearts, "May Nallyssa greet you upon your ascention to her celestial temple," a single tear slipped down the cheek of a particular priestess though she couldnt fathom why she was so distraught over the death of some unknown girl. Shaking her head she returned to her trip, the errand she had been selected for. Her preparations had kept her from the temple all day and so she moved to the alter room to offer a small prayer for the soul of the Girl before leaving to deliver the package to New Alencia temple.
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Goofball's Trap
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