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 Gothic Wolf

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PostSubject: Gothic Wolf   Gothic Wolf Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2012 5:49 pm

Name: Gothic Wolf (no one really knows her real name)
Real Name: Rhianna
Pack name: The Rebel Pack
Pack Status: Alpha Female
age: exact age is unknown.
hair/fur colour: black
eye colour: blue
height in human form: 5ft 8ins
height in wolf form: 3ft
race: pure blood wolf lycan

dress sense: black goth style dress, corset and black new rock boots
other information: she is the alpha female of the rebel pack, her second in command is her daughters Snow and Tomika. the males that she has for second in command status answer to her and her daughters, these males are Mist and Corvenus. she has several litters of pups at various ages and even brings in other wolves that have had no pack to return to. as well as bringing other smaller packs into hers after defeating the alphas. Half of her face has be changed to a metallic substance that can change colour from her human skin colour to the colour of her fur.
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Gothic Wolf
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