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 Just a few poems I've written....

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Just a few poems I've written.... Empty
PostSubject: Just a few poems I've written....   Just a few poems I've written.... Icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2009 4:09 pm


As I walk along the path,
I see dreams have withered and fallen,
They lie to the right and left,
When their owners have stopped calling.

I wonder as I look around,
If others who follow see what I see,
Many dreams abandoned,
Many more broken.

Then I stop moving forward,
Take a look around,
I am saddened by a sound,
A lost dream sobbing.

I follow my ears,
And I find my dreams shedding tears,
We thought we had lost you,
They say.

Slowly I bend down,
Pick them up from the ground,
And carry them a ways,
Thinking as I wend my way.

Maybe they dont have to wander,
Or be abandoned and broken,
Perhaps I can change them,
Give them wings and let them fly.

Still they are sobbing,
Worrying about their fate,
Then they are stunned,
As their bodies change shape.

Now we will always be with you,
Where ever you go,
Well fly by your side,
Well keep your life full.

As the path stretches forward,
Whether or not Im alone,
My dreams are beside me,
Not alongside my road; Withered.

By Lisa Renee'

As I sit here writing this,
Sounds pulse in the background.
My husband sleeps behind me,
My dog lays at his feet.

There is a canyon growing around me,
There is no ending to this end.
The lights are out and day comes swiftly,
But nothing changes everything is gray.

This home I was so proud of,
Now within it I am nothing but a ghost.
An empty shell,
A worthless nothing.

The silence here,
It deafens me.
A cold resolve takes up the space,
Where true emotions once filled me.

The though is planted,
As I realize how easy it would be.
To say goodbye and leap,
No more a phantom would I be.

No one knows,
How truly close,
I've come to almost being gone,
Making that final fatal leap.

So many dreams have passed behind me,
And many more are gone.
Like water that slips through open fingers,
Time keeps pressing on.

A Silent Scream

It ripples out,
Fills the air,
And no one hears.

She mesmerizes,
Then takes her fill.

As your heart stutters,
As you begin to thrash,
She consumes.

Releasing you from her dark embrace,
You fall to the ground,
She turns and walks away.

As you lie there,
As your heart begins to fail,
The wind carries your last breath,
A silent scream for her to return.

Despairing Darkness :

It rolls in,
Fill you up,
Blinds you,
Encompasses you,
And slowly destroys you.

There is no way out,
There is no light,
No sound,
Search and you will find nothing,
Reach out and you will feel nothing,
Scream and you will not be heard.

You are consumed,
Trapped forever in the despairing darkness that surrounds you.

there's a few...a mere tip of the iceburg....
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Just a few poems I've written....
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