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 Deadman's new coat

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Deadman's new coat Empty
PostSubject: Deadman's new coat   Deadman's new coat Icon_minitimeTue Apr 23, 2013 9:42 pm

Deadman walked down the street heading home from the arena after a training session with his Little “Big” brother Kane, the walk meant to be a part of his cool down, he continued down the street, turning down to the left and glanced around, he stood there shaking off everything from the training, he smiled and shook his head to the memories of the laughter that was going on during the training session. As Deadman stood there, a young man with a black shoulder length undercut came up behind him and shoved Deadman hard causing him to stumble forward, as he turned around, he growled in a threatening manner, the young male smirked “You honestly thought, I'd forget what you did you motherfucking asswipe??” Deadman smirked darkly but spoke honestly “I do not know what you are talking about...” he lowered his eyes for a second before looking the young man straight in the eyes “Young one.” The young man growled and moved to attack as his body shifted to his darkness dragon, Deadman sighed and shifted out of harms way before pulling out twin samurai swords from under his jacket and moved into a defensive position.

The young darkness dragon turned to face him, slashing at Deadman with his claws, Deadman blocked the claws with his swords before moving swiftly and slashing at the young dragon's underbelly before being slashed across the face and neck by the dragon's claws, Deadman growled but kept his dragon under control, he growled again as he stabbed backwards and upwards, the swords piercing the skin and sinking into the chest bone and heart, the dragon roared as Deadman ripped the swords from it's chest and shifted from under it to beside it as it fell onto it's front. Deadman smirked darkly as he watched the life drain from the dragon before he lifted it onto his shoulders and dragging it to his workshop, the one place that No One but he were allowed, Not even Constance had been in here.

He dragged the dragon's body in and placed it down before closing and locking the doors of the workshop and putting spells in place to stop ANYONE from entering unless welcomed by him. He began working the skin off of the dragon's body before creating himself a new jacket, the dragon's black teeth would become the spikes and spines on his jacket. He had also made cowl from the dragon skin, he pulled on the jacket, the jacket closing itself on him, it would be better than any armour that could be created by man. He smirked before pulling the cowl up and moving out of his workshop, before continuing on his way home, Once he gets to Constance's. He knocked once letting her know it was him before walking inside and calling “Honey I'm home...” His tone telling her that he had had a good time with Kane but something had happened on the way home.
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Deadman's new coat
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