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 The Monster rains terror once more

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The Monster rains terror once more Empty
PostSubject: The Monster rains terror once more   The Monster rains terror once more Icon_minitimeTue Apr 23, 2013 9:46 pm

The sound of a raven call emanates from the rooftop of a lone standing decaying building as the rain lashes down on the streets below, humans scurrying through the streets like little ants running from a flood of their hill.

A young woman stands sheltered under the partial roof of the decaying building. The raven watches her standing there shivering, unknown to her something lurked in the shadows, something was close by and ready to strike. Within the shadows unknown one stood staring at the young woman’s neck, a flash of a grin is seen as the heavens above flash with lightening, the unknown one grabbed the young woman by the neck and pulled her into the darkness, her scream muffled by his hand as the raven took flight with fright calling as it went. The heaven flash again to reveal the bloody corpse of the once beautiful young woman, her flesh ripped from the bone, her right brown eye missing from her face, the beautiful once blonde locks now matted to the blood soaked floor of the decaying building, her attacker stands over her watching as her blood pumps free of her body.

The unknown one slowly raised a bloodied hand to lift the hood of his black and tattered looking cloak as they turned still staring at the young woman’s remains, an evil smirk creeping onto their face. A whispered growl escaping their lips “The monster rains terror once more…” walking away leaving the victim for the scavengers of the world to deal with the remains. Whispers had developed on the streets, strange things had happened and were still happening.

The poor dead girls body which had been left in the old decaying church building to rot…. the monster that had done that to the girl still hadn't been found…no one knew if the monster that had done that would be found…winter was coming…another reason for fear to be heightened…Another night…. Another nameless victim….Seated in a bar, alone and bored, a young man reads about the latest victim…little did he know that it that material would be the last he read…The unknown cloaked being stood across the street from the bar that his latest victim was seated reading about the murders that had happened, watching, waiting, as always…After two hours of waiting, the unknown being now stalked his prey; the hood of the black tattered cloak covered their face from view and kept it in shadows.

Another decaying building…another body left for the scavengers of this world. This time he waited…watched…the blood-curdling scream of a woman sent shivers down his spine and a sinister grin pulling at the corners of his lips. Blood dripping from the creature’s fingers and the eyeball he held in his hand. The woman slowly turned to see the being walking towards her, the blood dripping from his hand, she tried to scream again only to find that she couldn’t, the being held her lower jaw in his hand, she would collapse and pull herself away from the monster of a man, whispers encircle them “The monster rains terror once more…come to me my dying beauty…. come to me so I can end your suffering…. come to me so I can provide solace from the pain of this world…from the next…” Tears flood the grey-blue eyes of the suffering witness…She curled up as the monster drew closer; his hand grasped her fiery auburn ringlets as she struggled to get away from him, pulling her to her feet, he wrapped his arm around her small neck holding her tightly as he plucked both of her eyes from her face with his dirty one inch thumb nail, blood ran down her paled face like a crimson river.

He released her neck and left her to fall to ground in her last moments of life.The cloaked man would finally reach up and lower the hood of his cloak, revealing his repulsive scarred face, black wavy mid-back length hair and flame coloured eyes. The monster rains terror once more Lives end and lives begin Shit happens and more is to come…
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The Monster rains terror once more
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