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 Shea Rose Wulf

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PostSubject: Shea Rose Wulf   Shea Rose Wulf Icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2014 4:44 pm

Shea Rose Wulf
Shea Rose Wulf Punkclothes

Age: 18

Race: Human Hybrid

Magical Element: Ice

Major Elemental Skill:
Ice Shard Barrage - forms and throws pointy ice crystals at any target she chooses

Minor Elemental Skill(s):
Snow Shield - calls snow to cover her movements
Ice Rain - she can make it rain ice shards

Shea typically wears comfortable clothing; Jeans and t-shirts are her mainstays. Recently she left home to go visit her father and sort of got...sidetracked. Her parents are no longer together and her mother just remarried and made the suggestion that she go visit her father in Razvan. Shea has studied her element and is a capable user of it. While she isn't physically bulky she is quite lean and strong. She knows her abilities and isn't afraid to use them whenever necessary whether it's to protect herself or others.
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Shea Rose Wulf
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