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 Reference stuff for Telial and a Note as well

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Reference stuff for Telial and a Note as well Empty
PostSubject: Reference stuff for Telial and a Note as well   Reference stuff for Telial and a Note as well Icon_minitimeWed Nov 27, 2013 4:38 am

Welcome to Telial. Quite a few races are playable but not all races can be every class (I know I'm wording this badly lol) and some races are going to be better at somethings and worse at others. Yes, your character CAN multi-class so long as they are compatible with the chosen class.

Also if there's a race/class you really want to play that isn't listed ask about it. Because it could be that I simply forgot to add it.

Playable Races:

Human - This is a very standard race, capable of most everything, but very much middle of the road where magic and physical ability are concerned. Their ability to persevere make them a decent choice and they can be very good merchants, warriors, healers, and mages. Their diversity stunts them in that they do not have any special affinities to a specific terrain type unless they have lived/trained there for several years.

Elf - They have a strong affinity for forests and meadows and a special link to magic. They are good healers, clerics, magic users in general, and excellent archers due to their keen eyesight. While they are good with weapons and can indeed be good warriors, their solid affinity with magic makes them a natural magic user. They tend to be more beautiful than humans though their physical traits do vary depending on where in the world they hale from.

Dwarf - Their weapons are prized and their abilities in battle are well known. Their magical abilities are lacking but are well made up for by their ability to master most weapons easily. Due to their smaller sizes they tend to travel slower but they are clever and fairly quick witted. Their love for battle is outweighed only by their love of food and drink (more drink then food). They have a special affinity for finding ores and traversing complex cave systems and can instinctively find their way to the deepest chambers or out to the upper world.

Gnome - These people are small in stature and giants in magical ability. They make excellent Clerics, Shaman, and pretty much all magic-related classes. They're decent merchants, thieves, and alchemists as well. They are NOT very good with weapons because of their small size. Like Elves they have a special affinity with the natural wold and most tend to avoid human built cities for the most part unless they are merchants traveling with wares to sell.

Were-Folk - With amazing strength and stamina these people have two forms. One mortal and one animal. They have an inherent magical ability that is very close to the earth element (or air depending on which variant of animal that happens to be their other half). The known species of Were are: Feline, Canine, Avian, and Other (think rabbit/rat/snake). They make good elemental mages but usually prefer physical over magical classes due to the fact that the animal in them tends to be very much in the forefront of their personality which makes studying magic difficult.

Vampire - With an aversion to the sun these beings are ultra strong, stealthy, and ultra fast. Their magic is that of the grave and very much bound in death. Each Vampire has a specific weakness -aside from the expected sunlight- and this weakness is very personal to the individual. They make excellent swordsmen, thieves, rogues, assassins, and pretty much anything else that is stealthy. They are natural predators but as with any other race, some are good, some are bad, and some are downright insane.

Demon - Nasty buggers the whole lot of them. They can be beautiful but very few are kind. They contain a massive amount of magical ability as well as physical prowess, depending on the flavor of course, but they do not like holy anything. All of their magic is of the dark, whether it be elemental or whatever. They are capable of being excellent warrior-mages but absolutely terrible healers or clerics.

Kender - These loveable, absent minded thieves, tinkerers, alchemists, etc are very mischievous whether they mean to be or not. Trouble follows them but their luck is a great aid that keeps them alive. Being somewhat elf-kin (Elves do NOT consider them thus) gives them limited abilities with magic though the darker magics are out of their realm of ability. Mostly because the whole lot of them tend to be innocent and clear-hearted unless they have been twisted by some spell or other.

Half-Orc - This race is greatly lacking in magical ability but their physical capabilities are beyond amazing. Unfortunately, with physical prowess such as theirs, their mental faculties tend towards the....denser sort. Some are smarter than others and those tend to become merchants or blacksmiths or the greatest warriors of the Half-Orc race.

Playable Class Options:

Traveling Merchant - Gets discounts in towns when buying items

Bard - Gets discounts while staying at inns because they always have a song or story to share.

Rogue - Stealthy individuals who make good spies/scouts/thieves (with enough practice of course)/assassins. (Good at all, master of none.)

Assassin - Masters of the silent stalking death, they can stalk the shadows with ease.

Knight - Loyal service, Masterful skill with varying weapons, and stout hearts this class is the generic warrior class.

Paladin - Much more specialized than Knights, these individuals have a higher calling and have devoted themselves to serving their God/Goddess in fighting off darkness and evil wherever it happens to be. -Note: They do NOT get along well with Dark Knights.

