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 Lavelia (new person...same name)

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PostSubject: Lavelia (new person...same name)   Lavelia (new person...same name) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 01, 2009 3:03 pm

Since I have pretty much OFFICIALLY retired the original Lavelia I am recycling the name since it's been mine for as long as I can remember. SO here goes...

The Background Story aka The Beginning....

The girl glanced around, tucked her leather jacket tighter around her and moved down the crowded street...alone. The brisk wind sent her jaw-length raven curls flying behind her. She wore no make-up and with her hair flowing backwards the bruises marring her ivory skin were crystal clear. She kept her head down as she walked, wanting to get as far from that place as she could. Every step, every MOTION was a singular pain, but with every step away she felt freed from the burdens she'd been carrying. So what if she was young, who cared that she wont finish school....the streets were better than where she had just ran from.

The girl glanced back over her shoulder with a fearful look, trying to determine just how quickly her father would awaken and send out the family's 'protection' force to reclaim her. A loud car rolled by and she jumped. All it would take was ONE person recognizing her and it'd be all over. Her grand escape would all be for naught.


At the house the man woke. He sat up and stared at the empty bed with a frown, "Damn it," he screamed as his fist slammed down where she had lain when he'd went to bed, "GUARDS," he screamed and had instant satisfaction as the door slammed open and several men stood in the doorway, "Find her...now."

The guards exited and scrambled. They had no idea that the girl had just managed to hop aboard a moving train and was already on her way out of their grasp. They searched the city methodically. Their control over it so tight that their boss was even on television pleading with the people to find his errant daughter. The truth made many of the guards sick but...the pay was good and in a world where work was hard to come by...well sometimes you had to do stuff you didnt like. All they found of her after a week of searching was her leather jacket.

Lavelia's new life....

She hummed happily to herself. It was rough but...the cave was at least safe. In the two months she'd been in this quiet forest her bruises had healed, though...she still had nightmares. She was now out gathering wood and soft brush, getting prepared for the upcoming winter. She'd already set traps...and thanked that online survival course repeatedly for being offered. With her small thin arms full she headed back to the cave. She had sap all over her but she didnt mind so much. It was much cleaner than having her father all over her. She looked up at the sky and smiled a gentle smile. She was fourteen, on her own, but finding her way none the less. She wondered idly if her father was the reason her mother left...his...perversion and addiction to power. With a shrug and a shake of her head she decided that overall it really didnt matter that much anymore. She didnt even know what the woman looked like or even her name. She turned, with a small shake, and made her way into the cave that was now her home.

The pile of wood was tall and came pretty far out from the back wall...she was unsure though if it was enough to survive the winter and so would keep adding to it until the first snow fall. She didnt use it now at all, the nights were cool and the days were fairly warm still so she was fine. She stared down at her clothing and sighed. She had ample opportunities to take clothes on her way here but...she was an honest girl and couldnt bring herself to steal even for her own needs. Besides...had she gotten busted they would have returned her to her father. She winced as she leaned down to add the wood carefully to the pile, her ribs still hurt...much of her body did...though the bruising was long gone.

She glanced over to the baby squirrel she had found abandoned and smiled. It was getting bigger. Finished she straightened and wandered over, put some more berries and a few nuts into the make shift cage she'd put together then wandered back out into the forest and hiked for a while before stopping to stare at the wall. She climbed up and peeked over and her eyes went wide. It was a garden...in the middle of a forest. She watched the monks as they trained and when they were done she hopped down carefully, wincing at the jarring slam of her body hitting the ground, and mimicked their movements...whimpering when a certainn motion caused her abused body pain.

It became a ritual of sorts...watching...then putting what she saw into action. Two more months passed and her body moved gracefully now and without pain. The clothing she wore was different now...all black. She kinda wondered how the clothes got into the forest but didnt dwell too much on it. She also found some canned food in odd places and even some fresh stuff. Her life was so very basic that she no longer questioned the HOW and simply accepted that it WAS. She had even found a few blankets and sheets scattered as though thrown out. She used the heavier things to create a door to her new home and the rest for it's intended purpose. She was ready for winter and when the first snowflakes fell she smiled and twirled around, catching a flake on her tongue. Even though she was happy here, she KNEW she couldnt stay here forever but for now...it was safe and home.

The Monks:

"Is she watching again," one of the elder monks asked and got a nod for answer. In the beginning they had been surprised to find this odd viewer but...as was their way they simply accepted things as they were. They all moved out and began to pair up to train. Some days they'd all train in sync but on this day of the week they sparred against each other. Not so much the elder ones but it was good for the younger ones. A few of the older monks had taken to watching the girl once she hopped down and one had realized immediately that she had been injured in some way...having had knowledge of the outside world and even some medical experience. He had then modified the group training in such a way as to minimize any kind of damage that could be done on a body that was healing and maximizing the muscle extension to serve as a sort of physical therapy.

There was now a conspiracy of sorts in the monistary. A conspiracy to help this lone child that had found her way to them...if not among them. Clothing was made from old fabrics...bedding was 'dropped' and 'scattered' in such a way that it would not be obvious as to where it came from. They were wise men, and used their wisdom to help her as they saw fit. After a few weeks they considered her a part of their family, though she knew it not. When the monks went out to the small town nearby to purchase what they needed they always got a little extra so that they could help her. Food, cloth, and various other supplies. One of the younger monks had found her 'home' and so they worked to help...in their own way...to make it more than just a 'cave'....they knew who she was...they had recognized her right away, but they also KNEW what kind of monster her father was too.

One elderly monk thought about the young man that had graced their Monistary at one point and shuddered. Even then he'd been a twisted, evil being. She had his look but...not the evil...though she had obviously been marred BY that evil in ways he didnt wish to imagine.

And so...they worked hard to ease her struggle. Females were forbidden within the walls but....if the winter was too harsh and they deemed that it would be safer, she would be welcome. They knew her routines now and so kept a lookout of sorts. She would have no idea that they had altered the time of their training so that she could learn. Though the lessons were obscure, they were intent on teaching them...and it seemed she was equally intent upon learning them.She had changed much since they first discovered her. Back then she'd been meek and frightened to watch them, hiding when she thought they were looking but now, and he smiled softly, she was bold and watched with intelligent eyes. And as she was monitored it seemed that the lessons they taught were picked up and put to use. He chuckled at the thought of her caring for a baby squirrel though he wondered how easily she'd be able to release the small animal....


Name: Lavelia Intari
Age: 14
Height: 4'8
Weight: 90lbs
Build: petit
Eye Color: Gray
Hair color: Raven black
Hair length: jaw length to shoulder length....
Hair type: slightly curly

Born in: Madari City
Currently living in: Faturai Forest

Mother: Unknown
Father: Royce Intari
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Lavelia (new person...same name)
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