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 Runes (reference material)

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Rune-scarred Viking guidelines/rules

Numerous tribes of these Vikings wander the land as nomads. Each is unique in its own way, but they share certain key aspects. They lead very hard lives, so the Great Gods gave them a way to endure. At birth each baby, that survives, is scarred with a rune. That rune gives them their first name, or child name. A second rune is granted for surviving the rite of passage for adulthood. A tribe name is chosen after completion of the rite of passage.

As adults they can petition to join one of the various societies, own land, start a family or journey alone or with others. More runes can be added, but they can only be added for completing honor quests or by deed and valor. Heroic quests are rare, but do happen. Few go beyond three runes their entire lives. The most ever awarded in memory is six at one time. They are a legend and its unknown if they were ever real or not. It is believed that if one can get all twelve runes the bearer will ascend to godhood. As twelve runes form a perfect circle.

Knowledge isn’t overly limited, survival may be highest priority, but the runes teach many things. The shamans are fairly well versed in maths and sciences; some have delved deeply into the mysteries of the mind and psyche. The strongest of minds can do incredibly feats akin to telekinesis or mass telepathy. There are limits, but most tend to follow one path to mastery. Some do experiment and try to get as wide a variety of abilities as possible, but can never master them.


• Strength/Speed
• Luck

• Endurance/Strength
• Enhance protection/defenses

• Protection (like shielding or guarding)
• Enhanced endurance/need to protect others


• Vision/revelation
• Regeneration

• Healing
• Natural regeneration

• Negotiation/communication/persuasion
• Aid in spiritual/physical journeys


• Minor telepathy
• Insight

• Honor/Willpower
• Natural leadership qualities/self-sacrifice

• Unfettered Strength (like the wind, always moving has to remain free)
• Enhances any runes it paired with


• Minor uncontrolled forces of nature (ex: make it rain, or hail or snow over a certain space random what happens)
• Random weather resistances

• Clarity of mind and heart
• Has a higher chance to overcome obstacles

• Minor manipulation of water
• Imagination/ minor psychic abilities


• Honor/ Cleansing fire
• Fire Element
• Enhanced health/vitality

• Manipulation of fire
• Enhances or can bring on the Rage

• Purification/Cleansing
• Gift of seeing


The Rage is a unique gift of the Vikings. Every one of them is born with it. It comes on unexpectedly and lasts until the rage is spent. You have never known such fear as when facing a whole clan lost to the Rage. It is utterly terrifying to behold. It usually only comes from great strife or peril. As each clan has its own ideas and codes of honor, the reasons it can be brought on vary. Only a very few can bring the rage on themselves, but they can’t control what occurs as a result. After the rage is spent, they tend to collapse and go into a sort of coma for an indeterminate amount of time. The average can be anywhere from a day to one week. The stronger the Rage, the longer they are in a coma. The shock can be great enough to kill the Viking. In addition, if the Rage is short, they may not fall into a coma. What is known is that they feel no pain, mental or physical. They do not even attempt to block or dodge. They can die from the wounds received during a Rage. The damage is not taking into account until after the Rage is spent. It’s also cumulative. The more one rages, the greater the chance of dying because of it. The Rage’s, while beyond the Vikings control, are not per se unguided. The Rage is guided by a much greater force or entity. Their Gods or Patron God guides the rage in a way that protects those the Viking has attached themselves to. Whether its family or allies. It almost seems like they move seamlessly through the battle. No matter how fast they attack or how much force is applied. Their attacks never hit their own allies.
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Runes (reference material)
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