Dark Knight - The opposite of the Paladin. The fallen Paladin. These individuals have forsaken their God/Goddesses in pursuit of pure power. They can combine the dark arts with physical prowess to make formidable allies/enemies. -Note: They do NOT get along well with Paladins.

Thief - More specialized than the Rogue and less bloodthirsty than the Assassin, this group seeks only treasure. Slight of hand, sneaky natured, and an eye for the shiny objects make this group unique. They care little for the kill and can spot some thing worth a ton of cash from a long ways off.

Mage - A low brow form of magic user, the mage deals in showy magic. Magic tricks meant to impress crowds are their cup of tea. These are the individuals who have a low amount of magic to call on and so make their way in the world simply by amazing people with the sparkly splashy magic. However, I do note that some Wizards travel as mages just to ensure that they do NOT end up being hounded by mundanes for favors.

Witch - Women with great magical power and amazing will power. They deal in a great many things including small healing spells, small elemental spells, and lesser magics and greater ritualistic magics.

Wizard - More powerful than a mere mage these individuals hold a great deal of magic in their bodies and are well studied in the various uses of that magic. They can travel as mages performing parlor tricks but prefer to sit in their towers and citadels studying to gain knowledge on how to increase or hone their magical abilities.

Sorcerer/Sorceress - Top tier magic users. They do high magic and have little need to perform rituals in order to exact change with their abilities. With study these naturals can work illusions, become amazing clerics, and use elemental magic.

Illusionist - These individuals have chosen to specialize in illusion magic. They either have only enough magical ability to do so or their magical ability is bent towards this classification. Pure illusionists eventually can cast illusions so real that smell, taste, etc can be affected.

Elemetal Magician - As with the Illusionist this class is chosen by those whose abilities have a natural bent in this direction or they have a certain affinity towards an element that gives them power to work with it. At the height of this class the magic user can bend even weather to their will and combine elements to create amazing spells both dangerous and beautiful. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Shadow, Holy Light, and Wood are the elements that these magic users have to specialize in. Most in our revered world choose only to dabble in one or two elements because to master them all takes a lifetime and then some while mastering one or two takes much less time and energy. Especially since magics that oppose each other make it difficult indeed to master one when you've already stepped down the road to master the other...

Cook - Everybody needs a cook, right? These individuals travel around learning recipes and strive to become the best so as to open their own restaurants and inns just to serve the masses (and rake in the cash).

Alchemist - Want to have that brick of lead turned into gold? These guys can do it...supposedly. These are the mixers, the makers of amazing things. But they also are well aware that nothing comes without a cost.

Cleric - Tenderhearted to a fault, these individuals have specialized in caring for others and healing their wounds exclusively. They are not warriors. They heal. At the very top of their skill set it's been rumored that they can even aid people in cheating death....but that is just a rumor...

Special Note on Clerics: Clerics are also known as healers in some regions of Telial...

Farmer - These individuals love the land and what they can grow in it. Most travel only until they find that special place that cries out to them to settle there and start the growing process.

Archer - Specializing in the use of the various bows made these marksmen are better suited to long range battle or sniping their enemies.

Blacksmith - Able to create their own weapons, these individuals tend to be blade masters. After all, who better to create a weapon than one who can master it?

Blade Master - Just as it sounds, it is a warrior who has taken the time to master every hand held and thrown blade. For the most part they tend to be Blacksmiths to save on costs but not every Blacksmith is a Blade Master just as not every Blade Master is a Blacksmith.

Shaman - These individuals focus solely on the spiritual. They can see and interact with all forms of ghosts, phantoms, spirits, and wraiths. They have a unique control over them as well as a strong affinity with nature itself. Oddly Elf like, the Shaman can speak to animals and birds. Even insects respond to them, though that is rumored more than known as a fact.

Necromancer - This magic is of the dark and deals with the dead. They are masters in summoning zombies and other undead to do their bidding. Though they can not summon Vampires because, in their own way, Vampires are 'alive' enough that it disallows a necromancer to control them.

Special Note:

A person who multi-classes can not be a master of BOTH classes for the simple reason that there just isn't enough time to max out two, or more, skills...however having two classes opens up a lot of fun and interesting things that single-classing doesn't. (Think combining magic to a sword to imbue it with an element, healing, poison powder...)
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Reference stuff for Telial and a Note as well
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