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 Kseniya aka K

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PostSubject: Kseniya aka K   Kseniya aka K Icon_minitimeFri Nov 25, 2016 4:23 pm

Name: Kseniya
Age: known only to her and those that have known her since she was found.
Hair colour: white
Eye colour: deep purple
Height: 5ft 7ins
Race: Pan-were
Power(s): Has the ability to become any were-animals in existence and to change into each form and hybrid forms
Dress sense:: Shirt, pants and boots
Other information: She can speak and understand English and Russian. Russian is her first language. She was raised in a Russian orphanage and the false priests and nuns abused her until she escaped them, she was captured by slavers, she was first made a slave-bride but it was quickly discovered that she would take more training until she killed her master and was sold on. looks around 18 years old

Her last known location was Scotland.

Other forms she has:

1. Wolf Dark Amber Name: White Amber
2. Primordial Bear Golden honey Name: The Old One aka Honey
3. Rabbit Brown Winter Coco
4. Andalusian horse Ice blue Wynter
5. Komodo Dragon Bright green with slit pupils White Jade
6. Eastern Dragon Deep royal blue Akira
7. Western Dragon Burnt Orange Winter fyre
8. Raven Bright blue Winter's flight
9. Emperor Scorpian Winter's stying
10. Tiger Green/yellow Wynter's emerald
11. Pegasus Indigo Indigo winter.

(The colours named for the other forms are in reference to eye colours)
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Kseniya aka K
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