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 Fighter training

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PostSubject: Fighter training   Fighter training Icon_minitimeWed Aug 05, 2009 9:36 am

From the confines of a secret location there arose a great clamor. Such that no one in any realm could sleep. Unless they were used to living in a high noise environment. The sound was of a vast multitude of creatures doing battle within a confined space. Then for a time it would grow silent.

A doorway of extreme fine make would appear at various locations within the known multiverse. The doors appeared differently to each that beheld them. But to those who could actually see them, there would be a compulsion to open the door and enter. Only a select few were chosen.

Who will accept the invitation to one of the greatest training facilities in the known Multiverse? The rules are quite simple, for even children get the invitation from time to time.

1: Though shalt only use a disposable character for deaths are frequent, even with the resurrection points scattered throughout the facility.

2: Thou shalt bring no weapons of any kind or nature with you.

3: Any magic, energy, arcanoi, or any other supernatural abilities are confined to certain areas, typically what you bring is locked until you leave.

4: Thou shalt obey Oblivion and any helpers he has without question, for the consequences tend to be dire indeed.

5: Passes to pLAyLaNd for those who do exceptionally well.

ooc: I prefer brand new characters for this style of rp, since usually you don't get attached. they can be of any race you can think of, though they start like any basic human. Base skills, simple weapon use, feeble magic/energy/ what have you. I am relatively lenient, but i hold veto power on everything.

In the last training rp, one of the chars did something incredibly stupid and was consequently put in a vat of acid, his soul removed for later use. He is know serving as a skeleton guard for the facility on an NPC status.

Disclaimer notice:
I try to make all rp's fun. For reference Oblivion is some 15 years old plus real time. He is virtually unbeatable and instead of retiring him, I keep him around to make people laugh. Any damage you personally endure as a result of your time spent with Oblivion is done so at no responsibility to me or Oblivion. The truth has been withheld to protect the uninitiated. Or so Oblivion just reminded me.
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Fighter training
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