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 Raven's History

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PostSubject: Raven's History   Raven's History Icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2008 10:33 pm

Name: Raven Niassey
Race: A mix of demon & Human
Age: about 21
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145lbs
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black
Occupation: Slave/Dabbles in both dark and light magic

Traveling alone with just one other lost soul was a joy for this beautiful Maiden. The brown traveling cloak ruffled against her legs as they had rode down the dark trail through the woods. So what she was a slave... who cared. She was happy with who she was. She had found the master she had always wanted. He was stern yet loving. He wasnt like most other masters. He was that of gentleness and kindness, but if you didnt do as you were told (referring to her of course) he had a very strict hand. This day of course held tragedy for both of them. Out of no where a league of men had surrounded their horse, pulling her from it and drug her away from him. Screaming and kicking she tried her hardest to get away from them and back to who she really belonged. No matter how she tried she just could not succeed in breaking free. The collar around her neck felt as if everytime she screamed, it burned into her skin. Tears streamed down her face as she screamed for him. She had now been drug so far away from him that no matter if she did get free she would never make it back to him. Those big black hues stared into the darkness as she tired herself from screaming. As she was being drug her head was bounced off a rock, making her black out. What monsters would kidnap someone who belonged to someone else? Obviously these men would. She woke in a dark, dank cave where her hands had been tied, her mouth gagged, and her feet bound with a shackle and chain connected to the rock wall nearest to her. Feeling against the wall she let her hands glide over the cold wet rock, slicing her palm upon a sharp peice sticking out. As her eyes adjusted, she began to slide the rope around her hands over the sharp jut sticking out. It was painful, for everytime she pushed the rope against the rock it dug into her wrist. Biting whatever they had gagged her mouth with, she finally got the rope to snap and she quickly twisted it off of her smooth wrists. Raising her hand to her face she pulled the gag from her mouth and eventually over her head. She felt the warm blood running down her hand, but at the moment the more important issue was getting free from the monsters who had kidnapped her. She pushed and pulled on the shackle around her right ankle to get it off, even tried pointing her toes to push it off her foot. The cold metal dug into her skin as she pushed. Screaming out she shuddered and backed herself against the wall looking around and trying to find some way of getting free. As soon as she got out of here, she wanted so badly to get back to the man she loved and bowed to every night. As she heard one of the men come into the cave, she laid back down with her hands under her. Closing her eyes she listened for him to walk by. As he steped just past her head, she reached out grabbing his foot and knocking him down. As he fell he kicked out at her head, pinging her in her right cheek. Screaming out she grabbed the right side of her face and stared at the man she had tripped. He was not moving nor breathing. She felt around for the keys to the shackle. Finding them strapped to his right hip she began to furiously unlock the shackle and break free of the cave. Her hands were shaking and it was dark already, so seeing it was limited. How mant of those men were there? What happens if they catch her? were all thoughts that raced through her mind. Getting the shackle free, she threw it down and pulled herself up. Her head rushed with agonizing pain, but she had to get away. Running for the mouth of the cave. She jumped over one of the sleeping men. Racing out into the trees, she was caught by low hanging branches that snagged her cloak and ripped it in places. She heard the men behind her as she raced through the trees dodging as best as she could. Knowing she could never shake their hunt, she decided upon climbing a tree and sitting very still and that is what she done. Branch upon brach she climbed higher and high, pain seared through her arm as she got all kinds of debris in the gash in her palm. Finally perching upon a high branch she laid down upon and held her breath sitting ever so quietly. She was tired from all the running and struggling. That is where she fell asleep, upon that branch of course hours after they had run by. That is what brought her to the present day. And that is where she rested, in that same tree every night.

Raven's History Kidnappedslave
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Raven's History
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