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 Crystal Moon aka Moon Gothica

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PostSubject: Crystal Moon aka Moon Gothica   Crystal Moon aka Moon Gothica Icon_minitimeFri Jan 03, 2014 7:04 pm

Name: Crystal moon
Also Known As: Moon Gothica
Age: 18
Hair colour: Crystal blue with white streaks
Eye colour: Crystal blue
Height: 5ft 5ins (still growing)
Race: Crystal/Curiosity demon/Wolf lycanthrope
Power(s): Ability to use and create crystal out of nothing, can use them to defend herself and deflect oncoming attacks. Has a craving for knowledge which comes from her Curiosity demon. Can shift forms to demon, wolf and lycanthrope war form.
Dress sense:

Other information: She is the daughter of Laylana and Dr Lesender, the doctor took her and her brother away from Laylana at birth, What was unknown until recently to her was that she was the subject of studies by her father as well, he has given her the H.I.V Virus but another specialist was able to find a way to slow the progression of the virus and to stop the transference of the virus to others. Moon has also been working on the genealogy of different species including the lycanthrope and vampire races.
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Crystal Moon aka Moon Gothica
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