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 Character History: Makoto Kirashii

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Calaran Kirashii
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Character History: Makoto Kirashii Empty
PostSubject: Character History: Makoto Kirashii   Character History: Makoto Kirashii Icon_minitimeSat Aug 01, 2009 7:45 am

Makoto was the adopted heir to the Kirashii Family, a Semi-prominent Family with the Head-of-House holding a key seat in the Ministry of Immigrant Affairs. A much-respected position in the Federacy of Amestral. On the surface, the Kirashii family was a model family, a happy marriage, 3 siblings that were rambunctious, yet obediant, and a Manor House funded by the Head-of-house's Federacy Payroll. Lurking beneath the Facade, however, was a corruption that made even the neighboring land of Canteril, a place where a mother couyld execute her son on-the-spot for smarting off, look tame. Head-of-house Egalus Kirashii, had been selling false Travel and Residence papers for years, and his sick wife and adopted stepson, Makoto, bore the brunt of his Inner Demon. As the work dwindled in Amestral, providing less and less income for the peasant class, the Kirashii Family grew rich off of the falsified papers sales allowing foerign peasants to come into the Federacy, and obtain the work that slowly dwindled from the peasant's grasp. With time, Makoto's Birth mother, Cherana, became as deranged as Egalus, and began tormenting Makoto in a similar manner to her beloved...sometimes even joining the "Fun".

Years passed, and Egalus lost interest in Cherana. He abandoned her in favor of a sly temptress that ironically suited Egalus' Character. He left Cherana behind to care for Makoto and his siblings, but Makoto had already come of age, and had left home to seek his Fate in the world. Makoto's mother, however, could not let go of the deranged satisfaction she found in exerting Constant Force over the Young Man's path in life. Desparate to cling to what remained of the life she had had with Egalus, she tried desperately to cling to the meager estate Egalus left behind. Unfortuneately, Egalus had borrowed massive amounts of Bullion to pay for the estate, and her efforts were in vain. Ironically, she attempted to blame Makoto and his abscence for her loss of the estate, and refused to accept responsibility for the fact that she had allowed foolish infatuation to cloud her judgement. Many times, she attempted to drag Makoto back to the dregs of an existance under her iron fist. She couldn't help it, she had become so deranged, and felt so powerless, that this was all she knew. Everytime, Makoto was dragged back to his birth mother's world of insanity. Makoto eventually adopted the philosophy of "Family is a bond of the heart, not of blood" for whatever blood he shared with this wench, it had long since bled from him at her hands.

Makoto set out again, determined to make his way in the world on his own. He eventually met a young man named Mikhile Megalis. Mikhile was the son of a wealthy doctor. One that had secured his own fortune by loopholing the extensive tax laws laid out by the Federacy's Council.. In this weary land, Mikhile promised everything Makoto had wanted in a friend. Companionship, Comraderie, Ears to listen, and a Shoulder to cry on. Woe be to Makoto that the apple never falls far from the tree. Mikhile was a silver-tongued rogue. He was a miscreant, that stole into sanctuaries, and stole precious treasures unfathomable to normal eyes. One fateful day, he ended up stealing from the wrong person, and Makoto was left unwittingly holding the bag when the Guard arrived. Makoto was arrested, and thrown in the lockup. Surely Mikhile would come and straighten things out...and so the neverending wait came. Makoto was eventually released due to Lack of Proof, but he never forgot Mikhile, and his treacherous ways. Makoto became reserved at this point...if his best friend would betray him, there was no tellling who else would. Makoto, once an outgoing and cheerful person, became seen in all that first saw him, as a gruff, and blunt individual that didn't care if you liked him or hated him. Those that cared to see past the facade, however, saw a man of Integrity, Honor, and Loyalty. A man anyone would be proud to have at their side on the Field of Honor, and a man that would not hesitate to decimate those that threatened they he called "Family" through whatsoever means he saw fit.

Makoto eventually learned that the treasure he was accused of stealing was the Family Crest of the very Kirashii Family he had foresworn, and while he had no attachment to the family, the maiden injured in the attack was someone he considered a "Sister" in his definition of "Family", and his Vendetta against Mikhile began....

Since that day, he has drifted from place-to-place and waited, protecting those he knows to be worthy of his protection, and planning, mapping out the moves for the massive Chessgame that will inevitably mark the showdown between two extremes: Dishonorable and Honorable, Predator and Vigilante, Traitorous and Loyal...............Mikhile and Makoto.
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Character History: Makoto Kirashii
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